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Cop grabs a protester
02/10/12, 04:24

"WAAAH we didnt see the full context! Bla, bla, bla."
Before you start with the 'LOL Fat Ninja' Youtube troll comments...
01/16/12, 06:20

Its actually a real move in Japanese Swordsmanship to remove excess blood from your blade.

No, im not this guy.
Skyrim - Unarmed Badass Viking
12/14/11, 17:57

Nu svallar vårt vikingablod!
Apator - Masturbate in Praise of Black Satan
12/11/11, 12:20

Reminds me of Havohej.
Occupy Bahrain: Saw 7, Let it spread +18
11/27/11, 15:18

Did i just see a man with a hole where his brain used to be?
Chris Barnes for Park Auto Mall
11/17/11, 05:34

Five stars for the king of growling.
Two disgusting people review Frank Miller's disgustingly crappy comic book Holy Terror
11/08/11, 11:06

I dont want to live in a world were Northlanders gets cancelled but this is allowed to exist.
GameCenter CX - Episode 77 - Fatal Fury Special
11/03/11, 08:20

Exposing someone as innocent of the true horrors of video games like Arino, to the nearly Hitlerist difficulty of SNK fighting games is to cruel.
Adnan Oktar talks about poeTV
10/26/11, 05:17

Inshallah, i am leaving the internet forever!
The Thunderbirds share a laugh
10/25/11, 11:32

A man could die from so much 60's.
Blackwater video game trailer
10/25/11, 11:27

You liberals are so hypocritical. I dont see you whining about a game like Red Faction where you get to play as a COMMUNIST GUERILLA and commit COMMUNIST GENOCIDE! IN SPACE!

There, saved you some time Cena.
UVB-76 Voices
09/29/11, 03:31

"The former Minister of Communications and Informatics of the Republic of Lithuania has written that the purpose of the voice messages is to confirm that operators at receiving stations are alert."

Well.. thats pretty fucking boring then.
American film about the USSR
09/28/11, 13:24

Fucking Commies, keeping the Mujahideen-man down.
GameCenter CX - Sonic the Hedgehog
09/20/11, 11:12

"Porn website surfer"
The Greatest Doom Mod of All Time
09/19/11, 17:08

I want a custom made suicide revolver too!
The messy birth of Steve Urkel speed painting
09/19/11, 10:29

Did i devour that?
Don Frye is dissapointed with the lack of manliness in today's america.
09/08/11, 12:02

Holy Shit, i did not even think Kerr was still alive much less still fighting. Last time i saw him fight he looked like a transparent mass of goo that you could see the painkillers in.
Wendy's employee messed up Jawsus's order.
09/07/11, 13:16

UFC posters make you badass.
Eating The Hottest Pepper in the World
09/06/11, 06:36

Reminds me of the time when i wanted to be badass and eat a spoonful of Blairs Megadeth sauce. Its funny today because i acted like such a bro beforehand, wich i dont usually do. My friend told me to take it easy on the sauce and only take half a spoonful but i was all NAH, DUDE GIMME THE ENTIRE SPOON WHOOP WHOOP HARDCORE. It completely kicked my ass and i was sure i was just a pussyhair away from a heart attack.
Because of that i always get some delicious schadefreude out of videos like this.
GameCenter CX - Episode 22 - Final Fight
09/04/11, 10:55

First time i ever watched one of these. This guys job must be so fucking fun.

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