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Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins - Introducing Chiun
Kentucky Fried Chicken Commercial, circa 1969
The Beatles Cartoon - Taxman
Scum - I'm The Daddy Now
The Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot
Happy Ness
Swamp Thing Cartoon - Intro
Pink Panther & Sons Intro
Double Dragon - The Animated Series
'who taught you how to do this stuff?' anti-drug psa
A handbag?!
Female Billiards Commentator Freudian Slip
Awwww, cute. Puppy.
Dr. Orpheus Buys A 'Homies' Figurine
Rocko's Modern Life- Scientology Joke
Vern Fonk Insurance Commercial
Untraceable trailer
Double Teaming The Baroness
Nick and Norm - drugs support terrorism psa
'The Last Starfighter' best of the worst clips
Coming To America - Soul Glo
George Costanza's Answering Machine
Title Sequence from 'Flash Gordon' (1980)
Scene from Vij (Russian horror film)
Bioshock Trailer
C.O.P.S. Animated Series Intro
Puppet Rapist Episode #1
James Bond Jr. Into
GI Joe Extreme theme song
Macho Man Randy Savage on the Arsenio Hall Show
Batman Tries to Get Rid of a Bomb
Satan explains human life and the universe
Meadowlark Lemon demonstrates the possibilities of the Burger King Whopper
Badlands - Failure Clips
Young Child vs Monster
Japanese kamikaze pilot survives.. but blows himself up with a grenade
What I Learned From TMNT
Magic: The Gathering Ice Age Promo
The Old Man of the Mountain (Betty Boop, featuring Cab Calloway)
"Father Divine" newsreel, 1936
Hobo With A Shotgun
.38 Ambush Alley
The Real Ghostbusters (The collect call of Cathulhu)
Ninja: The Final Duel (trailer) NSFW warning - didn't realize there was some nudity halfway through
Ghostwriter: Julia Styles is a Cyberpunk Hacker
God Hates East Plano, Texas
Scary Mary
Robocop Versus Rapists
Hard Copy- Punk gets what's coming to him
Wonder Twins - Gopher Moat
K Car?
Fruity Oaty Bar!
European Playstation Commercial
The Ultimate Warrior's Greatest Hits
Resident Evil 4 Rahil
Garbage Day Deluxe
USA - Who To Invade?
Baby Girl in Plastic Bag Fished Out Of Brazilian Lake
Soldiers Ride Shotgun In Vietnam

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