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Wannabe Gangsta Shooting Dad's AK 47 in Bedroom
05/06/11, 15:43

An AK-47 sounds nothing like that.
30 hits of acid
04/30/11, 23:21

Satan is boring
My AWESOME Girlfriend
04/27/11, 19:29

Ok, but it's going to be screechy, Shrek-faced, infantile retard sex. There will be a lot of crying afterwards.

Symbolistic White Walls
04/27/11, 01:32

I find his voice annoying.

His songs go nowhere and are typical of many Canadian songs: no real highs or lows.

He gets played on radio stations that appeal to construction workers so I have to listen to his shit way too often.

He's a smug douche and will do interviews on subjects he knows nothing about ex. drug addiction and Mr. Chi Pig. He's a third-class Bono.

But, if you like him that's cool.
Immigrant Song
04/26/11, 23:31

Love this because you can hear how sloppy good Jimmy page plays riffs and leads. JPJ and John Bonham kick ass in this too but it's a bit hard to notice at first.
Symbolistic White Walls
04/23/11, 13:43

Ugh, this guy is the worst.
Why Reading is Bad
04/18/11, 23:13

I made it to about page 600 and couldn't force myself to continue.
Inside report from Fukushima nuclear reactor evacuation zone
04/18/11, 20:00

Those dogs seem well fed. I guess there's plenty of dead animals and humans to eat.
Edarem - That Old Black Magic
04/17/11, 17:48

oh I see you are wearing a rape wig...
IAmTheEnd1000 and the annoying elevator
04/13/11, 01:27

The sound you hear in the video is usually only heard when someone blocks the door or smoke is blocking the light curtain. A door equipped with an infrared light curtain can be blocked by smoke in a fire. The buzzer tells people to get the fuck out of the way if they are blocking the door. Something is fubar in the controller or the light curtain is busto.

If a hydro is leaking oil you should stop the leak immediately. The leaking oil is contaminating the soil. The reason for a leak is usually corrosion or oxidization of the jack. Over time, this hole through which the oil is leaking will get bigger and bigger. Eventually, it may rupture. Probably cost 40 grand or so to replace the jack. Electrolysis is a bitch.

There are lots of reasons for the other elevator being slow. Could be intentionally slow.

Pissing in the elevator is primitive but whatever. Piss on the panel and you might short something out if you want to do some damage.

IAmTheEnd Vlogs About Charlie Sheen
04/11/11, 02:25

This guy has upside-down lips. His bottom lip is on top.

Disgusting fishy flip-lips regurgitating weird-hand cashiering bastard.
I can't wait to put it in my mouth
04/11/11, 02:13

Guys, you can't do this to me when I'm on my thrid whiskey. Can't stop laughing.
The Tricky People Dance by Yello Dyno
04/11/11, 02:06

This is the exact opposite of how I am going to explain pedophiles to my son.
IAmTheEnd whines about an offhand comment by a customer
04/11/11, 02:02

Who would let a fishman be a cashier? I don't want his filty mitts on my groceries.
04/07/11, 01:25

Nothing says "baller" like potato chips and Four Loko.
IAmTheEnd1000 is worried about stranger danger
04/05/11, 01:51

"Yew want to know what the reel horror is, hey? Wal, it's this - it ain't what them fish devils hez done, but
what they're a-goin' to do! They're a-bringin' things up aout o' whar they come from into the taown - been
doin' it fer years, an' slackenin' up lately. Them haouses north o' the river be-twixt Water an' Main Streets is
full of 'em - them devils an' what they brung - an' when they git ready... I say, when they git... ever hear tell of
a shoggoth?"
Dr. Laura Schlesinger's Failed Country-Western Puppet Show
04/03/11, 19:51

The squirrel was made from her pubic hair. If you don't believe me, google her name for nude photos and compare.
The Original Tea Party was not Anti-Government but Anti-Corporation
04/03/11, 11:36

Here's the book:
Predator: A smart camera that learns from experience
04/02/11, 21:06

The main application of this will be weapon targetting, of course.
Car Crash Big Explosion
03/28/11, 01:59

What you are missing is that TWO people died, not one!

And it's ironic because it was a woman driver, and women are generally safer drivers than men.

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