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Spongebob Squarepants theme slowed down.
09/04/11, 07:46

The pedophile with downs, and his shrieking victims.
09/02/11, 16:04

09/02/11, 16:03

Yeah seriously, no stair-fucking. It might be hilarious to you and your friends, but think of the poor employee who has to was rubbery sperm of the steps on Monday morning. What has he done to deserve that?
Michele Bachmann Forgets The Soviet Union Doesn't Exist Anymore
08/22/11, 06:01

Does this mean we get to go raiding in England again? Can we build a new temple in Uppsala? You guys are cool with it right, there aint gonna be no Operation Scandinavian Freedom right?
Kung Pow - Betty
08/14/11, 13:34

When the fuck is "Tounge of fury" coming, dammit?
Worst XBOX Live Arcade Game?
08/13/11, 06:52

Suing the Devil (2011) - Trailer
08/07/11, 06:45

Looks like we were wrong about Jazz, Metal and Pop. Cheap downloadable Machine Gun and Police Siren sound effects is "the music of hell".
The Ballad of Mike Haggar
08/05/11, 19:51

Who the fuck is Wagner?
Ronald Reagan on atheism
07/31/11, 08:45

Needs "death cult" tag.
Pablo Dylan (I'm On One) - Go To 10 Minutes Mixtape 2011
07/29/11, 16:18

How much shitty myspace rap must a boy create, before you can call him a man?
Hello! I'm Shelly Duvall.
07/28/11, 17:25

I would enter her room 237 if you catch my drift.
Nazis Were Not Racist
07/28/11, 13:29

I guess killing six million people is cool, as long as you dont get all racial about it.
Knights Templar 2083 - Anders Behring Breivik
07/24/11, 12:42

In what way is his opinions not Nazi-like? "The government, the UN, the EU and the world is all controlled by the eternal Muslim and his bolshevik cohorts. Are you a bad enough Aryan to rescue Norway?"

Im Swedish and i hope that in the future we Scandinavians will think about what kind of people the far-right nationalists we are letting into our governments really are. Barring the "Turkish Abductions" on Iceland and the Skirmish at Bender, we have never had any beef with the Muslim world, no thanks to assholes like this guy.
Beavis and Butthead - New Episodes
07/22/11, 20:48

Welcome back boys. Welcome the fuck back.
Shoenice22 eats a tube of painters caulk in under a minute
07/08/11, 03:57

Well there is the possibility that he just has a freakish tolerance for downing weird stuff, like that French dude who ate an airplane. But judging from his general behaviour, its fake and this guy is just trying to be funny and satisfy his attention whorish desires.
Masakazu Imanari Highlight Video
07/02/11, 09:32

Yeah bro, you would totally beat the shit outta that experienced MMA fighter and BJJ blackbelt. Dont forget to make a Sherdog thread about it before you make him your bitch, yo man yo.
So....a guy made another fully functional M41A Pulse Rifle
06/29/11, 19:42

No underbarrel grenade launcher?
Giant Bomb's 52 minute 'Quick Look' of Duke Nukem Forever
06/19/11, 13:27

For my two cents, Gearbox basically shat in the punchbowl by rushing the game and cutting it to peices.
There was supposed to be a large chunk of the single player campaign left, where Duke was supposed to met up with his female (yes, FEMALE! Blow me, Shanghai Tippytap) sidekick Bombshell and go to space to blow up the Alien homeworld, return to earth, go on the talkshow again and THEN announce that he would run for president. Granted we dont know anything about how good that stuff would have been, because 3D Realms basically handed Gearbox all the disjointed bits of DNF crap they had, finished or unfinished, broken or balanced.
As it stands now, if you are not playing DNF's multiplayer you're doing it wrong.
Duke Nukem Forever - Wall Breasts
06/17/11, 16:47

Well im not ashamed to say that im a massive Duketard, but "The Hive" still left me with a pretty bad taste in my mouth because of the sadistic imagery.
Still, i think the problem isnt misoginy (Duke is an even bigger asshole to his male friend at the end of the game) but more that they took a character like Duke who is very, VERY cartoony and simple and put him in a scenario
that certainly is not a laughing matter (rape) and expected him to work in it.
It would be completely out of character for Duke to just drop to his knees and cry at the sight of the bondaged twins aŽla Dom in Gears of war.
Still they couldnt have him just mockingly laugh at them like an asshole, so they had him adopt a third stance : "the twins are already infected and thats sad, but fuck it, what can you do? Let them die and then lets go kill the queen to honor their memory"
Incredibly stupid and tactless way to infuse some more DUKE LIKE EDGINESS!1 into the game but thankfully it was only present in that small part of that particular level.

Apart from that i enjoyed this game a lot, but i honestly think Gearbox should have spent more time on actually making a good game rather than trying to break the DNF curse. They cut out 15 single player levels that they are going to give us as DLC in the future. I would gladly have seen this game get a holiday release with all they levels intact. Team Dukematch and playing Pinball in the Stripclub is the most fun im having with this game right now.
Give us your cash, B--ch!
06/16/11, 07:10

What the fuck did i just watch?

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