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Oggy and the Cockroaches: For Real
07/19/14, 18:56

It's a French attempt at modernizing the old slapstick cartoon formula.
Waverly High Pep Rally
07/17/14, 00:26

Grand Wizards of Waverly High.
squish dog
07/16/14, 21:53

Torah Tots
07/16/14, 06:22

And yes, all our old friends are here. Scottish or Irish human (and yes, Irish people can have surnames starting with Mc), inventor goblet, the rabbi and the raspy-voiced monster (I looked up the names of the latter two and they are basically personications of the Jewish equivalents of the superego and id, which made more sense that I thought any explanation could).
squish dog
07/16/14, 03:22

Torah Tots
07/16/14, 00:51

I've just resubmitted Everything is Terrible's video of the original live-action Torah Tots here - http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=99833
07/15/14, 19:06

It might not. We shall see.

Think about it. The internet grants anonymity and connectivity. The anonymity enables people to publically indulge in behaviors that, due to societal norms, would otherwise be done behind closed doors or be outright repressed. The connectivity makes it possible - even easy - to find other people indulging in these behaviors. A person may still behave according to societal norms in the real world, of course, but their minds are still being affected by their behaviors on the internet. Furries tried and failed to 'escape the internet', which strikes me as one of those 'we ignored the warning signs'-type things you see in movies. More recently, the internet has enabled exploration of genders beyond the male-female binary. This is a special case because it's a lot harder to argue against than, say, otherkin, and I personally don't have a problem with it as long as they keep civil about it. We shall see if things really start to 'escape the internet', or if the real world can push back.
Bringing the best Centaur to the Fair
07/14/14, 05:55

Oh good. Now that I know that Pope Caius didn't make this Kickstarter I can freely say this: this briefly made me empathise with the Randians who think that giving someone something for nothing is always equal to weakness and being fed on by parasites, and FUCK YOU for making me feel that way.
Masao reads newspapers and watches Asterix.
07/13/14, 06:25

Oh, also, Demonoid is back up at http://www.demonoid.ph/ for actual genuine reals.
Masao reads newspapers and watches Asterix.
07/13/14, 06:25

thepiratebay.se seems to be up.
Monty Python - The Cherry Orchard
07/12/14, 02:44

Chekhov's Gumby.
Rocko's Modern Life- Gay Bashing
07/11/14, 19:46

EvilHomer: Our current admin and support, pms, might edit your posts for you, but since he is possibly a self-aware computer program, you may need to pay him in human brains and central nervous systems.
DC Nation - Wonder Woman
07/10/14, 00:08

I see you marked the other parts I posted as dupes. But in the tags of this video, the submitted said 'someonepleaseaddtheotherparts'.
Who Moved My Cheese? The Movie
07/09/14, 22:21

Mr. Purple Cat Esq.: The message is that if you want job security, you are literally stupider than an animal.
Sailor Moon Crystal - Sailor Moon Transforms
07/06/14, 03:38

How the hell did Viz Media get the rights to Sailor Moon? According to this, when the licenses expires, they were non-renewable, ensuring that no Sailor Moon episodes could ever be released in the West ever ever again ever. Did someone opposing such a release die? Or is this simply a sign of the apocalypse, and we can look forward to a bunch of smug Christians vanishing and Nicolae Carpathia falling down in a plane?

A recap of the insane shit Viz Media is doing:

Western release and dub of Sailor Moon Crystal (the remake)
Western release and new dub of original Sailor Moon series including:
More accurate script including original character names
Sailor Moon Stars, the season that was never localized because of transgender character transformations
Atlas Shrugged, Chapter McNugget 1.5
07/04/14, 19:46

In case you didn't really recieve any complains about the chapter thing, this should fill that gaping hole in the universe's record of shittiness:

"Your claim that Ayn Rand did not use chapter headings is false and slanderous - an attempt at making her look stupid and insane with lies, as you were clearly able to find no real fault with her work. Your video was nothing more than pathetic flailing in the face of the undeniable."

Ugh. I feel dirty.
A cure has been discovered!
07/03/14, 02:00

The thing I posted is just in general. It applies to all users of the device. The PERFECT SETTINGS are unknown for everyone.
A cure has been discovered!
07/02/14, 23:21

From the site:

"The subject in the center of the coil is immersed in 2114 Hz which tests have shown to instantly kill the disease. Time and intensity (watts) have not yet been determined. Testing continues.."

So if it doesn't work, you just haven't tried enough variables! Keep at it!
The Dead of Mt. Everest
06/30/14, 02:58

In that last part, you're thinking of David Sharp, who had been mistaken for Paljor's body.
Furry denied entry into Canada
06/28/14, 19:03

It's the only subculture that's actively trying to escape the internet and into people's lifestyles and into public places.

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