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Mister Yuck

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08/28/13, 02:58

Holy shit, that's my neighborhood. If I see these guys filming I'll tell them to give up.
New Frontier Hotel Implosion Las Vegas
08/26/13, 01:54

Why'd they put in a countdown timer if they weren't gonna blow up the building when it hit zero?
Chronic Periodontitis (Gum Disease)
08/23/13, 20:05

Whenever new ad displays come into the pharmacy I work at, I try to look into the ridiculous claims they make. I'd say that the fucks behind Crest ProHealth marketing can choke, but honestly, the kind of people who can buy $10 toothpaste really should be taken for all they're worth.
Chronic Periodontitis (Gum Disease)
08/23/13, 17:07

Tooth decay has been correlated to heart disease by stakeholders in the American Dental Association and industry, but when the American Heart Association looked into the link they found no causal connection, and improving oral health did not have an impact on heart disease. Probably the correlation comes from people not taking care of their teeth at the same time as they let their health go to shit in general. That's not gonna stop Crest and Colgate from trying to sell you expensive toothpaste, though.
James Joyce: Ulysses (1967)
08/21/13, 01:51

No one has actually read Ulysses. Everyone gets about 40 pages in and gives up. Some people lie about it though.
Coal Cam, Our 30 Best Diesel Smoke Outs!
08/19/13, 02:44

I suppose I could buy a cheap digital camera with cash at a swap meet or somewhere without many cameras, then take a bus (cash ticket) into wherever this guy's town is. He'd probably give up his YouTube login pretty easily once the fire started. Maybe I could use his own computer to upload the video? But I'd have to stay at his house way too long. Public WiFi would be my best option. I'd have to find a place with WiFi and no cameras though, might not be possible. And I'd have to buy a burner computer to go with my burner camera. Hmmm.
Coal Cam, Our 30 Best Diesel Smoke Outs!
08/19/13, 02:36

The trick would be to somehow get the film of the guy trapped in his burning truck onto his own YouTube channel without getting caught...
Coal Cam, Our 30 Best Diesel Smoke Outs!
08/19/13, 02:35

I spent this whole video dreaming up elaborate revenge scenarios.
Young Charmin Bear Has Unusual Bathroom Literature
08/18/13, 02:55

Just say poop already you stupid commercial. You're talking about poop, just say the word poop. POOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP.
Mafia vs. Ninja (Full Movie)
08/18/13, 02:49

That was awful!
The Fall (2006) opening titles
08/15/13, 01:30

You seem to think pretty highly of museums.
CM Punk's Grammar Slam - Your vs. You're
08/15/13, 00:48

They need to put CM Punk on Sesame Street.
Breaking Bad - Walter White sings My Way
08/12/13, 03:12

I'm with you on this JHMF. I can see that it's well done, but I don't have the patience to watch Walt shit on the lives of everyone he knows for an hour at a time. I started season three before I gave up.
INSIDE a Spherical Mirror
08/11/13, 04:56

You know what would have been cool? A video from inside a spherical mirror without this guy and his schtick in it.
The Gravity Gun - Half-Life live action short
08/10/13, 12:44

Alyx throws away the lives of four guys (whose names she didn't care to remember) so she can Skype her dad and put the batteries in her new toy.
Drinking from the sea
08/09/13, 23:01

What the hell are you talking about?
Bury me slowly
08/09/13, 03:05

I think I like this?
CM Punk and the invisible microphone
08/09/13, 02:26

C'mon, like you wouldn't take that job for peanuts.
Gymkata (Full Movie)
08/09/13, 02:10

I watched the whole thing thanks to my good friend, Gin.
Girl Driver Freaks Out after She Hits a Bird
08/09/13, 00:24

Am I the only person here who's never run over a bird?

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