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Sex House - Sex Climax - Ep. 9
09/07/12, 07:36

When this started, I gave the conclusion little thought. I certainly didn't think it would end with anything touching profound.

I love Jay's transformation from bro to provider who takes a quiet satisfaction in his harvest. He will learn about amphibian husbandry. He will learn.

Finally, it been said before by others, but it needs to be said again. Tombstone Pizza is getting their money's worth from Frank.
Everybody Apparently Fucking Loathes Raymond
08/13/12, 08:25

There was a time when Mrs. Rogers enjoyed this show. I hated it and still do. But an interesting thing started to happen. Mrs would sit down and watch Raymond, I would read the paper or a book. Later that evening there would be an almighty fight.

Soon it was clear that it was happening every time. We sat down and talked about feelings of insecurity, disrespect and her sense that she was being taken for granted.

We weren't in a horrible place but it wasn't great either. Something about Raymond trapped into a real fear that we would end up held together more by bile than love.

There must be marriage counselor out there using this show as a teaching tool about dysfunctional relationships.

A significant portion of the success this show had must have come from people seeing their own loveless lives reflected back at them.
Portal 2: Cave Prime
05/14/12, 09:07

Busting ghosts can't even save Wuthering Heights. Fuck you Heathcliff!
Sworn to Justice, back room fight scene
04/15/12, 22:00

I wish I had a stockroom that big.
Corgi gets a vacuum
04/15/12, 19:17

My eight year old self tried to do this to my first dog. She didn't like me for a good long time.
Andrew Breitbart is Dead at 43
03/02/12, 07:25

This death is of someone whose name would not bring a faith glimmer of recognition to 95% of a nation's populous, whose greatest achievements where measured by the hypernews cycle, and whose mourning is estimated, by his peers, to last a day mainly by a self-selecting subset of an ephemeral digital community.

In an era of grand histrionics, this is refreshing moment of appropriate response to tragedy.
Serco: The most powerful company you've never heard of
11/10/11, 07:52

Not the Ottawa driving tests! Now every driver in Canada's capital city IS FOREVER TRAPPED IN SERCO'S WEB. And guess who drives? The President of Canada, that's who.

Wake up people!
Rick Perry can't remember what agencies of government he wants to abolish
11/10/11, 07:19

Literally laughed out of contention. I don't care what political stripe you wear, aren't you glad to see it happen to a career politician at least once?
Wall Street Protesters Come in Contact with Bankers
09/21/11, 08:08

The people united have regularly gone down to crushing, "lets make keep-sakes out of their skin to remember how much we kicked their asses" defeat.

That's always bothered me about that chant.
Dance Moms - Episode 1: The Dance Competition Begins
09/08/11, 07:49

I'As a rule, I have avoided watching shows of the "child abuse for fun and profit" genre. For some reason, I played this one. Only watched the first part and I'm uncertain whether I will watch the rest.

It was even more cringe inducing that I expected. These girls deserve better this. If you are a parent and relate to Maddie's mother, you've failed as a parent. If you relate to Abby, you've failed as a human.
Harrison Ford Settles a Feud
08/21/11, 12:09

I'm going to have to disagree with your assessment.
There's a Hole in the Bucket
03/29/11, 06:37

Stealing that as a tag.
Mr. Rogers Goodbye
03/03/10, 12:26

This is how I'm going out when the time comes. With love and a cardigan.
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson 2/23/10: Stephen Fry
03/02/10, 08:45

Agreed. This is funny, mature, insightful. I would watch this format regularly. It was successful. The worrisome variable is the guest. You're not going to be able to get many celebrity conversationalist who can hold their own for a hour show. Hell, few people could do this. Even fewer people that tour the late night talk show scene.

I want them to try though.
BTTF- temporal experiment nr. 1
02/20/09, 10:36

So that's how he got Parkinson's.
When I Grow Up
02/20/09, 09:29

Fuck wiccans. If you're going to be a witch in a modern suburban environment, this is the way to do it. Screw living in harmony with Gaia, this woman would sacrifice a raccoon in order to draw power from the earth and kill that bitch cheerleader down the street.

Much love for this video and song.
Chimp Attack 911 Call
02/19/09, 12:24

Horrifying. Then the related videos popped up. Number 1 "The Perfect Red Carpet Face."
Songsmith gonna give you up
01/22/09, 11:55

Agreed. Enough of all this.
Your Children Are in Danger
12/10/08, 11:09

Whether or not this is real is beside the point for me. I'm sure there are people on Godtube watching this, nodding their heads and say "exactly. exactly."
Jew Trees
12/10/08, 09:12

Really? I thought McCain was more concerned about lawns, ie. keeping those damn kids off it.


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