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wtf japan

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Retard Rock
Play Him Off, Keyboard Cat (best one so far)
Beyond Good & Evil 2 Gameplay
Chanukah Party
How To Pray the Rosary
Government Officials Voting Fraudulently
Condoleezza Rice gets fussy with Standford students
SFW fetish: Ear Cleaning
'That's so gay' PSA
kitten does not like bath time
Yeah, I'm a bird.
Ricky Gervais on Inside The Actor's Studio
Crazy Japanese people yell at pug
CWC Letter to Unilever
Chris-chan - For My Sweetest Ivy
Chuck Suffers From A Cluster Headache
Oprah interviews Cormac McCarthy
Mr. T demonstrates the FlavorWave oven
How To Catch A Seagull
Mayo Clinic atrium piano
Street fight from 1991
All the swearing from 'In Bruges'
The Almighty Cleanse
Tim and Eric - Fight
Tim and Eric - D'ump
The Soup: Gavel Bangin'
le wrath di khan
Fighting a Giraffe
Flying planes sideways
Stephen Fry: Los Alamos and Dark Matter
Cuddle Party
District 9 trailer
Fred Sanford vs. Aunt Esther
Yalla ya nasrallah
Lawanda Paige standup routine
Senator Jim DeMint says freedom is the biggest tent of all.
Chris-chan is the greatest troll in existence
The lost Neverending Story music video.
Pole's Big Adventure - Japanese Wii Ad
Ich, Ein Groupie
Edarem sings Happy Birthday
Kari Ferrell - 'Do you wanna go spelunking in my cavernous vagina?'
Richard Dawkins says a thing
NOT The Cosby Show XXX
child clown instructional video
Only Popeyes Chicken in Minnesota refuses to honor the $4.99 special
Best Of Maru-2008
Casey And His Brother Compilation
UAE Sheikh tortures for fun, videotapes it
Sean Hannity offers to be waterboarded for charity.
Dennis Hopper holds court in The Psychedelic Temple
Best... backscratcher... ever!
Gooby - trailer
We do not f***ing torture!
Love Machine - Push the Button?
Galvatron Goes to Therapy.
charlie schmidt's 'cool cat'
Borat at the Oklahoma City Traffic Commission
Edarem performs the Chiquita Banana song
Big Girl
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
Jones' Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage
Human, All Too Human (BBC) - Jean Paul Sartre
Bill O'Reilly On Eminem's Sarah Palin Spoof In Music Video
Under Cover Penis Lover
Mass walk-out at Iran leader's speech
Snakes on a Plane TV Edit
Pruit Igoe housing failure - clip from koyaanisqatsi
Edarem - Danse Macabre
The Daily Show - Elizabeth Warren Interview (4/15/09) Part Two.
9 year old has something to say about child protective services and taxes
Don't Ever Say You 'Need' Something in the Marines
Flash mob dances to Sound of Music
For all the haters. A video from the victim of an internet related murder-suicide.
The Creation Museum Deconstructed
Tim and Eric - Child Showcase
Moving a log the Eastern European way
Kenny Winker - Now We Can Make Love
Remember blowing on a blade of grass or a leaf as a kid to make a sound?
Are the Japanese People Jewish?
Edarem meets Cloris Leachman 1982
Jeff Goldblum Scats
White Wedding: Literal Version
Dr. Shine and Dee Dee
Willy Wonka - Pure Imagination
Billy Bob Thornton Acts Like a Douchebag in Interview
J.J. Abrams - Star Trek (trailer 3)
Twelve Angry Men
Gay Marriage - Is it Right or Wrong?
Radio Call In Show
First images after proton beam passes through LHC
Surviving Edged Weapons
Obama Encourages Separation of Church and State in Turkey
Gordon Ramsay teaches you how to make scrambled eggs.
Disney's G-Force Trailer

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