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Kerry questioner gets tasered
09/26/07, 02:24

Farcical aquatic ceremony actually
Ahmadinejad at Columbia University
09/26/07, 02:16

Judging from all the butthurt on this page im quite frankly scared. Scared that only four years later Bush is going to sell another Iraq and people will swallow it. Iran has of course no Nuclear Weapons at this point, Ahmadinejad has flip-flopped on the holocaust*
And of course never said that Israel should be wiped of the map*

* http://www.nydailynews.com/news/2007/09/24/2007-09-24_irans_president_i_dont_deny_holocaust-3.html

* http://www.antiwar.com/orig/norouzi.php?articleid=11025
Mexican prank show
09/25/07, 11:54

Flash Tub - Tight Dollars
09/25/07, 10:46

Most neo-cons hate Ron too because of hi anti-war stance plus i was tired and in a bad mood when i wrote that.
Alan Keyes 'ambushes' Neal Horsley
09/20/07, 09:04

Um isnt moonbat a degoratory term for Liberals?
2004 Obama/Keyes debate: Gay Marriage
09/19/07, 15:29

But he was the bomb in Borat!
I Hate Your Friends
09/19/07, 11:05

I hate your mumble mumble mumble
Turkish Rambo - Bazooka Battle
09/15/07, 05:48

Go ahead turkish Rambo, cut those wily Kurds and Armenians no slack!
David Lynch Presents "A Goofy Movie"
09/15/07, 05:41

Wery well. Here's to your fuck, Pete."
Winston won't shut up.
09/15/07, 03:37

Never before has so many wanted to hug the shit out of so few, for so long (well the beginning was good at least.)
09/13/07, 15:05

Explain to me how *I* am making money of her. And if you mean critiques then they are paid to have an opinion not to love everything you wailing pink demon.
Bush's APEC/OPEC and Australian/Austrian mixups.
09/13/07, 03:14

Cannibal! The Musical- The Nihonjin
09/11/07, 10:41

They never got this good again (I love South Park, put those torches away.)
pantera - revolution is my name
09/09/07, 14:32

McBain - Under Attack by Commie Nazis
09/09/07, 14:23

Ok seriously i have no idea how to reply to somebodys reply but OldScratch your full of shit. Facism allowed private ownership as long as most of the profit went to the state instead of the individual. The land owning elites were protected by the facist goverments in Germany, Italy, Spain, Chile etc and no doubt got treated better by the government than your regular joe because of all the dough they brought in.
In communist states and Russia you wouldnt get privilegies such as this at all (that was served for the ruling party wich automatically transformed to the fat, rich slobs Marx railed against but thats a different story.)
Miles Davis 1969 - Bitches Brew
09/09/07, 07:34

Fuck yes
Angry Nintendo Nerd reviews TMNT 1
09/08/07, 17:46

You haters dont deserve to wipe the jizz of the nerds atari porn.
Babs Bunny vs. Sephiroth CAW Wrestling
09/08/07, 17:44

...Thats strangely disturbing.
The Man Who Will Eat Anything
09/08/07, 12:30

What a wonderfully blatant titel
Sweden: Heaven And Hell (1969)
09/08/07, 12:29

Yep this is exactly how its like over here.

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