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Mister Yuck

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The Economics of Fruit in Japan
07/18/12, 02:07

You know about farmer's markets right?
Tomorrow, Georgia plans to execute Warren Lee Hill, man with IQ of 65, because SHUT UP
07/18/12, 01:32

Well, yeah, we live in a violent society. Laws are upheld by violence. That is the system that our ancestors created and called the state. It's probably not the best way to run a society but it has been pretty successful at crushing its competitors. So watch out for that.
Flavor Flav for Blackjack Fireworks
07/11/12, 13:05

Every thirteen year old kid should have tons of mortar shells every Fourth of July. I sincerely believe that.
Big Damage - Papua New Guinea
07/08/12, 03:33

Saying "enforcing signed contracts through violence" is kind of redundant. That's how you always enforce contracts. The underpinning of the law is the fact that men paid by the state will beat the shit out of anyone who doesn't follow the law.
Rep. Joe Walsh criticizes Tammy Duckworth's military service
07/04/12, 02:53

Just so you guys know, the real Joe Walsh just threw a fundraiser concert for Duckworth last weekend:

Bubbles singing ''Liquor and Whores''
07/02/12, 00:26

Happy Canada day folks.
Thousands Line Up In Atlanta For Section 8 Housing Applications (Welfare) And All Hell Broke Loose.
06/19/12, 01:53

And I work at CVS and nearly all my coworkers are on some kind of public welfare. Fuck you pricks. I don't care about your sob story, if you're making it now you're lucky. You may have worked your ass off, and you definitely deserve it, but you're still lucky. So pay your taxes, thank God you're making it, and try not to ruin what little safety net we have left before you land in it.
John King of SaveWhitePeople.Com protests a gay pride parade.
06/19/12, 01:43

5 stars for the evil of miscegenation!
Watermelon Headshot
06/08/12, 23:55

Spelling Bee Champ talks about his Math Project
06/08/12, 23:51

The kid never claimed to have invented a new way to approximate square roots. He said found some formula to relate the existing fast method with an existing accurate method in a novel way that probably has implications us liberal arts majors can in no way comprehend. Or it's cool in some way that only the other aspies at Intel understand.
Cranial osteolytic expansive lesion
06/04/12, 03:59

That guy is gonna have some awesome scars.
Cotton Candy
05/30/12, 15:41

Tip jar.
a fellow documents his poor decision
05/30/12, 15:28

His chin has somehow sucked all the hair out of his scalp.
RRCHERRYPIE - Soft candy donuts
05/15/12, 15:50

Why are you knocking liquorice and gummy worms?
Author Mike Birbiglia on NPR
05/15/12, 15:44

I hate Terry Gross. She asks the most interesting people the dumbest questions.
In God We Trust?
05/08/12, 18:19

Needs to be a warning label on this video. I did not mean to spend two hours watching this, but once I started it I didn't want to stop.
Q&A - Cardinal George Pell on early Jewish intellectualism
04/18/12, 04:22

Look, you don't have to choose which is a moron, the host or the Cardinal. Clearly both of them are.

Cardinal: It's funny that god would make such a stupid race his chosen people.

Host: Are you saying Jews are stupid?

Cardinal: Yes. Look at how much smarter their neighbors were.

Host: Ah ha! But you're saying that the Jews are stupid even though you believe that they're chosen by god to be special!

Cardinal: Yes, isn't it funny that god would make such a stupid race his chosen people?
Nicolas Cage performs John Cage's 4 33
04/11/12, 03:16

Steve 'Dochbag' Doocy is a fake I have proof and he is Liar!!
04/11/12, 03:13

Do you think the people who call Fox News 'Faux News' think 'faux' is pronounced 'focks'?
Mr. Yuk Commercial
04/08/12, 03:21

I stole my name from this guy, but back then all he was to me was the guy on my dad's frisbee tee shirt.

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