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beautiful eerie abandoned house in the hill
08/02/13, 19:28

The wiring would be worth maybe $300 max for scrap. Probably less.

But yeah, you could make a nice side income by salvage in these old places.
Extreme Cougar Wives
08/01/13, 01:19

I've only had two drinks, you guys can't spring this shit on me. I need a scotch.
Action Pad Taiwan commercial
07/31/13, 19:41

What, some slant-eyed rice eater is insulting our beloved Steve Jobs (praise be upon him)???!!!!!

Day Above Ground - 'Asian Girlz'
07/31/13, 19:35

These are some cool bros
The Colour Out Of Space
07/30/13, 19:18

Nice. love this story. I'm expecting he'll make some changes but I'll stay open-minded about it.
Asian-American PSA
07/25/13, 21:16

Yep, you do!
The IT Crowd - Disabled
07/23/13, 19:58

This clip doesn't do the episode justice. You gotta see the whole thing. It gets better and better.
Celtic Frost - A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh
07/21/13, 08:19

Standard metal video quality, two stars for the post-bukkake look
Doctor Tells Patient with Back Pain She Suffers from 'Ghetto Booty'
07/20/13, 12:17

I am so mad right now
proteanview weighs in in zimmerman/martin
07/19/13, 21:17

Zerdzer, I use the example of a white woman to show that Zimmerman's behaviour was not fearful. But Trayvon's being a black male definitely changes things.

If Zimmerman:
followed a woman
disregarded a police dispatcher's request not to follow her
left his vehicle to pursue her
carried a weapon with him with chasing her
attempted to grab her
was punched in the face by her
killed her for punching him in the face

Then I have a hard time believing any jury would NOT convict him of murder.

But, substitute black male (even a black kid who was eating candy) for woman, and the result is NOT GUILTY.

I have no problem with someone using deadly force to defend themselves or their family, but this is beyond ridiculous.

Zimmerman was not facing great harm and was not fearful, and killed a black kid for no reason. Even under Florida's retarded law he is guilty as fuck. If you want to believe otherwise, then I have to lump you in with the rest of the scumbags who defend Zimmerman.
proteanview weighs in in zimmerman/martin
07/19/13, 08:20

I never said Zimmerman chased him "with a gun out" but Zimmerman knew he had a gun. With a weapon, he was much less likely to be afraid and certainly wasn't afraid because he chased Trayvon.

If Zimmerman was afraid while chasing and grabbing Trayvon, then we have found an incredibly unique human being.

And I'm still interested in your answer to my "what if": if Zimmerman had behaved the same way towards a white woman, would you feel the same way about the killing?
proteanview weighs in in zimmerman/martin
07/19/13, 02:41

What was Trayvon's stupid decision?

As far as I can tell, he was stalked by an armed man so Trayvon fled from danger, but the armed man chased him down and grabbed him. Trayvon had commited no crime, had a legal right to be where he was, and Zimmerman had no legal authority to detain him. Trayvon defended himself from his attacker and his attacker killed him.

If Trayvon had been a white woman, and a similar scenario went down, would you claim that the white woman had been lawfully killed?
proteanview weighs in in zimmerman/martin
07/19/13, 01:43

Zerdzer, we agree that a broken nose is not great bodily harm. The medical examiner called his injuries "not significant".

So, as his defense said, the case hinges on his "feeling afraid".

Zimmerman followed Trayvon, chased him on foot, had a weapon, ignored a police dispatcher's request to not chase Trayvon, and initiated the fight by attempting to grab Trayvon. We can assume he was not afraid under these conditions.

So, when Trayvon punched him, he suddenly switched to being afraid and used the weapon he carried with him to kill Trayvon?

I believe that when all the factors are considered, Zimmerman's actions demonstrate his state of mind clearly and his state of mind was not fearful.
proteanview weighs in in zimmerman/martin
07/18/13, 23:04

I believe you are referring to this from the Florida statute:
(3) A person who is not engaged in an unlawful activity and who is attacked in any other place where he or she has a right to be has no duty to retreat and has the right to stand his or her ground and meet force with force, including deadly force if he or she reasonably believes it is necessary to do so to prevent death or great bodily harm to himself or herself or another or to prevent the commission of a forcible felony.

A broken nose and minor cuts is "great bodily harm"?

Does this apply to all fights in Florida?
proteanview weighs in in zimmerman/martin
07/18/13, 21:15

Oh, I'm sorry Zerdzer. I guess Zimmerman had worse injuries than a broken nose (closed fracture) and some minor cuts?

Also, I should have added "in Florida" to my comment. That makes a huuuuuge difference.
Take Me To The Top
07/18/13, 20:34

Seen Mike Reno lately? More like Blubberboy! Stop eating those Mr. Tube Steaks.
proteanview weighs in in zimmerman/martin
07/18/13, 20:26

No, but if you get in a fist fight and lose, then you can kill the winner.

A broken nose and some minor cuts? Pull out your weapon and kill 'em!

I look forward to the future carnage at high schools, sporting events, and bars.
Legendary Soul Singer Violently Attacked For Song Dedication To Trayvon Martin
07/17/13, 01:12

Zerdzer, we're saying you're a racist faggot who loves seeing a black kid murdered because he beat up a guy who was harassing him.

Quote from your video:
"We can't convict George Zimmerman unless we know he initiated physical contact"

So, I can carry a weapon and approach strangers on the street, demand they tell me what they are doing, and as long as I don't initiate physical contact, I can kill them if we get in a fist fight and they get in a few good punches? Fucking awesome, where's my glock?

You and your ilk are so fucking hopelessly stupid and uncivilised that I consider you a new species of subhuman.
I'm In Payroll performed at the American Payroll Association Congress
07/16/13, 23:56

More like he's in GAYROLL am i rite?
Legendary Soul Singer Violently Attacked For Song Dedication To Trayvon Martin
07/16/13, 23:02

Ursa Minor, they are all mexicans. All of them.

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