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Woman Unwittingly Names Her Cousin as a Arson Suspect During a Live Interview
11/13/15, 17:00

Wow! You can actually see him fighting a complete breakdown after he breaks away.
Yale students yell at Yale Master
11/08/15, 04:29

It is well known that many of Ohio Express' hits were actually derivative of waffen-ss battle songs and that the band itself was composed primarily of ex-hitler youth
Yale students yell at Yale Master
11/07/15, 17:52

Oh man did i ever hit the sweet spot for midwest riots. 2002 dinkytown hockey riots then off to madison for halloween!

For the video, i just feel bad for the hungover kid trying to steer around this shitshow to make an appearance at the next class
Homestar Runner meets My Little Pony
11/07/15, 05:20

Two turds meet in the sewer
Drunk Taco Bell Executive Beats Uber Driver
11/04/15, 03:11

I'm on board if we can complete the ensemble with some of those white plastic sunglasses.
The Big Man - I'm a Big Dick Man
11/02/15, 16:43

Regret selling my sl1200. :(
I wonder what Bam Margera is up to right now
11/02/15, 16:38

Hey i didn't order the tedious sarcasm where's my plate of inane, totally outrageous brony prattle?
I wonder what Bam Margera is up to right now
11/02/15, 10:41

Oh jesus. Lol @ scrimmjob
Jared's Creepy Phone Conversation
11/01/15, 12:53

I was at work when the morning drive-time wacky DJs we were listening to decided to play about 2min of this thing. The people I work with are normally pretty upbeat and talkative. We didn't talk for close to 20min after this was over
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy - We'll Meet the Meat
10/30/15, 12:04

I want to take a moment to mention that this old chestnut contains a Significant Ham Component:


Ham week is BULLSHIT without it
10/29/15, 20:24

Whoa. Where have you been hiding?!
Orca Punts Seal 80 Feet Into the Air
10/29/15, 20:14

I guess maybe where these people are from they regard seals the same way we feel about deer around here. Mild hatred with a bit of hope to witness their spectacular demise
The Big Man - I'm a Big Dick Man
10/29/15, 20:03

lol at DICK DICK DICK starting at 2:54.

Anyone recognize the cart? Sounds good
Orca Punts Seal 80 Feet Into the Air
10/28/15, 16:12

Who are the maniacs filming this?

MSNBC Host: Saying 'Hard Work' Is Bad Because It's 'Offensive to Slaves'
10/27/15, 16:25

Thats why i never say im hungry i keep a picture of starving potato famine irish in my kitchen so i remember that thing also i never say im tired because i keep a picture of rip van winkle in my bedroom to remind of what tired relly means boy im stupid as hell
10/25/15, 11:10

I read that description while eating at a taco bell so the tag is relevant too
Fake Ranger Gets Called Out
10/23/15, 23:26

Ok that's fine but next summer keep in mind you could donate some of that unexpired valor to local charities for a tax write off
Fake Ranger Gets Called Out
10/23/15, 22:39

I'm less worried about marshmallow men at the mall stealing your valor than marshmallow men in congress stealing your benefits.

I also confess that I stole a shit ton of valor every oct. 31st between the years of 1988-1992.
Five O'Clock Tea (1905 music video with sound)
10/23/15, 21:08

Looks like five o'clock tea leads to six o'clock cantankerous bowel
Mullens - The Misadventure of a French Gentleman Without Pants at the Zandvoort Beach (1905)
10/23/15, 20:39

Gramps, what were the old days like?

Well sometimes you'd be at the beach reading in your favorite wicker basket then suddenly the tide would come in and the whole town would start chasing you and then there would be a parade.

Sure, gramps.

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