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President-Elect Barack Obama
11/05/08, 12:30

As a Communist (a real one not HAW HAW I AM LIBRAL COMMUNIST HAW HAW) i say that times will be extremely interesting indeed.
Who's nailin' Paylin?
11/03/08, 11:30

I was completely unaware of the fact that you could ironically masturbate to something.
Wassup? 2008
11/03/08, 11:25

"Still in Iraq. Brought you my ass"(?)
Ninja Terminator (entire movie)
09/28/08, 18:37

Neither can he
Clown and Out
09/18/08, 09:44

50 cent goes gangster on Iraq
09/06/08, 09:39

If 50 had debuted in the early nineties, Sega would not only have made this game but one game starring 50 Cent in every major American military action from the Spanish war up.
Michelle Malkin Chased by Insane Protester
08/31/08, 10:34

Hi Billy how are you? Im good mehself.

Oh and all Conservatives and Rightwingers should be incarcerated or killed.
a clip from Black Lagoon
08/30/08, 03:17

Focketyfock. Didnt know theyve used Yngwie Malmsteens plane outburst to dub anime nowadays.
Anime characters discuss anime porn and the outrage thereof
08/24/08, 13:48

Please ignore my typos also.
Anime characters discuss anime porn and the outrage thereof
08/24/08, 13:47

If these are Anime cartoons could that Girl technically have been watching magazines with Anime characters? This is clearly a profound commentary on Solipsism.
Mortal Kombat vs. DC - Joker's Fatality
08/23/08, 12:24

5 for awesome fatality and to combat anti-Mortal Kombat bias.
Yuri the Only One
08/23/08, 12:20

Oh for FUCK'S SAKE! And dont tell me that i dont know how this site works. I dont want ANYTHING even resembling five stars to go near this.
HERMIES - new game by Jazzuo
08/21/08, 14:01


Mediterranian Sundance
Noah's Adventure
08/21/08, 13:55

Did someone hack Billys account?
The Japanese Are Our White Brothers
08/21/08, 13:11

Hooray, Nazi weaabos.
Michelle and Barack take turns telling us America is a piece of poop
08/20/08, 08:06

Conservatives have never been Libertarian, Libertarians are Libertarian. If that is even a good thing. I am a Socialist with a family full of former Communists so trust me to know whats not a free market.
08/17/08, 13:30

The Rapemobile is a uncomfortably sterile Dodge Van without any backseat but still lots of leather.
Royce Gracie Versus a Kung fu Master
08/17/08, 08:14

A Jujitsu master "GRACIE" and his brother "ROGER" was attacked by several unknown guys...
Bad Dubbing: Techno Police
08/17/08, 06:54


Seriously though, this is the only Anime ive seen where fat men in plaid berets, golfing around the countryside while telling endless jokes about the Germans would fit perfectly in.
Croatian Invasion
08/17/08, 06:37

This is from a notably surrealist and brilliant Swedish Comedyshow called "Grotesco"

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