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wtf japan

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President Obama at the White House Correspondants' Dinner 2010
Cat tries to revive dead cat friend
BBC Nature: Alan
Out of Body Lung
Better Marriage Blanket
Telephone Remake
Ninja Commandments - Opening Scene.
Communist Old Guy curses at Young Tea Partiers
Annual Black Female 40oz Drinking And Chicken Wing Eating Contest
Ninja Commandments - The Actual Ninja Commandments.
Important!! Urgent!! Warning From Jesus!!
Born Free
Toy Story 3 viral marketing - Lots O' Huggins Bear
Ostrich attacks child on a pony
Princess and the Frog - Friends on the Other Side
Heino in einem McDonalds kommerziellen
Daily Show – Bernie Goldberg Fires Back
Lucille Bogan - shave 'em dry (1935)
Cat ladies: Funny or Sad?
Reno 911 an XXX parody
The Big Lebowski A XXX Parody Official Trailer
MOON8 - Speak to Me / Breathe / On the Run
'Single Ladies' from Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel
Steven Seagal - 10 minutes of the first episode
Tea Bag Tax Protest
Crazed Therapist's Fascist Cure for Childhood Obesity
Scott Stapp - Marlins Will Soar
Tea Party Song
The Black Conservative Show : Cuss The Bitches Out
Birther Lieutenant Colonel refuses to serve.
MEGWIN - Japanese man eats mints and yells
Adventure Time - Slumber Party Panic
A sea cucumber defends itself.
Science & ICP
Milky the Marvelous Milking Cow
3 year old Chinese girl tight rope walks above Siberian Tigers
Redneck Tased off His Lawn Mower
The Universe with Dr. Jimes Tooper and Dr. Donna Gust
DEADLINE post-it stop motion
Catholic Priest on Jehovah's Witness action!
Ron Shock Orleans Parish Prison 1958
Die Lollipops 2009 - Immer in Bewegung
The Astronomer's Dream
'YouTube employees will all lose their first born sons.'
Animaniacs fans invited to Warner Bros studio (1995)
New Yorker has to proofread the word of GOD
Democrat official's position on anime posted on his Facebook wall
Putin responds to a journalist question
Super Nanny runs through flames to save 5 year old child.
Drunk History: Nikola Tesla
O'Reilly vs Weiner
Patriotic Man in a Revealing Bathing Suit Dances for Senior Citizens
Pizza rolls challenge in reverse
Elderly Baby Cries Into A Phone
Living Photograph: Chris with Teacup
Weird: The Al Yankovic Story
The Return of Christian Weston Chandler
Glenn Beck on Passing of Health Care Bill
Han Solo discovers something horrible about Leia.
Bub Bubs Bounce
Celebrity Reenactment: Christopher Walken and Jack Nicholson in Willy Wonka
All The Food Is Poison
Chris-chan Says C-Ya to the Internet
Self assembling machines
A Triumph of Ridiculous Fan Editing.
Celine Dion on Larry King September 3, 2005
Dante's Inferno gameplay footage
Cold Steel - Grosse Messer Demo
I'm Proud to be a Woman in the KKK
Adventure Time - Evicted Song
Chris-Chan remixed
Inglourious Basterds - Clapper Montage
James Cameron cares about the environment
Irresponsible Tio
Jogger Killed by Plane Making Emergency Landing
Vampire Thug - Verse 1, Take 1
Korean man marries his anime body pillow.
Tebaggers mock Parkinsons' victim
America Now - Topic: Weapons
Evil Mechanical Sailors
Brad Neely's America Now - Topic: Medicine
Play 'Heavy Rain' on YouTube
Telekinetic Bellydancing
Chris-Chan: 'I NEED You!'
Eric Cartman had a change of heart.
Exodus of Zelda
A fine winter morning
Tim & Eric Awesome Show - Cinco I-Jammer
Fatman discovers the truth about mental illness
Bas Rutten demonstrates the Liver Shot
Little Boy Indoctrinated by Gay Couple
Saved by The bell intro
Cooking Mama World Kitchen - Cereal
George Carlin - American Dream
Man Finds out Unexpectedly that he is a 40 Year old Virgin
I don't want to spoil what happens in this video.
Little Lady Gaga (Brazillian Idol)

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