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Mister Yuck

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Culture Warriors
03/31/13, 01:37

Wow. The cartoon was great but the desperate pleading for subscriptions at the end was so pathetic it just about cancels out.
Lonesome Earl and the Clutterbusters perform 'Cold Dead Hand' on Hee Haw
03/31/13, 01:30

That was a pretty good country song actually.
Conan the Barbarian - The Wheel of Pain
03/26/13, 03:35

I don't care what you idiots think, this scene and this movie are masterpieces. It's right up there with RoboCop for pulpy goodness.
Guy caught stealing bike, no one helps
03/24/13, 04:18

On the one hand, if I caught someone trying to steal my bike I'm not sure I would have handled it any better, on the other hand if I handled catching someone stealing my bike that poorly I wouldn't put the video on YouTube.

On the third hand, fuck all mall cops, LP guys, and other retail security. They're only purpose is to frighten teenagers and lean on employees over stupid shit.
Aspray AllOver Body Deodorant
03/19/13, 10:29

Where the hell do you work?
Oreo Separation Pump Gun
03/18/13, 00:38

What a charming gun nut.
Ventrilo Harassment - Peggy and Duke Nukem
03/17/13, 23:56

Oh man, happy Saint Patricks day. How did I never favorite this?
Crows vs Cat vs Cat Street Fight
03/17/13, 23:46

Actually, the origins of the Russo-Japenese war and Pontiac's Rebellion involved crows, although it would be exaggerating to say they 'caused' those wars. They definitely shot JFK though.
Wau: The Most Amazing, Ancient, and Singular Number
03/17/13, 20:24

Yes, I agree. All education should be relentlessly positive. There is no room for jokes because everyone takes themselves far too seriously to be able to enjoy them.
Batman the Animated Series: Heart of Ice
03/17/13, 19:58

It's probably heresy, not being from the original run, but my favorite BTAS episode is another Freeze one: Cold Comfort. Freeze decides that misery loves company and begins taking out people's life works by freezing them. It's pretty bleak, Freeze as a nihilistic world hater is believable even during his naked exposition, and the whole episode is gorgeous.
Randy Savage: You Can't Touch This!
03/16/13, 01:52

This made a lot of sense to me.
Armed shopper shoots at Walmart shoplifter
03/14/13, 00:53

Yeah, most LP guys are basically bouncers that aren't cool enough to get jobs as bouncers.
US Air Force Flapping Wing Micro Air Vehicle
03/13/13, 03:48

So the Air Force is gonna get started on this right after they figure out what's suffocating F-22 pilots right? Oh, they just gave up on figuring that out? Oh, so then they'll just get right on this after they get the F-35 working okay, then? Right? Well, anyway, I'm sure the dystopian future will be working right out of the box then, sure.
Complete Leaked Audio of Bradley Manning’s Statement
03/13/13, 02:42

This is too hard too watch right now, but I'll favorite it for when I have time to be impotently angry and depressed.
Russian Bus Driver Punishes Errant Drivers in Zelenograd
03/13/13, 02:40

You must not know how to drive in the city. The only guy who was in the wrong was the van driver at 30 secs. The SUV at 47 is questionable, I could go either way on him.
Boomer the Dog, eating on his hands and knees.
03/13/13, 02:20

Oh man, this is making me feel nostalgic.
Sex Bomb
03/12/13, 00:45

Burning Stuff With 2000ºF Solar Power
03/11/13, 04:40

I hope he puts the same banal voice-over on the video where he burns down his house with this thing.
Burning Stuff With 2000ºF Solar Power
03/11/13, 04:38

Don't let your kids near the invisible death ray! For Christ's sake. No, don't point it at glass bottles, you idiot, haven't you ever heard of shrapnel? Where is your eye protection. Wait are you seriously just gonna pour a can of gas on the death ray? Come on! Why aren't you dead!
This Hidden Camera Footage Of A Gay Couple In Texas Will Shock You
03/04/13, 03:55

This isn't evil at all! One star!

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