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Unmerciful Crushing Force

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Zero Punctuation - Silent Hill 2
08/19/09, 23:11

It wasn't a very nice boat in any case.

It's quite amazing how much he can hate even about games that he loves.
I also kind of wish he would've just done some overly serious analysis on it for shits and giggles. Oh well. Five for Yahtzee.
A Mormon's View on Jehovah's Witnesses
08/19/09, 09:31

Definitely subversive material. What with not providing any concrete examples for either side and instead relying on ambiguous statements that can be read for both sides.
What's This? 13
08/19/09, 09:23

When gets it right. They get it fucking right.

I need to get more poseable figures and put my DSLR to work.
Movie Award Leftovers
08/18/09, 00:42

If it's comedy I'm supposed to laugh or at least register "Well, that was clever and amusing."

Half of these were impressive but ultimately not funny face manipulation effects.
Animaniacs-Clown and Out
08/17/09, 10:52

Nostalgia wins. Plus, all the obscure movie references were like bombs of greatness that suddenly set off when I got older and stuck.
Movie Award Leftovers
08/15/09, 20:40

Star Trek one was actually pretty funny and The Dark Knight one was pretty clever, but the rest I just don't get.
Tommy february6 - Everyday at the Bus Stop
08/15/09, 07:18

I gotta say, I like Tommy better when she just calls herself Tomoko and sings for The Brilliant Green.
Horrors of Malformed Men - Trailer
08/14/09, 19:33

I'm sorry guys, but these five stars go straight for my love of Japan's trailers still being stuck in the 1940s and 50s.
Cyriak's 2009 work reel
08/12/09, 20:49

Shelled reptiles raising havoc gets five.
Hostess Girl Sumo
08/11/09, 21:05

They're hostesses. They get paid ridiculous amounts by drunken salaryman to have some chit-chat and, if the price is high enough, casual sex. We're talking like $300/400-in-your-pocket-nightly.

Yet they get all giddy over going on a sumo competition and winning $1000.

And the first gal takes classical ballet and studied abroad in Sweden...

Good christ this country depresses me sometimes.
Promo for "Warriors 4 Christ Wrestling"
08/11/09, 20:47

Promotion's homepage

Wikipedia entry too!
"The company's founder and President, Curtis Stone A.K.A. "Nightmare" ... formerly competed as a professional wrestler and has operated the organization since 1999. Stone previously worked as an enforcer for drug dealers, collecting money from debtors, before he became a Christian."

And my favorite:
"Although W4CW includes a religious aspect, matches are conducted the same way as in other promotions. Foreign objects, such as chairs, are used as weapons during matches."
Promo for "Warriors 4 Christ Wrestling"
08/11/09, 20:38


OVER 50!!
Nintendo Sixty-FOOOUR with a layer added every second.
08/11/09, 13:18

Yeah. This about the closest I've seen anything capture the perpetual audio/visual echo of a salvia trip.
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus
08/09/09, 06:20

This reminds me that I need to go see Tideland to make sure that the Brazil Gilliam might still be alive somewhere.
Fight scene from 'Zinda'
08/09/09, 06:16


Plus, I think that Indian Oh Dae-su's crazy grin is suitably crazy.
Golden Gaytime tv commercials - pre-ironic & post-ironic
08/09/09, 05:45

Irony is why we can't have nice things anymore.
Ulitimate Staring Contest
08/05/09, 10:52

Oh come on, the concept is funny enough. Shame that the punchline was so lame.
Some things are just badass.
08/05/09, 09:18

It's like French comics influenced by FLCL influenced by French comics made by a British man.

This I can dig.
08/05/09, 08:53

To be fair, speaking as a Mexican-American guy who speaks fluent Spanish, I do find it irritating when stuff like that happens.

But really now, can't they just start making ads about the factories and farms that hire illegal immigrants? Y'know, the ones that actually give them the money to pay for shitty apartments in the US because they're just slightly less shitty than the ones in Mexico?
Born to Fight - trailer
08/04/09, 04:28

Thank you. This is happiest video to see after a long absence. HOORAY!

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