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Over the Garden Wall
11/15/15, 23:02

I'm surprised there haven't been clips from this on here before. I guess the whole copyright thing...
Anyway, we ever troubleshoot this video back to life it could use a Nick Cross tag.
Sonichu and Rosechu figure collection toy battle!
11/14/15, 00:55

I'm not sure Sega has the money for one lawyer these days, let alone an army. Really, if our true and honest friend CWC could ever figure out a way to properly monetize his traumatic life experiences he could probably buy one of Sega's less popular IPs.

Zaxxonchu, maybe?
Animator Expo - Neon Genesis Impacts
09/23/15, 17:45

I voted this up in the hopper because something felt really strange with the way the characters heads were turning. At first I thought they might be using some 3d elements to achieve the effect, but after looking at some of the production photos I thought they might be using some object shifting in after effects, or something like that. Anyone getting some weird feeling from the movement in this?
MAn loses his mind/family dancing to BEcker themsong for 1 hr straight
09/04/15, 11:16

For Frasier's sake?
MAn loses his mind/family dancing to BEcker themsong for 1 hr straight
09/04/15, 03:01

Wait. Friasier's character in Becker was the same as his character in Cheers? This is getting complicated.
MAn loses his mind/family dancing to BEcker themsong for 1 hr straight
09/04/15, 00:22

So, does that mean that Frasier wasn't a spin off either?
Burger King proposes the McWhopper to McDonalds
08/27/15, 07:44

Jesus Christ. Just...
Really? Wow.

Five Stars.
'Little Boy' Trailer
04/24/15, 22:57

Wait. So this kid is actually magic? I'd kind of figured it would be the kind of thing where it turned out they lived close to a testing range. So all the earthquake stuff and mountain moving was just a coincidence, and every one has to come to terms with the fact that faith isn't the same as magic (or is it?).
But, are they actually playing all this straight? This is a literal magic nuke kid?
Kellog's Special K Pinch an Inch
04/11/15, 09:42

Stars for that related video's related video
Car fire in Norway
02/10/15, 21:59

Typical Juggalos doing typical Juggalo things
11/12/14, 12:44

Buffalo juggalos Buffalo buffalo juggalos buffalo Buffalo juggalos.
Font identification
09/19/14, 18:14

The Least I Could Do: The Animated Pilot
01/28/14, 15:09

Whenever Rain's not on screen all the other character's keep asking "Where's Rain?".
Pickle Sorting Machine
10/08/13, 21:20

A man arrives home and tells his wife that he was just fired from his job at the pickle factory.
"what happened?" she asks
"They caught me having sex with the pickle sorter." He replies.
"Oh. Well, what are they going to do with the pickle sorter?" asks his wife.
The man thinks about it for a second and replies
"I don't know for sure, but I imagine they're going to fire her too."
godzilla creepypasta
06/19/13, 04:11

Seriously. Someone seriously made 10 of these things. This is the shortest one too, some of them get past the half hour mark. They made little custom sprites with special animations too. Then they sat down and read the whole thing out loud into their computer. This is someone's magnum opus. Also, it's not great.
Adventure Time: Puhoy
04/09/13, 20:38

I'll just add this link in case the video isn't showing up for you http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xyul9u_puhoy_shortfilms
Awful CGI Cinderella Movie
03/20/13, 18:05

I suspect the working title was Cindeerella, and most of the movie just wrote itself after that.
Folgers Christmas Commercial: 'Real Coffee'
11/23/12, 05:23

Okay, so the mom wakes up because she smells something, it's coffee right? But, that pot was full when he got there. The sister states that she waited up all night for him, so that pot has probably been on the brew for hours. I can't even say that the act of that dude pouring a pot of coffee releases the aroma from a theoretical smell dampening super urn, because whatever the act of mom smelling takes place before he pours a cup of coffee. Mom obviously has some kind of Wolverine like enhanced sense of smell, and is awakened by the burst of pheromones that hotboxes that room once those two meet up. Those two of course referring to the brother and his coffee.
Meet the Pyro
06/27/12, 17:36

Kinect Star Wars - Empire Today
04/04/12, 19:56


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