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Max Falling Out Of Kayak
09/06/14, 03:27

Five for:
-Uhhhh. Naaaa!
-Oh No!
Mosque Thief
09/03/14, 15:55

Gathering of the Juggalos 2014 - Miss Juggalette pageant
08/08/14, 20:25

Are the Asian and black girls volunteering for this event white trash too?
The First Doberman Goes Down The Slide
08/03/14, 15:38

Shits takin' too long
What's in Ice Cream Sandwiches These Days?
08/01/14, 16:08

Wow, this is the motherfuckin' news
Budapest Bear Rescues A Drowning Crow And Continues To Eat Vegetables.
08/01/14, 16:07

Comic-con zombies attack deaf family in car
08/01/14, 06:11

Looks like Maxwell street days. You'll be waiting a minute!
Comic-con zombies attack deaf family in car
07/28/14, 15:45

Reverse? Looks like a pretty good alternative to murderin' folks.
Twilight Sparkle Falls off Stage During Live Performance
07/14/14, 15:45

I guess I should be happy that it's actual kids watching a kids show, but I just realized it only means we're going to have to do this again in 30 years. Probably even worse as we watch 1st gen bronies come together with the 2nd gen nostalgia-bronies to trade diabetes medication and fedoras.
Two women get caught stealing a canopy on the beach
07/07/14, 06:57

nah, you're not gross. When I was wrenching service as a young man one of the sales guys told me you'll be "takin' a fat one daily from frumpers". He was correct. My heart to anyone in customer service
Two women get caught stealing a canopy on the beach
07/06/14, 14:37

True, and if you ever want to meet the shittiest dudes in the world, hang out at boat landings and gun ranges.
Small Wonder first episode
07/04/14, 14:46

"before of since". pffft.
Small Wonder first episode
07/04/14, 14:43

I once looked up the girl who played Newt in Aliens. She never acted in anything before of since, and is now a school teacher according to IMDb.
Small Wonder first episode
07/04/14, 14:38

Wow. 96 episodes.

So in terms of longevity, this show is better than Deadwood and Freaks and Geeks!
Small Wonder first episode
07/04/14, 07:01

Totally, and I submit that the spirit of the shitty 80s sitcom lives on in stuff like The Pitts (2003). The Pitts is just dicks in your face.

Bamboo Rockets
07/03/14, 19:39

Yeah 4:10 all the way. Jk jerks!
Unbelieveable South Indian Fight Scene - Balram Movie
07/02/14, 20:32

Stars strictly for :33-:35.
Secrets of the Viking Sword, 'Ulfberht' (2012)
06/30/14, 08:21

He'll make you one for $7500. If you ask nicely, or trade in hack-silver, he'll sprinkle a few strands of his mighty beard into the crucible
F### her right in the #####y
06/30/14, 08:07

yeah hang ten ya drowsy ghoul
Furry denied entry into Canada
06/28/14, 19:01

Ha, nice try Canada! Great acting, but we all know there are plenty of weirdos here in the USA this guy could fuck.

Cut a deal with ya: We'll keep our dads neck deep in Red Green DVDs if you take him.

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