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The Mystery of Marriage (1932) - extract
02/15/09, 00:29

Everything in this video is long dead.
NYPD taser a naked man in Brooklyn.
09/25/08, 22:11

This just in: the ten foot fall killed him.

What a way to die.
Kid Suspended for Wearing Anti-Obama Shirt in School
09/25/08, 17:16

Thanks for the BREAKING NEWS, Fox.

Seriously, why am I not surprised that they'd spent an entire five minutes on Daddy's Little Redneck?
Hungarian TV Commercial
09/01/08, 01:45

I can't stop watching this. It's fantastic. I'm going to loop it and set my alarm sound to it so I can wake up to it in the morning.
Reboot, episode one, 'The Tearing'
08/18/08, 01:14

Oh man. I don't recall Web 1.0 being this awesome.
Two Cats Grooming Each Other
08/18/08, 01:12

yay cats wooooooooooo
An amazon blows pixie dust at the Power Ranger which turns them into Ninjas.
08/18/08, 00:18

Bavarian Girl without Face
08/18/08, 00:11

I don't know what did it for me: the constant grabbing at the 'face', or the labored breathing once it approached the camera towards the end.

I'm scared.
Video tape of Guantanamo Bay interrogation
07/16/08, 15:52

Watching him mutter "kill me" for over a minute really got to me. What the fuck.
Mothers Against Guns
07/12/08, 23:06

Just wait for a Fathers Against Guns.
Journey at the Center of the Earth
07/12/08, 22:41

Once I got it, I giggled, but I suppose it'll wear off sooner or later.
Al Bundy and Fat Women
07/03/08, 23:18

Holy shit, you're right.
Animatronic Baby
07/03/08, 23:15

Why is this?
Software Indicates Missing Child Likely A Prostitute By Now
07/03/08, 23:14

Croatian Call-In TV Talk Show Beating
07/02/08, 20:41

Richard McBeef - The Motion Picture
07/02/08, 15:04

Fixed the tags, sorry about that.
Richard McBeef - The Motion Picture
07/02/08, 12:02

What scares me is how he knows he's a premature ejaculator. Also,

"Today is one fruity day!"
Death Race (2008) Trailer
07/02/08, 02:23

I see the stars here not as approval for the movie, but rather for the appreciation of the sheer amount of disgust it invokes.
Death Race (2008) Trailer
07/02/08, 01:29

Worst of all, where's the campy charm?
Death Race (2008) Trailer
07/02/08, 01:17

The next thing you know, they'll do a remake of Plan 9 from Outer Space, but this time it's set to a radio-friendly pseudo-punk soundtrack interspersed with horrible covers of classic rock hits and a small touch of hip hop for the discerning urban audience.

Random characters from the first film are replaced by well known rap stars, who look absolutely nothing like the original cast, but that's okay, because all the female roles have been replaced by women with gigantic, heaving breasts that the camera constantly makes sure to give you a peek at. You've also got some irritating computer generated actors to flesh out the cast. Everyone loves 3D, right.

Oh, and the original plot? Yeah, they kinda had to change that. It now involves a massive corporation and a plucky, sexually ambiguous young teenager that saves the environment from them.

Expect it out mid-2009, in a theater near you.


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