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Spike Jonez

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Wesley Willis: The Daddy of Rock 'n' Roll trailer
02/23/09, 11:02

Wesley don't take no SHIT from ASSholes. Suck a hyena's dick.
Hypercolor (the band)
02/22/09, 11:35

Something awful this way comes.
SpikeBravo: 'The State Of Nebraska Considers Me To Be A Terrorist.'
02/22/09, 11:34

I think he should be ashamed for other reasons, and women wouldn't be interested in him even if he was driving a Porsche.
NBA Mascot's amazing half court shot
02/22/09, 11:29

I never before thought an inanimate mascot head could express sheer disbelief.
An episode of 'Captain Video and His Video Rangers.'
02/22/09, 11:20

Some friends of mine do a MST3K-like webcast where they riff on old shows, this one included. Sometimes it's pretty damn funny. http://idiotboxers.tv
Maylasian Landslide
02/21/09, 12:02

I cannot believe you'd be so snide and have such pride at that aside.
Congratulations POETV! You did it!
02/21/09, 11:33

I wonder how many guys used to fap to this, trying to squeeze one out right as the fireworks went off, dreaming of fapping at some family get-together, congratulating themselves as the telegram reminds them that they "did it"?
Tron Guy goes to the Gay Hollywood Parade
02/21/09, 00:51

"Whoops! Dropped mah identity disc!"
The Nixon Tapes: Fags on TV and elsewhere
02/19/09, 12:10

You could tell the Moon was gay by the way we jammed that flagpole into it and it just took it like it was nothing. Not even a shudder or a groan. Now Venus, we'd have had her moaning like a bitch for some good ol' fashioned American pole. That's why we're never going back to the moon, that dope smoking faggot.
A Particularly Odd Baseball Video Game.
02/19/09, 11:46

Wreck, or allow you to reassemble them into amusing configurations, like putting Cobra Commander's head onto Shipwreck with Destro's legs.
Baby Hahn's Macaws in an Incubator
02/19/09, 02:32

The Birds was not fiction. Aviad hiveminds have been in existence before man and they hate us. They are just planning their attack.
Cat washes tail then spin-dries it
02/19/09, 02:21

I love the "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME???" stare halfway through the spins.
Happy Birthday
02/18/09, 03:24

Some? Isn't that the point of Portal of Evil?
Anti-Aids Ad: Girl
02/17/09, 17:37

Sperm whale.
Stephen & Renee Fowler - Wife Swap (Highlights)
02/16/09, 22:26

Okay, thank you.
Stephen & Renee Fowler - Wife Swap (Highlights)
02/16/09, 22:25

Then again, maybe I'm a sociopath and so is he, so I have sympathy. I just generally got the impression that this was edited to make it look more offensive. And I've lived in the Midwest, and I know that a lot of these generalizations aren't over-generalizations.
Stephen & Renee Fowler - Wife Swap (Highlights)
02/16/09, 22:06

There are opinions, and there are informed opinions. Yeah, he's being a dickhead to her, but at what point does she actually prove that she isn't any of the things he's said about her? I don't get the feeling that he's like this constantly, I just get the feeling that he's being protective of his kids' welfare and doesn't want them dumbed down by someone who is intolerant of his lifestyle because she doesn't and cannot understand it.
Life Ruined By Teabagging
02/16/09, 21:46

Until this appeared on air. Now the teabag banana rape gang has ensured the silence that will allow their rein of terror to continue unchecked.
Cat has issues with stacked things
02/16/09, 21:41

Kitty Jenga!
President replaces the N-Word
02/16/09, 21:40

+5 for that. You got mad skillz, son.

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