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Gravity Falls: Fixin' it with Soos
08/08/14, 13:24

Added :)
Chow Down (at Chic-fil-A)
03/23/14, 08:47

Always 5 star DWV
Degrassi High - Wheels Gets Molested
03/23/14, 08:09

Always original Degrassi
We've Got to Stop the Mosque at Ground Zero
08/29/10, 17:02

Epitome of Evil
Sounds like a song that should have been in Team America, sequel anyone?
Rare Look Inside Bible Belt Classroom
07/04/10, 08:16

The irony lies in the fact that his assumption suggests that 'African Americans' are an evolved version of the original 'white' people, therefore, black people are evolutionary more advanced and superior to white people. Cause you know, Jesus was a white man.
Baby Boy is not a Single Lady
04/14/10, 10:37

Finally, some one elce noticed. They even did an interview (and ended up going on about how they have changed his life by adopting him) and not once did the CBS interviewer ever bring up the dad is driving and filming, looking behind him.
Israeli Clothing Ad
01/27/10, 16:27

touche kanyakumari
Israeli Clothing Ad
01/27/10, 16:26

I'm too conceited to concede here guys!
12/02/09, 19:30

Margay doesn't ask, it takes.
Trailer Park Boys vs. douchebag news reporter
09/28/09, 11:14

I am from Halifax actually, and Jim Nunn is a douchebag. He came into a pub I frequent and unfortunatly left before I could ask him why he is so mean to the weatherman (Peter Coade), who is a sweet little man who deals with Nunn's asshole little comments every night.
Orange Soda Boy Dance
01/28/09, 09:02

His friend Mike was smart to cover his face....but not smart enough to find better friends...
Lighthouse vs. Tidal Waves
01/28/09, 08:57

Professor August: Look at that lighthouse. That's the ultimate expression of phallocentric technocracy violating Mother Sky.

Marge: I thought they were just tall so boats could see them.

Professor August: No Marge. Everything penis-shaped is bad.
Grass Growing
12/03/08, 21:16

I'm waiting to see paint drying on growing grass, although the excitement may be too much for me to handle...
'Outlander' trailer
07/12/08, 17:48

Alright, so they filmed this close to me, and I was one of the few females chosen to be an extra, but I couldn't do it because I am a student. One of my friends got to be in it, I have some really good stories about John Hurt and the other guys on set, including someone tossing a javalin into one of the stage lights...
Ferrets steal a swiffer
02/08/08, 15:56

ferrets are not rodents, they are domesticated polecats
Ferrets steal a swiffer
02/08/08, 15:55

I find that funny as well, especailly when the crazy ferret owners go on about ferret prooving to the extreme, bubble wrapping everything in your house and the ferret. When we let out ferret out we just make sure there is nothing on the floor (like a swiffer) she shouldnt get to and its fine
Ferrets steal a swiffer
02/08/08, 15:53

if you have them descented and clean their cage like you're supposed to they don't have any more of a smell than any other animal would.
Fretten in de Sneeuw (Ferrets in the Snow)
02/05/08, 09:09

What the hell, I submitting this and it got eaten by the hopper. I am so tired of finding good videos and then having someone else take the credit.
Hard Gay - Ramen Shop
01/30/08, 07:15

Ramen War! Victory! Fooooooo!
White Zombie
01/30/08, 06:43

One of my favorite Lugosi films, also makes a great drinking game for parties, take a swig everytime someone (usually Lugosi) makes the famous "face rape" and the zombie control hand grip


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