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Jeff Fries

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Glenn Beck: 'Your Rights Come from God'
Masturbating Morning Show Hosts
The Secret of Kells trailer
Kristianne Baille
My Diaper is Awesome
The Adventures Of Mark Twain - The Mysterious Stranger
It's a Unix system
A Majestic (Hawk/Eagle) Soars Through the Skies
Window Washer
Highlights of Dave Chappelle in Con Air
Dragonslayer (1981) Part 1
The Last Flea Circus
The jeison-san: Birushock
Psychonauts: Milla's Lost Children
Cuban Gynecologist turned Car Salesman
Jimmy Valiant interrupts a reporter
5 Second Films - Corporate Takebrover
barbershop quarter hits on a girl from a taxi
Crystal Swing - Every Little Thing
Charlie Brooker's Newswipe S2E5
"Twilight Saga: Eclipse" Test Screening
Old White Man vs. Young Black Guy on Bus
Original-Rep. Nancy Elliott on HB1590 (graphic gay sex)
BBC reporter Ray Gosling admits he once killed someone
ONN - New Law Would Ban Marriages Between People Who Don't Love Each Other
Rabbit season
Kick Homophobia Out of Football PSA
O'Brien on Stewart's MTV show 1994
The most sinister ad ever
Barack Obama plays Modern Warfare 2
Drunk woman steals ambulance
'Greenberg' Trailer
Final Fantasy IV commercial
Google Super Bowl Ad Parody - Gross Love
Dude rides a shaft.
Webcasting your own webcast
Orson Welles meets HG Wells
Sloth in Erectrix
Setting up Your RealTouch
Michael Jackson Didn't Die...He Was Murdered By The Illuminati
Dog Loop
Giant Gourami ATTACKS! - Bites finger!!!
Jingle Cats - White Christmas (remix)
The 40 Year Old Virgin Who Knocked Up Sarah Marshall and Felt Superbad About It
maria bamford shills for target (big day)
Twittering and Facebooking At Your Own Wedding
Jesse Venture Has 'Debate' On Opie & Anthony
Dana Perino: We did not have a terrorist attack during Bush's presidency.
Fun Dip Sucks!
Clutch exploding in a drag car.
worlds' highest dive - 172ft = 17 story bldg
To Kill A Mockingbird- 'Twas A Sin To Kill A Mockingbird'
Dolemite - Full Film
Patton Oswalt: The Room parody
Romy Schneider in test footatge for unmade film 'Inferno'
TIME Magazine Moving Cover: The Decade From Hell
Elephant - The School Shooting
Virtuosity Trailer
Ulillillia has declassified a level from his new game
Les Triplettes de Belleville - Club Scene
Patton Oswalt - Sky Cake
Doug Stanhope takes on a theatre of hecklers
'Louie' Promo
Kirk Cameron Attempts to Proselytize at UCLA using Darwin=Hitler book
5 Second Films - Twilight Interview with the New Moon Blood Vampires Assistant Saga Diaries
5 second films: Little White Lie
Free Will (and a little rant on racism)
Cyriak - Poo Pants
Super Mario Bros. 2 played by someone Hardcore
Petey Wheatstraw performs a miracle
Top Gear - Renault Alpine A610
Prairie Dogs Making Out
The door situation is worse then I feared
10 Trashiest Quotes from Strangers With Candy
Time Travel Mishap
Game Overthinker: Porn
Roof jump goes wrong in a new and exciting way
Wes Craven takes a sensitive look at the subject of abuse.
News Reporter Getting Super Pissed
Matt Taibbi on Goldman Sachs
H-21 helicopter crashing in slow motion
Man with Hair Styled as Hat
Zero Punctuation: Beatles Rock Band & Guitar Hero 5
Tamerlane Phillips speaks out about the Mackenzie Phillips book
Bunker buster
Get Off My Plane
Koala Climbs Up Tree, Cries
Scribblenauts: Prison
Bruce Willis chops a head straight off.
Asian Teen is Very Awkward
Goggles in Space
Protect Insurance Companies PSA
Jack Webb schools Obama on 'Change' (specifically in health care)
Strangers with Candy - Flairs
Sweet Oblivion
Eric Cartman Interview On NPR
Old man foils bank robbery.
Origin of Stupidity

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