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Frank Rizzo

Suspension through: 0000-00-00
Overstayed your welcome
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Execution of Louis XVI, King of France
Barack Obama Historic Victory Plate
Mukasey Collapses During Speech (He's the US Attorney General)
Ugliest women in the world.
Sucker Punch Classroom Edition
Fun at the car wash
Big Mouth
Girls eagerly await the results of American Idol finale.
Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey - While others killed behind her
Spikebravo - ignorant f*cks
Trailer Park Boys - They're coming, Bubbles
Inside Edition: TV Confrontations
Spelling Bee-Your word is Negus
Mortal Kombat vs DCU - Every Fatality
Domestic Abuse
Tom Bosley works out with Debbie Reynolds
Dual Wielding Desert Eagles
Drunk man on bus sings Queen
Cat plays fetch
Bad parking
Iraqi army enlistment propaganda
Creepy cat sound glitch in Mario Paint Composer
Phantom Gourmet - The Five Worst Chains
Slugs - The 3 Minute version
Top Gear: Four-way Cross-London race.
Cat provokes poodle (or maybe just tests it)
Life in hell
Peter Schiff Was Right 2006 - 2007
30 Rock - Lemon Party
bloodylucky.ca - Deep Fryer
Mike Tyson Interview Compilation
130 cat mosh pit
Gnarly PSAs from around the globe #4
Gnarly PSAs from around the globe #3
Cat Spanking
NEVER go read to burn victims!
The iPhone Ocarina
Obama antichrist?
Penn & Teller are Bullshit!
The Kitty & The Mirror
Forever's Journey
Marijuana, the Blunt Truth
Yakety Sax-Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Rock Band Reality TV show
McDonalds Custodial Training Video
Animated drawings
A lost dog finds his way home
Ministering the Word of Jesus
Juggalo on the virtues of hookah smoking
Score More Points in Nintendo Games
Dwayne Holloway, formerly of TFL, proves he is not bed ridden
Gary Coleman on America2Night
Be Polite
Fat Angry German Kid
Yes We Can
Keith Olbermann's 'Worst Person in the World' list for Nov. 5th
The Office - Jim describes Battlestar Galactica
Coolest Use of Sawdust Ever
Beer Launcher - David Letterman
Designer Imposters
Alec Baldwin does an impression of Tracy Morgan
The Dream Deceivers
Dramatic Capumunk
Get Your War On: New World Order
Raw Meat Family on Wife Swap
Miss Hawaii Nadine Tanega proves public speaking to be difficult
Effects of 'The Great Schlep'
A couple of birds
The Sheriff is a'near!
Tongue Tricks
Fat Man endorses Barack Obama
Fight on the subway
Korean teacher beats students
Sarah Palin not aware Africa a continent
Palin asked about loss.
Green Wing - You're all a bunch of fatties.
Sarah Palin crying
Kitten Walks on Two Front Legs
Kitten vs. Macbook
News About Ohio Reaches McCain's Headquarters
Cena_mark admits defeat
Alien Prey (1984)
Struck by Model Rocket
Donald Duck: 'Donald's Tire Trouble' (1943)
Donald Duck - Duck Pimples
No Treats for Obama Supporters On Halloween
AMV Hell 4: The Last One (1/9)
Virtual Optical Orbital Vortex Sphere
McCain forgets Secretary of State Endorsements
Another kitten doing something adorable.
5 times 14 = 25
Drunk Dad can't fix the General Lee
Boxing Tonight
Leather glove man strangles himself.
Cat attacks pug...
Charles Barkley is a Consumate Professional.
Oh man, gaffe of the year is here.
Bitch, please!

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