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Late Bloomer
12/08/11, 08:46

My Hair Is Layed Like White Woman
11/26/11, 17:01

FreeOJ, either you are very progressive with using gender-friendly pronouns or you suck at picking out trannies.
5 Second Films: Emo Cowboys
08/10/11, 10:30

Persona 3: The Movie
Time vortex appears over Antarctica
06/10/11, 09:10

It's just the Schwarzwelt, nothing to see here.
Bus crash compilation, San Antonio, Texas
11/25/10, 10:43

I love this site so much.
Too Fat and Stupid to Fight
10/27/10, 10:42

Of everything in this video to obsess on, you people just glazed over General WILLIAM WALLACE?! For shame.
Crow has a bath
10/27/10, 10:34

I think I'M a raven.
Jiz - Chrissie, Dreams of a Cum Catcher
05/20/10, 12:37

Haha, it's a cartoon and they're shut the fuck up
New Moon in a Minute
12/03/09, 09:56

Clever and funny. Deserves all of my stars!
Cat breaks through wall 2
09/12/09, 03:46

I could watch this all day long
English Man Brutally Knocked Out In Bangkok Bar
09/11/09, 01:20

These stars are for you two lovely people
Japanese 'Cheese Curry' Commercial
09/05/09, 10:16

I love this so hard
Popular Cats Mash-Up
08/27/09, 10:24

This has an odd DJ Shadow sound to it
Bouncy Dog
08/08/09, 07:48

This video makes me want to jump around in a wheat field without cause like this dog here!
Carol Channing: RRRRASPBERRIES! (Part Two)
07/10/09, 07:43

What the hell is the name of this modern epic? I need to watch this in its entirety.
Magic Show Volunteer
05/21/09, 21:47

Chris-chan - For My Sweetest Ivy
05/04/09, 08:49

Did he say something about showing this "Ivy" around Charlottesville? Jesus this guy's in the same state as me.
Shick Bikini Razor Commercial
04/13/09, 19:49

Holy shit. I can't believe how funny this is.
Lion Whisperer
03/23/09, 10:15

Honestly, this is bad ass. I'd love the opportunity to walk around with and pet a bunch of lions, and this dude does it with relative ease.
Youth For Human Rights - Marriage And Family
05/16/08, 22:17

I'm not really sure what this is supposed to propagate here. It's corny, it's language is too "real life" to be taken seriously, and what a fucking surprise, they're all STRAIGHT. Also, and forgive me for not supplying supporting links to this, wasn't the purpose of marriage more for the sake of land redistribution and status (i.e. marrying off your daughter to a landowner so that you then have entitlement, having your son be arranged to marry family X's daughter for an agreement of cattle)? Sure, with the American middle-class mindset, I'm sure most people don't really associate marriage with that any more, but to make a sweeping claim that marriage is a basic human right doesn't really take into account the world's views on current marriage issues or its history.
Fuck these PSA's so very fucking hard.


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