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Willy Wonka's Secrets of Magic
06/16/14, 05:19

He successfully temporarily isolated the concept of candy and married it. Fickelgruber forever regretted asking the question that began, "If you like candy so much..."
Willy Wonka's Secrets of Magic
06/16/14, 05:17

I've wondered about the guy Wonka got to impersonate Slugworth. It's not like Wonka to, you know, interact with an ordinary everyday person. My theory is that he's a robot/golem made of candy that looks exactly like a human and was created so that Wonka would have something resembling a normal friend. Perhaps he looks like the real Slugworth because Wonka wished he could be friends with a fellow high-profile chocolatier instead of enemies.
Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Leaked?
06/14/14, 19:21

I'll upload the replacement video into the main hopper as well if you want.
Nintendo's E3 Digital Event Leaked?
06/14/14, 19:20

Dammit, I accidentally uploaded the wrong video and only now realized it (I thought the preview image was a joke). I'm uploading the replacement.
Scientology Golden Age of Tech Phase II Success Stories
06/11/14, 19:08

I watched this and my internet went down. No joke.
Nick 'Corky' Bravo plays a retarded angel
06/11/14, 04:22

After you graduate to real-world shit, you become what the news says trolls are. Hell, you become what Chris-Chan says trolls are. When you make Chris-Chan right, you are doing something very, very wrong.
Nick 'Corky' Bravo plays a retarded angel
06/11/14, 01:04

Here's the current incarnation of the Nickbravo forum for anyone interested - I have no idea if they interact with him or not but I have no involvement with them in any case: http://newcorky.forumotion.com/
Bottom Live 1
06/09/14, 19:24

Aw shit, did Rik Mayall die?

Aw shit, Rik Mayall died.
McDonald's vs. Burguer King in 3D!!!!
06/07/14, 18:20

Doctor Burguer.
06/06/14, 19:56

Also, Viz Media is releasing a complete redub of the original series, including Sailor Stars, the original character names, and URANUS AND NEPTUNE NOT BEING COUSINS.
Phase IV - The Beginning
06/06/14, 01:42

If they did a Kickstarter for it I'd be on it like a fish head and body on a pair of human legs.
Welcome to Leith - Trailer
06/03/14, 20:30

This is being Kickstarted. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/903839421/welcome-to-leith-feature-documentary
Me at McDonald's ordering a toasted cheese
06/03/14, 18:58

Fortunately, the patron saint of disaffected fast food wage slaves has provided the perfect response to 'secret menu' requests:

pig in a blanket wakes up to a cookie
06/03/14, 01:26

From the author of If You Give a Mouse a Pancake.
Luigi Takes the Lead
06/02/14, 22:50

Something's coming up the plumbing...
Bananaman : Wall Of Death
06/02/14, 19:25

And here's the new teaser poster: http://metro.co.uk/2014/05/28/peel-the-power-the-bananaman-movie-is-definitely-happening-in-2015-and-heres-the-official-artwork-4742036/
Superego Podcast: General Zod Meets His Attorney
05/31/14, 22:59

'El' indicates that he is a member of the noble Kryptonian house of El. *cough*nepotism*cough*
Don't Hug Me I'm Scared: The Series Kickstarter video
05/30/14, 18:40

They're not planning to stretch it out too far. They have exactly four more episodes planned. Four more teachers teaching four more lessons about one cold, terrible reality.

Also, it's not begging! Here's what the glorious Atlas Shrugged movie kickstarter has to say:

"No. Kickstarter represents a "free market" and the very embodiment of what Atlas Shrugged is all about.

The real irony is that detractors continue to use the word "irony" to describe a voluntary value-for-value trade amongst individuals as being in opposition to Rand's philosophy."

...A 'money' episode that gradually turns into a horrible Randian screed could actually be pretty good.
PoeTV 'support' sighting...
05/30/14, 18:01

Oscar Wildcat: It may have been referring to the original support, who vanished. The site went unsupported for a time until new videos stopped appearing on the frontpage and everyone started begging to POE Hosting.
PoeTV 'support' sighting...
05/30/14, 03:15

We do have support. Its name is pms - http://www.poetv.com/users.php?userid=4141 - and it may actually be the self-aware mind of poeTV's forgotten server.

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