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Wild Steve Is Not To Be Taken Lightly
11/13/10, 15:54

mooshed moobs
Florida police blow up toy pony.
09/08/10, 01:19

You never know, could have been a furry in there.
Insane Clown Posse - Juggalo Island
09/06/10, 18:28

Improv Everywhere- Ghostbusters
05/24/10, 18:18

Burka Busters! This would be much more wacky, spontaneous, and hopefully fatal if they did it in a mosque.
Loud ex-con buys beer in a thong so Mickey Rourke will make his movie
02/21/10, 23:28

The thongman of Alcatraz.
Dan Quinn's Casting Call
01/26/10, 16:50

Last year this very gentleman left me a dozen messages at my place of work concerning the use of stevia to catalyze a cold fusion reaction. Unfortunately, he did not reveal the secret to make pussy attached to a woman to light on fire in a good way!
Asian Hookers in manhattan
11/17/09, 12:05

My hero is Jabba the Hutt with a video camera.
'Seeing my dog the day I got back from Afghanistan'
11/12/09, 11:23

No leg humping.
Homophobic christian whines about getting fired
11/08/09, 20:40

In Massachusetts it is illegal for you to offend homosexuals by refusing their advances.
Plane mounted laser burns a car's hood
10/12/09, 20:36

My discoball warhead will kick all your asses.
Fat Guys Screams for McDonald's Chicken
10/06/09, 12:22

not jolly
New DUB PimpStar LED message wheel promo
09/30/09, 12:18

Just as history is doomed to repeat itself, every generation must recreate the Mr. Microphone.
Converting an indian to christianity
08/09/09, 22:49

The Andy Kaufman of a new generation.
Converting an indian to christianity
08/09/09, 11:53

Fake and Brillliant
Jay Bakker's Speech on Gay Marriage
08/04/09, 16:42

Reversing the order of these two statements would cause them to make sense.

I have to wonder how far his "underneath the tattoos there is a person just like you, yet one that questions your most cherished prejudices" ministry will reach.
Big Trak commercial 1979
07/04/09, 17:16

The plug for the transporter could be used to power anything during it's mission. My younger brother's Big Trak was modified to shoot bottle rockets.
2000 Maniacs: Classic exploitation cinema from 1964
06/28/09, 12:07

It is actually a southern interpretation of Brigadoon and needs a Herschell Gordon Lewis tag.

pre-Troma Expolitation = pre-Carlos Mencia comedy
How Differential Gear works
06/27/09, 21:30

Original Ghost Riders (at 9:00) dropping the science.
He's Barack Obama
06/20/09, 21:03

Jibjab sucks ass. They are the "everything is horrible" of today. Screw them and their whacky office fun e-card shilling.
Rachel Maddow: Tiller's assassin tied to Operation Rescue directly.
06/04/09, 23:29

Don't forget the billions of sperm.

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