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Leon: The Professional Apartment Scene
02/08/08, 05:17

Agreement with kingarthur.
Scientology - What are your crimes?
02/08/08, 05:02

Oh, so not 14? What, 12?
Scientology - What are your crimes?
02/08/08, 05:01

Uuuh... is she the Scientologist or the protester? I can no longer tell the difference.

+1 for carnival music.
Interview with ex-Scientologist Jim Beebe, part 1
02/08/08, 04:54

Har har har. Who is more paranoid, hysteric, and hyperbolic - current Scientologists or ex-Scientologists? This video leaves that question unanswered.
Kid Rides His Bike Into A Building
02/08/08, 04:07

First: Learn to STEER. Later: Stunts.
Cat hot spring
02/07/08, 09:35

Jesus, such action!

The towel is cute though.
Does Subway Restaurants support the troops?
02/07/08, 02:15

This Subway has no place. This event has no time. The people involved have no names. It's not real. Someone has sent the poor crazy woman a chain letter.
Hanging from a crane
02/06/08, 10:58

Ah yes, it's been a good day. The perfect video of perfect stupidity and the perfectly stupid comment to top it off. Goodnight, Zaw. Sweet dreams!
Fat Man drinks a Bowl of Gravy
02/06/08, 08:35

I didn't stop laughing/gagging. All fat people should be this awesome.
Obama bin Laden shut in responds to POETV!!!
02/06/08, 08:32

We believe in inclusion? And open-mindedness?
Barack Obama on Iraq
02/06/08, 08:24

Oh, don't get me wrong. I'd vote for anything with a pulse over the walking dead that is the Republican Party. I'm allowed to be cynical because I've made up my mind. P.S. I hate you, Billy Buttsex.
Barack Obama on Iraq
02/05/08, 09:58

Wow. Political statements that tell the intended audience what it wants to hear. I'm stunned!

3 stars for the probably vain hope that in 2, 3 years these statements will seem either quaintly amusing or ironically horrifying, thus justifying my cynical ennui.
Lamest video ever.
02/05/08, 09:52

I like cat videos. This is a lame cat video.
Lamest video ever.
02/05/08, 09:51

(Powering down)
Goronchev on Fox News
02/05/08, 09:40

Mine too.
George W. Bush = Abraham Lincoln
02/05/08, 09:34

Tommy Lee Jones Japanese coffee commercial
02/05/08, 09:26

I'm here because of him.
Lamest video ever.
02/04/08, 03:34

It may be redundant to point this out, but this video is lame as all fuck.

+1 for Frank Rizzo.
Skateboard street luge goes wrong
02/03/08, 06:20

Also, needs a "the moans of the dying" tag.
Skateboard street luge goes wrong
02/03/08, 06:09

Thank God. With all the religion and politics videos going around I was worried this site had lost it's focus on teenagers injuring themselves with stupidity.

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