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Jeff Fries

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The bear that wasn't (1967)
Barack Obama remembers his grandma
Struck by Model Rocket
Proposition 8 Commercial
No on Prop 8: California Constitution
William Kristol on the Daily Show - 10/30/08
Meet the Survivors
Woman punched in McDonalds
Apparently gay marriage caused a California wildwire.
'I Did Not Hit Her!'
Tokyo Escalator Accident
Playin' hella dumb
Left 4 Dead TV Spot
Phillies Fan Climbs a Pole to Celebrate World Series Win
G4 Ninja Warrior Audition
Treehouse of Terror - Citizen Kang
Super Mario Bros.Film
Bill Cosby loses his mind on ESPN
Hand shadow porn
Beetlejuice - The tree model
Middle-Eastern Americans
Geico Caveman on The View
Oh man, gaffe of the year is here.
Every single way you can die in Dead Space
Four Horsemen Vitamins
Bikini Karate Babe Replinishes Health
Obama Spokesperson Calls out Fox News
Target Employee forgot to close the door
It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - Dancing Guy
If Obama becomes president....get ready to die
Facial Flex
Michael Jackson turns into a robot
Richie Cunningham & Opie Taylor Endorse Obama
The Wall-E Theory
Japanese Resident Evil 2 commercial
Tyra Banks talks about unflattering photos of herself.
Real life Facebook
firetruck crash
Banksy's Village Petstore & Charcoal Grill
Kentucky Fried Movie - A.M. Today
Out of this World TV Series Intro
Sessomatto trailer
Who's nailin' Paylin?
Garfield: His Nine Lives
Gaming in the Clinton Years: Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions
Gaming in the Clinton Years: Tomb Raider 2
Family Research Council Yes on Proposal 8 advertisement
Sarah Palin on SNL
'Everything's amazing, nobody's happy'
Gaming In The Clinton Years: WWF Attitude
Gaming in the Clinton Years: Final Fantasy VII (Rebuttal)
Gaming in the Clinton Years: Goldeneye 007
Gaming in the Clinton Years: Cool Spot
'The Net' movie trailer
The third and final of the Presidential debates (Obama Vs. McCain, 2008)
F' Beanie Babies
Gaming in the Clinton Years: Bubsy
Gaming in the Clinton Years: Blackthorne
old Long John Silvers commercial
Gaming In The Clinton Years: Toy Story
Taco Bell Value Menu commercial
Chubby Rachael Ray Corn Porn
Red Stripe Commercial : Foot Doctor
Barack using police as 'truth squads' to intimidate conservatives
'Hardly Working'- Jerry Lewis trailer 1980
Magic Trick - The Dark Knight
Barack Obama's debate prep
Punch Out Wii - Trailer
Balto - The Show Must Go On
Obama on ABC News.
Conchords - David's Pearls of Wisdom
Little Big Calculator
Fudgie the Whale
Sarah Palin is an ugly whore
Judgement Day!
Oktapodi - short animation
Beat Kids at a Beauty Pageant
Disembodied Head talks about having sex with rugs, dogs, and sleeping bags
John McCain on the Daily Show - 2007
Centipede Horror Trailer
John McCain At A Woman's Town Hall Meeting
OJ Simpson found guilty on all counts
How about Sarah Palin last night?
Punch-Out!! Wii trailer
Megaman 3 Glitch
Sarah Palin is a lying whore.
Jem Opening
McCain wins
Joe Quits
Lost Highway - Mr Eddy gets tailgated
Speed Racer - The Racer Family & co. versus the Mafia
Proud American
Space printer (animated waterfall)
Man wants to commit suicide at Anthony Robbins Seminar
More Doctors Smoke Camels Than Any Other Cigarette
Upright Citizens Brigade - Bug Juice

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