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Robot Snake
11/18/10, 13:37

looks like it belongs in the trash compactor on the detention level.
Mel Gibson and Christian Bale have a civil discussion
11/15/10, 12:46

I'm a heavy breathing fun seeker.
Anti-Democrat Humor 2
08/22/08, 12:30

FUCK McCain if anyone under the age of 75 agrees with anything he says I will personally come knock on your door and exercise my right to bear arms.
Really America are you that brain washed i realize you've been fed bullshit for the past 8 years on fox news (change the fucking channel already) and 9/11 was a tragedy but if we continue down this dark path we are only gonna me it harder on ourselves by being aggressors on Islamic fanatic countries their children and their children's children will only do the same thing to America. BTW why are we going after Iraq Afghanistan and the minor countries when most of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia
tell you what vote for Obama and after his 2 terms are up we will be free from foreign oil then we can go and hand all these islamic people their asses for what they did......c'mon vote Obama then we can be the evil little empire that you republicans always wanted just eight years thats all im asking u had your turn lets have ours "remember sharing is caring"
Barack Hussein Obama is the Antichrist
08/07/08, 14:01

THE MECHA BOX (the all spark cube) i love the how crazy these people are what about the galactic alignment on 2012 or planet x nibiru-- and you know what not a single christian since 50 a.d. has lived up the the religions expectations so these people think that behaving for oh say 3 to 4 years is going send them to the rapture. hehehe the best idea is not to (if i may quote dogma) have a belief but to have a good idea and live life maybe properly by your own account we wont have so many hate mongering assholes like this one i am also betting that this fuckstick 100% voted for bush twice. now what will this man say if bush cancels the 2008 elections and declares himself dictator (then what?)
Bear on a Bike
08/06/08, 14:45

omg who is driving omg bear is driving
Guy in a leather jacket smokes a cigar.
08/06/08, 14:45

gentlemen? -deluxe
Pam's Panniculectomy
08/06/08, 14:36

my friends we call that a B.I.F. (butt in front)- the natural home of this creature is in some spandex or under a moo moo and its natural habitat is at wallmart.
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
07/23/08, 08:58

OMG thanks i was looking for this i have the phantasm MIB bidders.
Skater Midget Attack
07/23/08, 08:56

he reminds me of Jonas Venture junior..... which is an even scarier train of thought, who's the poor guy that had this evil undone turkey come out of his ass.
The Battle of Endor
07/15/08, 13:24

Admiral Akbar says : ITS A TRAP!!!!!! I LULZ'd
Labyrinth- Ballroom scene
06/20/08, 09:44

ohh the things i would do to her
(The soverign of the guild of clamatious intent)
(the dude from labyrinth just turned into a bird!!!)
taekwondo knockout
06/12/08, 09:44

fUck yeah!!!
The 'Pussy Renaissance' is coming to an end!
06/12/08, 09:43

he has a point but i think he could just simplify the whole thing by walking up to a tramp and smacking her in the face with a large dead carp. then run away laughing and giggling...... someone better do this!
Dr Gonzo and Raoul Duke visit Circus Circus
06/12/08, 09:21

theres nothing more depraved than a fool on a ether binge+mescal BTW dont do ether you will in fact vomit and blackout if its your first time with alot small doses and moderation
Clifford - 'Look at me like a human boy!'
06/12/08, 09:16

for a second there when he its trying to look like a real boy he ends up looking like david bowie
A terrorist fist-jab?
06/11/08, 15:57

who cares faux news. btw bang! a bullet to the skull sounds the same in every language bitch. god im glad she got her show revoked.
Daffy Duck in 'The Duxorcist'
06/11/08, 11:03

you goblin gobbler
McCain Baby Plan
06/11/08, 10:25

I love how at the end he looks away like ....OH shit i just said that didnt I?

this man is one step away from turning dehydrated babies into hot bottled water he has the technology fear him!!1
Hellboy II: The Golden Army Full Trailer
05/08/08, 08:48

what dont you like Rammstein-mein hertz brent-
Daily Show-Coal Country
03/25/08, 14:06

you just dont habeebit


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