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Game King Showcase
02/08/09, 16:14

Would that I were possessed of a justicial soul.
Would that I were Duck Man.
Incoherent Japanese man plays Super Mario Land
02/02/09, 15:43

Belt, leather belt.
Leather belt belt belt belt belt belt belt belt
Oh dude dude dude dude
Level eighteen?
Ahh Ohh.
Modular robot reassembles when kicked apart
01/30/09, 13:11

Let's see, and... oooh! That's real binary! Why did I feel compelled to check? I guess I'm gonna be a collaborator when their time comes.
The 'Magneto Is Kind Of A Jerk' clip with synthesized voices
01/30/09, 01:58

Magneto is a talk box unto himself!
Daniel Songer's Awful 'Standup' Returns
01/27/09, 18:14

Once this land was alive. Verdant meadows, lush aspen. Then came Songer and with him the cold.
(Alternate) Designing Women TV Intro
01/16/09, 18:30

The tag format up there makes it look like the last tag is "delta burke boner."

That is fantastic.
Microsoft Songsmith
01/08/09, 11:55

I hope the line was originally "Microsoft, huh? So it's easy to use?" but someone along the line saw that they really needed a qualifier.
I've Got Something In My Front Pocket For You
12/12/08, 15:31

The Marlene Dietrich front pocket surprise.
Pug love toilet paper funny comedy dog
12/11/08, 12:57

Your tag fu is strong.
Miss Cleo Peddles Her Thang for 99 cents a Minute
12/10/08, 13:09

What ya waitin' fee?
David Icke: The Lizards and the Jews
12/08/08, 15:55

Chewbacca plays guitar and sings.
12/05/08, 13:16

+1 for brevity.
Monkey Jazz!
12/05/08, 13:13

That thing. That thing on the table, the thing he uses with his hands to make the sounds go. That thing is a very important thing for humanity.
I love that thing.
Mad TV - Olive Garden Commercial
11/30/08, 23:19

Garden variety bad.
11/29/08, 12:51

Video's great, and the audio makes me want to play Lemmings for some reason.
Satan, Bite the Dust!
11/29/08, 12:42

Oh God, it's Carman. This guy started out doing "Christian Weird Al" schtick. You can smell his preening vanity and sense of self-importance in every terrible, genre-hopping act he puts on.

Best Carman album title: Carman's Yo! Kidz: The Hitz
Best Carman song title: Who's in the House? (Kickin' it for Christ)

Fuck that guy.
Amazing prophecy about Barack Obama
11/28/08, 15:45

I'm waiting for him and the other Eagles of the Apocalypse to merge into Neo-Voltron of the Apocalypse.
Big Al's 'Ode to Hentai'
11/27/08, 21:56

Still autumn breezes
A butter golem alone
Sobs as he yanks it
Cena_mark is glad to be back
11/26/08, 19:01

The belt, the shirt, the flags, the facepaint, the doll. That's some dedication to this character, and stars.
Johnny Smoke
11/26/08, 12:48

After the "Big John" Cornyn ad, all I can do is assume Johnny Smoke is running for a senate seat.

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