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Hopper History
11 Year Old Kid In My Town Fights, Gets Ban On Hedgehogs As Pets Lifted
The Who - Abbie Hoffman Incident
Even more Leapin' Lizards! (from Planet Earth: Desert)
Hillary Clinton has no manners.
Goats that yell like a man (with subtitles)
Captain Harlock - The Zetons
Trigun: Knives personally ends the life of Wolfwood's teacher/preacher
Trigun: The Death of Nicholas The Punisher
Trigun: Dominique The Cyclops VS Vash The Stampede
Raidai the Blade decides he's better at killing Vash the Stampede.
Bad Dubbing: Defenders of the Vortex
Tesla: Master of Lightning
Bush is over.
Songsmith: Metallica - Battery
'Tom Sawyer' performed by Songsmith
Songsmith is Just What I Needed
Ninja Terminator - The Final Battle
Gaming In The Clinton Years - Violence in Video Games
01/24/09: President Obama's Weekly Address
Justice League - Target Earth
Zero Punctuation: Gears of War 2
QuartuvLarry, JFK, and Kung Pow mash-up (Spoiler: No cocksmile)
Catman: Lethal Track-- double cross scene
Some Stars and Planets to Scale (2009 Updated version)
the Gun O'Clock
Michael Savage is apoplectic over Joseph Lowery.
When Transvestites Attack
Sushi654 as mermaid
Sushi654 Airplane Beatbox Haircut
The fight scene from Undefeatable, Benny hill-style
Sexy Asian Girl in Inflatable Latex Blueberry Suit
Kitten gets sucked out of pipe by vacuum
Jimmy the Cab Driver, MTV does the thinking for you
Fat Mr. Belding & Brooke Hogan Sing Karaoke
Paraglider with Steel-Lined Stomach
Christopher Elf Pokemon Pikachu Wall 1
Duel To The Death - The Devastator of Ninjas
Care Bear Stars - Trap and Slaughter
News report on brawl at Cheyney University
Captain Harlock - What does Tommy see?
Ninja Wars: Just Believe in My Powers
The Young Ones - Nasty
Mysteries From Beyond The Other Dominion With Dr. Ruehl
Ennio Morricone - 'The Ecstasy of Gold', live in Warsaw, PL
Intelligent Design - Unlocking The Mysteries Of Life
MST3K - Robot Holocaust - Part 1/10
SpikeBravo - 'VenomFangX is Dead!'
That is IT youtube...
Kittens Inspired by Kittens
Our Origins Made Easy
Overlords of the U.F.O. (1976)
QuartuvLarry wants everyone to know he has black friends on the inernet!
Steve Sutton on Religious Billboards
Mr. Chi-City's Continued Bad Luck in 2009
Alan Moore's Favorite Superhero
POE TV: Workout Theme
Cool Hand Luke - Handfull of Nothing
Steve Sutton, Oct 31, 2006
Sandman talks 9/11...DRUNK!
Skittles Mirror Commercial
Stains is Tormented Again
(Simulated) Video of Huygens' Landing on Titan
Care Bears Stars Sneak Peek - The Bear and the Lion
Pruane dislikes 50Cent
The Illusion of Reality
Should Skin Really Stretch Like That?!
die you TROLL
Dr34d0g ditches Asheron's Call for a game which defies reality.
Liquidkool440 attempts to review a Transformer
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin: Text Adventures
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin: Ikaruga
1984 - The Last Man
Man escorted from city commission meeting in Sarasota, FL
Siskel & Ebert: Remembering Gene
Ninja in the Killing Field
Lemonade Joe (Entire Film - 1964)
Terminator 2 Sweded: Low Budgment Day (10-minute) NOT, I repeat, NOT, a Dupe!
James Randi has a youtube channel
Conan O'Brien has dinner with douchey associate producer
Salvador Dali Hatches
Excitable radio hosts confront a centipede
Soulja Boy Watches '1 Guy, 1 Cup'
Norm Macdonald's final Late Night appearance (Part 1) [not Hulu]
Norm Macdonald's final Late Night appearance (Part 2) [not Hulu]
Sinners (1990)
QuartuvLarry on Obama's approval rating
Richard Pryor - Mudbone the shoe shiner
The battle between the creationists and the Evolutionists...
TNG Episode 4 - Uneventful Day
Cyriak - Deadenders
Terrible Joker clips from 'The Batman'

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