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Favorited Videos
Vauxhall Summer 1973
'Spider Baby' (1968) - Full Movie
Yes - Roundabout (Isolated Bass Track)
Dwain Esper's MANIAC (1934)
30 for 30: The Anti-Mascot
Walrus Cam
Japanese Micronauts commercial.
Who Killed Captain Alex
A way to explore Venus
Squid Cam
The making of Brilliance
Space Bob
Nuclear Ramjet (Project Pluto) to Drive 'Big Stick' SLAM Missile circa 1959 USAF-Convair
Worlds 1999
WWF Hallowe'en Pie Eating Contest 1985
Middle Eastern chocolate bar commercial
An Important Message from The Washington Redskins and Buffalo Bills
Asian Small-Clawed Otters Celebrate Enrichment at the Smithsonian's National Zoo
Richard Corben's Neverwhere
WildSpace, 1993
backwards animal pooping
Quark- Episode 1
Electric to Me Turn
Pentagram Sam
'Mehbooba Mehbooba' (Sholay)
The Crucifixion of Yeshu
Cat is not happy with its birthday card
The Doors perform Reading Rainbow
The Mongreloid - George Kuchar
In Wyrd
Mandelay Song
waterspouts off Australia
Cat and owl play together
The Centaurs (1921)
My Time
Existential Star Wars
I'm Ok You're Ok (Dutch Tv 1979)
Kitten riding a horseshoe crab.
Dolphins Are Fascinated By Cat On Dock
Song of Seikilos
Blackadder - The Cavalier Years
Hi Def footage of Sendai Tsunami
Echelon's Song
Nathan Thurm, McCarthy's Right-Hand Man
Cat asks a old man for directions
Find It (Film Version)
Sophisticated Shake
Japanese masked monkey waitress
Got A Bone Of My Own
Many small boxes and Maru 2
Halber Mensch
A Woman Like You
Morning Glory
Sing a song For You
You're In My Mind b/w Sunset
All in the Family - Archie Joins the Ku Klux Klan
Mahadrouche Batal Alik Enness
We All Love Peanut Butter
Japanese Ass Prank
Rosemary Lane (live)
Cherchez La Femme
I Want Candy
Why Single Girls Want to Meet European Men
Future Shock (1972)
The Phycle
White Lace and Strange
Requiem Of Confusion
Ouais Marchais mieux qu'en 68 (Le voyageur)
clip from Black Magic (1979)
A Love Supreme Part 2: Resolution
Dunkin' Bagel
Helen Mirren in Herostratus (1967)
Night of the Assassins
Without You
Cold Drinks
Maru in slow motion
Jump, Jive and Harmonize
The Electrician
New York, 1980 (From 'Just Imagine', 1930)
Rutger Hauer for Guiness...and dolphins.
A Case Of You
Chuck E. Cheese Patriotic Revue
Stoat kills rabbit ten times its size.
Legend of the Liquid Sword - Jesus vs Batman
Kitten Wearing a Tiny Hat
Emile Cohl - The Hasher's Delirium (1910)
I love her all the time (live)
Merry Go Round
Ma Quale Idea
E.T.I. (Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence)
Wicked Annabella

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