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Do labor-saving robots spell doom for American workers?
07/31/15, 18:46

Ever go to a restaurant with those "10,000 choices"coke machines? Nice idea and draws the customers. Now get in line behind a half dozen kids for one of those.
Woman on Youtube gets upset about Nick Bravo
07/19/15, 20:56

Road rage guy attacks biker
07/14/15, 21:22

never get no respect
07/14/15, 05:19

Where's Dickbutt? One star
Trolled by John De Lancie
07/09/15, 10:05

You went to the cartoon pony club as a grown man and you're pretending to be embarrassed by a cartoon penis you're faking being unaware of. It took you almost five minutes to say this
Tortilla record
07/08/15, 18:00

Hey Brian Harrod, go fuck yourself!!
07/07/15, 20:36

Dude took my veggie bots comment and made it worse... :(
Hey Brian Harrod, go fuck yourself!!
07/07/15, 19:50

I forget, were gaylords part of the great Wad Accord of 99', or just gayrods?
White guy tries out bullet ant coming of age ritual
07/04/15, 08:04

I have a feeling their dumb ritual and their society remain perfectly intact and loaded with meaning to them even though an outsider tried it and failed
White guy tries out bullet ant coming of age ritual
07/04/15, 06:55

You beat me. :(
White guy tries out bullet ant coming of age ritual
07/04/15, 06:54

I knoe like fucking orange headed Karl Pilkington. Son of a bitch whitey white white imperialist hamming it up at the expense of... jesus christ i just cant
Vegie Bots
07/02/15, 17:40

Yeah I'm gonna eat that after little junior c.diff fingers has been fuckin around with it for a half hour
Not Alone
07/01/15, 20:27

When people start off with "at the end of the day" or "the reality is" I know I can comfortably tune out
Himalayas Unicycle Tour
06/26/15, 09:51

Never underestimate a dork's ability to dork everything up
Nerf gun to the eye
06/26/15, 09:49

I hope you punched out I'm not paying for this horseshit get back to work
P2 Hoverbike Test Flight
06/24/15, 20:15

Because your segway broke and you're always on the lookout for a fresh way to combine your passions of unique transportation and looking like a penis.
'Black' NAACP leader outed as white woman
06/13/15, 22:04

Each year near me in milwaukee theres a series of ethnic fests. Plenty of white people in the pow-wow, plenty of black people step dancing. Never a problem.

I don't think its that big of a deal to say you're black, or say you're anything really. i dont even think you need to be black to hold a leadership role in the naacp.

But it's pretty fucked up to send yourself fake racist letters and not even think they'll be checked for cancellation. Unacceptable

Tell your friend irish fest milwaukee is aug 13-16. Totally worth it
'Black' NAACP leader outed as white woman
06/12/15, 20:05

I once saw an Asian trinity dancer at Irish fest. The national guard had to be called in
Government office sets up 'cat library'
06/12/15, 19:30

I GATO get a better job
06/12/15, 10:18

You're sitting is super alpha and totally intimidating but you make far too much use of the femmy butthole-3

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