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Fritz Learns to Catch Compilation
03/24/15, 07:32

Music was fine. Good even. The problem I'm having is laughing like a psychopath in front of a bunch of strangers. Good effort on the hot dog.
Lady Schools Repetitive Reporter
02/02/15, 08:48

That's some viable CYA
Danzig says a thing
02/01/15, 08:24

Thanks, Jack Handey
Nick Bravo climbing a ladder
01/29/15, 13:39

Or: Removing the most effective gargoyle on planet earth.
Two Males Battle For Hierarchy on the Shore
01/18/15, 20:58

Everyone knows that the first thing you do when you see someone unconscious, especially if they're intoxicated, is turn them on their back and walk away. Duh. Just like when someone hands you a firearm the very first thing to do is pull the trigger to make sure it's not loaded.
Cow mascot dances at Mexican supermarket
01/18/15, 07:06

"You earned that buck like a motherfucker, man"
-Snoop Pearson
Lights Out - a short, short horror film
10/14/14, 07:39

Oh, dog. If you want some action 'round here talk about what cartoons you thump your bag to, what guns you own, that you don't hate yourself(if you're white), cats n' shit.

Don't be a guy that's actually done a thing or two.
Lights Out - a short, short horror film
10/13/14, 20:13

Oh hell yeah, the one time two times thing always stuck with me too.
Lights Out - a short, short horror film
10/13/14, 17:55

That's actually the one I was gonna say. Mullholland Dr. The lead up, the jump, the sound, the guy's reaction. Great stuff and scared the crap outta me.

MC Kids Music (NES) - Level Theme 2
10/12/14, 06:47

Nice find. If you like high-fiving, this is the game for you.

My friend in middle school had this and I really don't remember it being that bad, but it came out well after the SNES. I was impressed by the music even back then, this one specifically
Dropbox employees argue with neighborhood kids about who gets to play soccer
10/11/14, 17:56

"...allowing individuals to rent out the park’s public soccer field on Tuesday and Thursday evenings."

“SF Pickup Soccer is an organizer which has contracted with us to utilize the site on Tuesdays from 7 to 9 p.m."

"On Thursday nights, when the field is also available for hourly rental, often no request is submitted."

Sounds like a way to allow people in the community to play at a park they don't have the time to "claim". Also sounds like its only available to rent a few hours a week, and often isn't booked. Boo Hoo.
Thorne Travel
10/10/14, 06:39

Thorne Travel, produced by Delirium Tremens Advertising LLC
Protesters Interrupt St Louis Orchestra
10/05/14, 20:38

The real star of this show appears at 1:15.

Evening: Ruined
Unveiling the Katana
10/03/14, 20:59

Five years late to the party, but this is really something special. I think I actually flinched a little at the "It's TAPE" part.
Jeff Goldblum sells lightbulbs
09/30/14, 18:43

Could use a little more bullshit, but still 5.
Jeff Goldblum sells lightbulbs
09/30/14, 18:42

What, lots of comedy relies on unattractive people. Karl Pilkington, Bubbles, Portlandia, Eric Andre, Dumb and Dumber etc...

Well, maybe Friends didn't, but Friends blew.
Man hatefucks a geoduck out of the ground
09/26/14, 05:29

Earned my treat
09/24/14, 04:27

Pensive Polly
Max Falling Out Of Kayak
09/06/14, 03:27

Five for:
-Uhhhh. Naaaa!
-Oh No!
Mosque Thief
09/03/14, 15:55


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