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Tales of Phantasia Voice Acting
10/01/14, 18:07

Still better than 'Now bear my arctic blast!'
Don Hertzfeldt's Simpsons Couch Gag
09/30/14, 00:38

He was in more than one. Therefore everything you say is without merit ad hominem ad hominem ad hominem.
Don Hertzfeldt's Simpsons Couch Gag
09/29/14, 23:11

Uploaded official YouTube video as replacement.
James Randi as Alice Cooper's evil dentist
09/28/14, 04:47

Change it, for searchability.
James Randi as Alice Cooper's evil dentist
09/27/14, 18:00

Typo in the title.
MST3K - Snow Thrills
09/27/14, 17:54

It was less funny because they had to space out the jokes so people in theaters wouldn't laugh to much. They may have toned down the joke quality too, who knows.

I was lucky, the movie was the only episode ever shown on Australian television and after hearing about it on the internet it destroyed my expectations. Then I started downloading episodes of the show and destroyed the new expectations too.
MST3K - Snow Thrills
09/27/14, 06:28

Or maybe SandyFrank did up the price because he was initially offended. Who the fuck knows. Neeerds. Nerds know.
MST3K - Snow Thrills
09/27/14, 06:20

The rights to MST3K are held by Jim Mallon who, last I heard, hated Joel with the fury of a trillion suns. But given the recent talk of a revived series, I guess that changed?

Another thing - I wonder what changed that enabled the Gamera episodes to be released on DVD. Originally, the Japanese rights holders were horrified and unequivocally said no. I know it was nothing to do with Sandy Frank's rumored-but-nonexistence hatred of the show. Indeed, that mini-documentary they did about him should have started with the cast dancing on Sandy's grave to the Sandy Frank Song (since the fans probably assumed that his death would be the only chance for a release). Sandy Frank joins them, andthey soon realize who he is and run away screaming. Sandy keeps dancing, because dancing on your own grave is probably pretty liberating.
Chris-Chan's Kickstarter for a Lego Model
09/27/14, 05:10

He currently believes he has a girlfriend - details at http://sonichu.com/cwcki/2014_Anonymous_Sweetheart .
MST3K - The Sword and the Dragon
09/23/14, 02:42

Of the four beloved Russo-Finnish Co-Productions (TM), only this and Jack Frost are on here. I'm fixing that; check the hopper.
God Likes Big Buts
09/14/14, 02:24

Man, this could easily be hijacked to make fun of Christians and Christian apologetics in particular.

Me: (points out messed up thing or contradiction in the Bible)
Apologist: "Yeah but"
Danger 5: Season 2 Trailer
09/13/14, 20:03

There's something I find interesting about the guy who plays Hitler. He doesn't need to be in on the show's concept. Hitler is the most famous person on the planet. Hitler is Hitler. Hitler IS. "What's my character's history?" "He's Hitler." "What's his personality?" "Hitler." "What's his motivation?" "To be Hitler."
MST3K: Jack Frost
09/10/14, 22:37

This is the first MST3K-ed movie to recieve a game adaptation. iOS and Steam's Fairy Tale About Father Frost, Ivan and Nastya (simply Father Frost on iOS). It's based upon the original audio and not this dub, but it's still hilariously obvious. Also, the Steam version seems to have a nasty unavoidable crash after the first part.
Bullies Trick an Autistic Boy with Fake ALS Bucket Challenge
09/07/14, 06:12

These bastards may have taken adantage of the same thing that let people troll Chris-Chan to such a degree. Autistic people lack the ability to 'read minds' - the ability to work out someone's intentions. If an autistic person is told something that could be true, they may play it safe by assuming that it is true.
Deer 2
09/07/14, 05:28

Mister Yuck, I believe the term for non-freaky freak is 'geek'.
Superego: Don Dimello, Andrew Lloyd Webber, And H.R. Giger
09/06/14, 23:15

Don't worry, their own videos are done by a bunch of different people.
Sci Fi Buzz Covers a Furry Convention
08/31/14, 02:04

Furries became reviled because they were the first fetish/obsession to try to escape the internet. That's basically it. The ones who introduced it into their lives outside the internet, who declared it to be their identity and/or sexuality - there's at least some who can seldom have a conversation without talking about it - they're the ones who ruined the fandom's reputation. They may not all be like that, but what matters is that 'furrydom' really did try to escape the internet into mainstream society, and mainstream society pushed back.

Of course, the internet is still changing mainstream society, just more slowly. The internet is a place of anonymity and connectivity. Peoples' fetishes and obsessions can thrive on the internet because its anonymity practically lets them live second lives, and its connectivity enables them to find similar people. Those fetishes, obsessions and other strange interests would normally be kept behind closed doors, repressed, or even quashed by the norms of mainstream society. But now, they can thrive, and they don't exactly go away when you get off the computer. Will the 'barrier' between the internet and mainstream society continue to hold? Time will tell.
GWAR manager Sleazy P Martini on the band's future
08/28/14, 00:05

How did Oderus die in-universe?
Richard Attenborough
08/26/14, 05:42

Whoops, didn't mean to vote.
Richard Attenborough
08/26/14, 05:42

Oh, everyone's been fucked by Stephen Fry. It's only the chosen ones who are allowed to remember it.

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