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Classic Folger's Commercial
Every 90's Commercial Ever
Too Many Cooks
Super Mario Bros. - 500 Point Run
The MRA Has Too Many Faggots
Doom Metal Tribute to The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus
Billy Jack - Ice Cream Scene
Friendship is Manly
wendyvainities provocative take on MLP
little kids are fuckin stupid
Coven in Charing Cross
Fireproof - Breaking Free From Internet Porn Scene
Maybe the most 1989 thing that ever 1989'd
Exploding Actresses -- Disney Princesses
How To Correctly Perform CPR
Borrowed Time, Borrowed Eyes
At the end of the day
Folgers Christmas Commercial: 'Real Coffee'
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer
Garth Marenghi's Darkplace (full series)
Pat Robertson: caller asks about wife with severe Alzheimer's
How To Pronounce Penis
The Ballad of Mike Haggar
Saruman is a dick
167 Of The Greatest Horror Movie VHS Covers
Nine Year Old Boy Madonna
Jephthah (Judges 11)
She's Gone
Little kids + toy guns = massacre
Colbert Report - John Lithgow's dramatic reading of Newt Gingrich
Erratic Sculptures Nick Bravo
I am your grandma.
Norm MacDonald - 'Me Doing Stand-Up'
All the Rutger Hauer Guinness ads
IAmTheEnd1000 eats sunflower seeds/ponder gang rape
Obama's Fake Family Photo
Super - Rainn Wilson hates people who cut in line
Doo-Doo I'll Eat It (Leave Kids Home They Eat Everything)
SegaCamp does Surfin' Bird - Acapella
ain't gonna pee pee my bed tonight
King's Quest 7 Opening Sequence
King's Quest VI: The Dance of the Dead
King's Quest V: The Ants
SNL: Gerald Ford dead today
Blood Feast (1963) - Egyptian feast conversation
WATSON's first Jeopardy appearance.
Newscaster suffers a slip-up at the grammys
Hall of Inaccurate Presidents
Yoohoo and Friends, starring Flava Flav
Humpbot in Action
What Do You Think Of Premarital Sex?
King's Quest 1-7 death speed-runs
America's Next Top Homeless Person
Christian version of the origin of the Star Spangled Banner
Common Misconceptions: John Wayne autopsy results
Political Attack Ads From 1800
Now that Halloween's Over
Norm MacDonald tells a joke about a moth
Chris-chan's Disturbing Breast Cancer Awareness Video
An inebriated southern woman (whose neck is the brightest cherry red) rides a pig
Right Wing Radio Duck
The most patriotic song ever.
The Essence of Goldblum
Baby Princess Born Sleeping
Princess Eleonore will make Appearance
New Japanese shooting gallery game
Tourettes Karaoke R.E.M's 'Losing my religion'
Judge Judy at Half Speed
Christian animal cartoon / Passion play: 'At Jesus' Side'
Old Man Falls, Is Tasered
Basil Marceaux's Gubernatorial Debate
Disney BLAM! - Chef Donald
21 foot rule guy shows you his shower knife
Everyone's favorite taiwanese tv drama...with a twist.
The Room: The Flower Shop Scene
Terrell's Siding
Liu Kang's Bicycle kick
Geteven: The Movie - trailer
Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King
Megaman: The Movie (2010)
Did Obama Murder Toot His Grandmother?
The Omega Code - Trailer
A Handbag?! - Slow motion
Stroke Guy Reviews Attack of the Clones.
160 Arnold Quotes
Not a Fake Baby! These are Real Life like Reborn Dolls!
Laughing Jack at fisherman's wharf
Poltergeist III - 'Carol Anne!' times 121
Don't Go Out In The Woods...Alone - Clips
Back to the Future III: Verne points at his crank
Mystery Spiral Hovers Over Norway
Simply Sara - Hot Water Sponge Cake
The door war is not over
'Imagine' - Corey Feldman version
TNG Edit 34 - A Frank Evaluation
TNG Edit 33 - Apologies, Mister Worf

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