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Spike Jonez

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President replaces the N-Word
02/16/09, 21:40

+5 for that. You got mad skillz, son.
WGN News Anchors Get Funky During Commercial Break
02/15/09, 19:16

As much as I hate those annoying popup ads at the bottom of the TV, I would watch the news, commercials and all, if that was going on at the bottom corner of the screen during commercial breaks.
Virginia GOP chairman decries Darwin
02/15/09, 19:12

I didn't realize that Virginia was progressive enough to elect retards to office. Way to go!
Interesting Doctor Who 1979 season advert
02/15/09, 10:54

Hey Doc! Wake up so I can warn you about something that I'm going to make you forget, ruining any actual "warning" here. Yeah yeah, you chowderhead. Wake up and go to sleep.
Lil Jon makes a beat
02/15/09, 05:40

Yes, you too can have a lucrative hip-hop or rap career! Frank Rizzo be ill!
A Hidden American: children of the Mountains
02/15/09, 05:30

Still isn't going to get her employed. Maybe she should have some more babies. One of them might be a Hollywood star!
Young man dances to Bon Jovi on the Jumbotron at a Celtics game
02/15/09, 04:20

We're all clones, all are one and one are all.
Rock out, little clone, rock on.
Techno Cat Fight
02/15/09, 04:15

Lookit the fur fly! And they became friends.
John Safran - Unaired ABC Pilot - Media Tycoon
02/15/09, 04:06

+5 stars for Drum N' Bass On A Jungle Tip

Overall entertaining and amusingly puerile.
Steve Sutton on Religious Billboards
02/15/09, 02:59

I want him to read me bedtime stories.
The Car with Two Steering Wheels Facing Front and Back
02/13/09, 10:10

+5 for this comment. I want a Moloch.
TNG episode 16 - 'PicArt'
02/12/09, 21:40

I don't know when I'll get tired of these, but it's certainly not now.
Man dodges a train at a level-crossing in Essex.
02/12/09, 21:11

Yeah, I wouldn't have wanted to sit through a whole 15 seconds for nothing.
Stephen & Renee Fowler - Wife Swap (Highlights)
02/12/09, 19:28

Yeah, he's a dick, but he's right. She's a dumb, fat, over-opinionated bitch, and she needs to hear it more often until she learns her fucking lesson, like most dumb, fat, over-opinionated Midwestern fucktards.
Anybots walking robot
02/12/09, 18:12

+5 for that comment.
02/12/09, 18:11

I concur, and this must be done now.
'The Question of God': Sigmund Freud And C.S. Lewis
02/12/09, 13:53

Is that Arthur Dent as C.S. Lewis?
How to Skin and Prepare a Rabbit
02/10/09, 11:41

Actually, the little bastards skin so easy it'll make you wonder what was keeping it on in the first place. Not that I'd know or anything...
Plan It X - Making Punk A Threat Again
02/05/09, 12:31

And just when I'd heard a punk band that had convinced me otherwise, these little wankers proved that punk is deader than dead. Punk is undead, like the shambling, pus-leaking, brain-seeking corpse of Johnny Rotten.
The Cat From Outer Space (1978)
12/16/08, 03:01


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