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Earthworm Jim - Santa's Younger Days
12/13/07, 08:13

Retardedretardedretardedretardedretardedretardedretardedretardedretarded retarded.
Just because you love Japan doesn't mean Japan loves you
12/08/07, 15:47

I always found the fact, that the immediate result of a nuke in the head was turning an entire nation from bloodthirsty, kickass ninja warriors into mushy little cutesy-poo pussies quite too good to be true.
Edward R. Murrow reports on the liberation of Buchenwald, 1945
12/07/07, 02:52

Remember when wars were fought for just causes?
chris benoit had a funeral
12/06/07, 09:58

Its hard to be sentimental when the entire WWE is lining up for a Bukkake.
Satanism: Satan's Bloody Teaching
12/05/07, 09:51

Tr00 Satanism at 02:25. At leas taccording to the gentleman on the picture himself.
Sega Saturn Launch Ad
12/05/07, 09:41

At first you think its just another "1984" parody...
The War on Britain's Jews? part 1
12/04/07, 12:31

Ah yes, calling Littlejohn out on his bullshit and posting a funny video of a drunk GUY (he could be fucking Wiccan for all i care) really makes me a raging anti semite doesnt it?
Gotta love the logic they teach you over there in Iraq, Enjoy!
The War on Britain's Jews? part 1
12/04/07, 08:32

Ah yes Richard Littleschlong the man who thought policemen should be allowed to kill demonstration participiants with flamethrowers, the man who said that nobody gave "a monkey" about what happened in Rwanda 1994, the man who lied about how much immigrants earn (y'know like the BAD immigrants and not the ones who poured into Israel in 1948),
the man who condoned the murder of Gypsies is here to teach us how uncool it is to hate? Rock on Mr.L!
Indonesian freak show
12/03/07, 02:59

Ronald Reagan Says Something
11/28/07, 08:38

Lets see, your minions sold weapons to a terrorist country in exchange for hostages and then funneled the money to Nicaraguan right wing terrorists oh, and you also lied about it all before congress and then when taken to court and declared guilty you refused to pay. Something like that?
Wolf Blitzer vs. David Duke
11/24/07, 13:58

Free Willy - Yuletide and red tide
11/23/07, 07:11

At 7:16 i think Willy actually died.
HBO Sign Off Animation
11/23/07, 06:57

Dont forget the incredibly contrived forplay between the psoriatric albino people at 00:25.
Polish Immigrant Robert Dziekanski Dies After Vancouver Taser Incident
11/17/07, 05:09

YES SO LETS KILL THE ALL FOR BEING WORRIED ABOUT THEIR MOTHERS HURF BLURF DURR. Seriously i hate to sound like a causenick hippie but everytime theres an immigrant getting tazed people automatically search for something to hold on to. "He deserved it because he screamed/wore shoes/had hair/was a nigger.
Full Metal Jacket for Wii
11/15/07, 10:02

Fuck you. I could play a bloody Final Fantasy themed game conisting purely of beating Pyle's big ass.
Good Day, Mr. Kubrick
11/15/07, 09:57

He posted a clip on YouTube (now several years older) of him sending up himself. Guess what he's still an Asshole.
Mysterious Blue Cloud Stalks Gas Station Customers
11/15/07, 09:40

Eerily enough afterwards, mysterious downsizing stalked Local 6 news, editors.
More from WomanThing: STOP HEALTHCARE NOW!
11/15/07, 09:31

I wonder where the Neo-Cons precious INDIVIYALLTY where when Bush signed the Patriot and Military Comissions Act? Oh thats right.. of in PARTISANLAND!
Seinfeld flips out on Larry King
11/11/07, 13:27

Hey Jerry whats the deal with your ass?
Porno Porkchop - Metro City Ransom
11/11/07, 13:10

Haggar was great till he wore a dress and ran for President.

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