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Blood Sugar Duck Magic
11/23/14, 17:31

If consciousness continues past death and there is a greater reality free of the laws of our physical universe, then fuck yes I would want a duck companion. It would be a loving reminder that absurdity is a human invention.
Classics of Game 038
11/23/14, 14:34

Please change the title to Classics of Game 038 and add the 'classics of game' tag for searchability and to match the others.
Musicless Music Video - SNOOP DOGG Drop It Like It's Hot
11/21/14, 01:14

Snoop Dogg, Snoop Lion, Snoopadelic, Snoopzilla. He may be a Time Lord with several incarnations running around in achronal order.
The Archie Show - opening
11/17/14, 02:18

I looked it up and apparently Valerie was the one who walked up Memory Lane to see her possible future with Archie. In the last issue of that storyline, she explored other paths and discovered that Archie can basically get any girl he wants.
The Archie Show - opening
11/17/14, 00:52

Here's the story.

Memory Lane is an actual, physical place, and it's a forest track on the outskirts of Riverdale. If you walk down it, you relive your past. But when you walk UP it, you experience your future - but since free will is real, the path branches. For Archie, there's a major branch where one path leads to a married life with Betty and the other leads to a married life with Veronica. But if he marries either of them, he will most definitely die taking a bullet meant for his gay politician friend. Which means he can only dodge this death by committing one of the greatest possible heresies in the comic book world (right up there with resurrecting Uncle Ben) and marry NEITHER of them (although there is also a timeline where he marries Valerie, the black chick from Josie and the Pussycats).

They're actually planning a TV drama bassed on Archie called Riverdale. I'd love to see if they can adapt the Memory Lane concept as a bit of magical realism - the fact there's a mysterious time path in the forest shouldn't be as important as what it reveals. I can see it now: he travels to the end of one path, experiences his own death, then finds himself at the end of a forest track... with a second path leading to that point. His terrified venture down the other path shows the scene in reverse, running the same way... until he starts walking backwards hand-in-hand with the other girl.
The Archie Show - opening
11/16/14, 22:42

Well, her dad IS a rich white-haired man with a moustache...
'Too Many Books'
11/15/14, 17:08

Please tell me you searched for 'Too Many Books' and stumbled upon this anti-vaxxer.
Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal -- Party at Amy's house
11/15/14, 03:50

EvilHomer: Neither game has many reviews and the 3DS one only has two. This is at least partly because Sega didn't send out advance copies - a common tactic in the film and game industries to delay reviews until later, causing reviews to get buried and making at least some reviewers not bother.
Wang Rong Rollin- chick chick | 王蓉Rollin-小雞小雞MV
11/14/14, 15:57

Super happy trivia fun time: The Sampo, the great macguffin of Finnish folklore, was featured in the MST3K episode The Day the Earth Froze. In that film, the Sampo is based upon its description in the epic poem The Kalevala (written by Elias Lönnrot and based upon oral tradition), which describes it as a magical mill that can generate infinite salt, grain and gold. However, in the MST3K episode, the characters talked over the only scene in which the Sampo is described, leaving them clueless as to its nature. This is actually closer to the Sampo's origins as a simple macguffin. In the original legends on which The Kalevala was based, the Sampo was simply a Thing Some People Really Want, and it has been interpreted many ways; Wikipedia lists 'a world pillar or world tree, a compass or astrolabe, a chest containing a treasure, a Byzantine coin die, a decorated Vendel period shield, a Christian relic, etc.'.
Couple of Blathering Gits Wander into an Assassin's Creed Cutscene
11/13/14, 23:29

I wonder if this'll get patched. And to those who say 'of course it will', get a brainful of this: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/02/10/warner-prioritizing-dlc-over-fixing-arkham-origins-bugs/
Baman Piderman Season 3 Opener
11/12/14, 18:47

Spit Spignola, I'm replying to one your most recent top-level comment because I wanted you to know that if you want to bug Criterion about releasing a DVD of Phase IV, their contact page says: "To suggest a title, please write to suggestions@criterion.com".
Phase IV lost ending
11/11/14, 23:43

I wonder if this ending will ever be released on DVD. I'd give to a Kickstarter for it.
poeTV Learns Safety: Why you should get a desk job
11/11/14, 18:24

In the title, 'Learnes' should be "learns' for searchability.
Wacky Races - Japanese Opening Version
11/10/14, 01:46

That was the first one before he added this one with a title declaring it was fixed. He didn't edit that one. I meant 'change the title back to what it would have been if you'd never messed up'.
Wacky Races - Japanese Opening Version
11/09/14, 18:40

You can change the title back by clicking 'Edit This Entry'.
Bee and Puppycat Episode 2: Farmer
11/08/14, 16:08

This is episode 2, not episode 1.
Superbook - God Confronts Job
11/06/14, 18:57

In the only Superbook clip I could find (which I have resubmitted at http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=40800 ) it's implied that Job knew about the bet. This version is more true to the Bible.
Superbook - Job
11/05/14, 19:25

PegLegPete, I submitted a replacement for the video I linked here. Click 'Click here to vote on that video', then upvote it and click the 'click here to view this movie image. As for the new video I submitted, go to http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=139723&what=VOTING
Superbook - Job
11/05/14, 16:23

I've submitted a replacement for the original anime version of this scene: http://www.poetv.com/video.php?vid=40800

In that version, it seems that Job knows about the bet. In this version and in the Bible, well... actually, I'm just going to submit the relevant scene.
The Animated Tales of GWAR
11/05/14, 02:55

In the preview, Pustulus Maximus looks like he was drawn by early/earlyish Don Martin.

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