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Kicked in the head by a train
04/17/14, 04:49

Cops Called on Homeless Jesus Statue
04/13/14, 20:59

Hahah! Call the cops there's a man sleeping on a park bench endangering the whole neighborhood!

"It just gives me an overwhelming sense of peace and comfort."

Uh, why?
Fedora-clad libertarians harass an elderly crossing guard
04/01/14, 15:06

Honest questions: What happens to people that makes them act/talk to others this way? What is up with that fucking fedora inflection?

Gang up and needle a 70 year old lady volunteering to keep kids safe. Jesus...
Dakimakura for Christmas
03/01/14, 22:41

who gives a shit anymore
Sometimes I worry about far-right nutjobs in my country
03/01/14, 09:55

I'll wager there's not a single user of this site that couldn't kick the unholy living shit out of every single person in this video. I see a couple nick bravos in there
StalkedInBoston goes to the job center
02/27/14, 23:07

Don't cough and you'll be fine.

I'd honestly love to know who her ideal mate would be.
StalkedInBoston goes to the job center
02/27/14, 23:04

Labor ready, huh? Wonder if she can turn it off long enough to put in a solid 8 sorting single stream at the MRF. Doesn't look good.
City of Aberdeen unveils statue of Kurt Cobain Crying
02/23/14, 10:45

not exactly George Washington because Kurt Cobain never owned human beings
New Hat Unboxing (Be Careful With That Knife!!!)
02/22/14, 18:58

not giving you what you need
New Hat Unboxing (Be Careful With That Knife!!!)
02/22/14, 01:09

he's got kind of an Oliver Hardy thing going on in the preload, so it works
Reporter Interrupted During Report By A Man!
02/19/14, 00:20

Oh wow. Lothlorian almost burned down last September and the old buildings across from Nottingham (which I can almost hit with a rock from my place) have been torn down and a big apartment building is going up. Cliffdweller is getting gutted and two floors added. Edgewater is in the middle of a massive overhaul too. They're also trying to tear down the highlander which I think is a great idea. Greenbush donuts are still the truth.

That's so funny, I never set foot in Gino's either, but it was one of those Madison staples like four star, the curve, bernies or b-side.

Kind of a bummer, but seems like lots of businesses on E. Johnson seem to struggle
Iraqi Soldiers Have Fun with US Female Soldier
02/18/14, 22:49

probably have to get in line behind some serious racism
Reporter Interrupted During Report By A Man!
02/18/14, 22:46

I don't get down to state st. or even hang out there much anymore so can't report on beard man. He may be hibernating but I'll keep you posted. I'm kind of digging capitol square casio keyboard girl and speedo and cape Honda Ruckus guy these days. (https://www.facebook.com/ThongCapeScooterMan).

I sometimes have to go to the stop and shop at 501 state to get milk and I'm sure it has changed. No tv and they have a security guard on weekends.

There are a bunch of mattresses laying around from people moving out and I'm kind of surprised to not see more college kids passed out drunk on them when I leave for work in the AM

I don't know if you were a Gino's fan, but they just closed too.
Reporter Interrupted During Report By A Man!
02/18/14, 03:06

as "may he rest in peace" would suggest
Reporter Interrupted During Report By A Man!
02/18/14, 03:04

Hahah. Fire me now, nice. God damn, the Den? I was probably still trying to shop clearance racks at flying fish back then. I still live in the area and they tore down the university inn that caught a couple of beer bottles/rocks/streetfire from probably about the same year you're talking about. I still go to that corner store you worked at when I'm desperate for milk. I think four-star closed or moved within the last year. Art Paul showed up at my apartment for move-in day too. Wasn't familiar with cosmo but looks like he passed away.
Reporter Interrupted During Report By A Man!
02/16/14, 16:07

you should have added "and fuck Charlie Shortino" for good measure
The Great Lou Seal vs Stomper Mascot Race
02/15/14, 20:12

Less a race than a righteous show of force.
Okotanpe the Japanese Contact Juggler
02/13/14, 22:50

and a cummerbund is considered advanced and is usually only worn in battle
Lykoi - Newly discovered cat breed
02/13/14, 22:39

Cat Lady: They want to see your face!

Cat: I want you to try to keep your hands away from my asshole for 5 seconds!
So sick of the haters
02/10/14, 20:40

Indiana? Is this normal or is that accent oozing north?

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