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Jeff Fries

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Triumph and Nader
Skeletor Will Be Back.
Obama waffles
Speec Racer - John Goodman beats up a ninja
Picnicface - He Totally Jewed Me
Norm MacDonald on The O'Reilly Factor
Cave Story PSA
Carvel Turkey Ice Cream cake commercial
James Brown's Celebrity Hot Tub Party
The Rejected Ending to 'Scary Movie III'
Lehmen Brothers employees console each other
Santa Claus is Watching You
Countdown on Sarah Palin's Many, Many, Many Lies...this week
Ann Coulter on The Daily Show
McBAIN FOR AMERICA - John McCain Ad Parody
News Reporter Chuck Storm Accident Blooper
Guy cheers his dog for humping his girlfriend.
Tina Fey as Sarah Palin
Barbie and the secret lesbian metaphor princess movie
Terminator 2: Low Budgement Day.
Palin's Church - Demons and the Third Wave
Buddy G., Two Moms, and Me: Theme Song
YouTube in 1985
They Took Our Jobs!
Hillary Snubs Bill, Kisses Obama
target women-birth control
On Sarah Palin
Barack Obama's amazing heritage
Your Friend, High Fructose Corn Syrup.
Desire Dubounet has a sugar coated message for the media
Raisin Brahms
Sarah Palin Fails Focus Group
Quickest Game Overs ever?
Why do Asian Girls go for White Guys?
Cagney & Lacey Season 1 Intro
Cindy McCain on Sarah Palin
Gremlins fan film. not aspergers, just lots of OCD...and AWESOME!
The Cleaner
Dr. Comfy
Collection of mascot injuries and shenanigans
John Cusack's Bush-McCain Challenge
Dead Hookers - Dirty Work
Barney Smith speaks at the Democratic Convention
Barack Obama Acceptance Speech
SomethingAwful goon fails at standup
Bill Maher - I'm Swiss
Hillary Clinton: Man or Manlady?
Vampire Larpers try to shoot each other.
Tennia player breaks her foot
The Pianist, Redubbed
Barack Obama : A Tribute to Hope
Todd Glass Vs. Heckler
Dr. Phil and the Molestor Trailer
Vic Morrow killed while filming while filming the Twilight Zone movie
How many houses does John McCain own?
Elevator psychology
Mega 64: Wii Fit makes you hot
Fox News Reporter Questions Anti-War Demonstrators In Denver
Time Killers, Arcade Version (1992)
Fireball Island!
My Science Project (1985): Tyrannosaurus in the Gym
Linguist Ødegård
Crocodile Mile
Hard to Kill - Pool Table Scene
Pink Lady and Jeff
Old Neon Genesis Evangelion trailer
Saturday Night Live - Little Chocolate Donuts
Truly Awful female Stand-up
Golden Gate - Unreleased 3DO Game
Weird Science- Creating Lisa
Three Amigos - El Guapo is reminiscing
Olbermann's worst person in the world: Overreacting consevative
Murder she wrote - intro
The Age Of The Milquetoast: A Critique Of Tolerance
Used Cars - Televised Presidental Address Hacked
Cool World trailer
Olympic Bid 2016 - Los Angeles
Sex for a Cheseburger
Norm Macdonald intentionally bombs
Serious Segment Cuts To Cat Eating Spaghetti
Tyra Banks Tests The Integrity Of Her Guest's Boobs
Oh Rats! Crazy News Story from Kentucky
Fat guy falls thirty feet during hook-in-skin suspension
Texas Chupacabra caught on tape by police dash cam (CNN)
Good Idea, Bad Idea
Shorty Cop Confiscates Pretty Boy's Skateboard
Dwayne From TFL Is Shirtless
How wings are attached to the Backs of Angels
Earthbound: Anti-Piracy measures.
Trouser Snake
Cremaster excerpt
Lame Video Game Endings II
Ernest Borgnine's secret to longevity
Woman and Child and Cell Phone
Megaman 9 Opening
Artemisbell Dances to Hot Chocolate - You Sexy Thing

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