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Mister Yuck

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Kid Pix video clips
05/09/13, 21:33

My version of Kid Pix didn't have any weird videos. I feel ripped off.
Top DHS checkpoint refusals
05/09/13, 21:26

I didn't expect to be rooting for the shitheels, but I really am. Twatwaffles need to be kept from intimidating people who either are too polite or too ignorant to stand up for themselves.
05/01/13, 03:39

So I worked in this shop and people kept on walking in asking for a bottle of this liquor we didn't stock, and I kept having to turn them away. Later I asked my liquor guy and we started stocking it and then I sold it to the people who came into my shop. The stuff wasn't to my taste, but no one asked me to drink it and we made some money that way.
Huell Howser visits the Bagdad Cafe.
04/29/13, 14:04

Is this not some weird ass comedy? Is this real?
Russian Vagina Fitness Tapes
04/25/13, 02:22

I'm serious you guys. Check out her website.
Ship My Pants
04/21/13, 17:43

Great. I'm now old enough that advertising is targeting me somewhat successfully.
HD Music Planet Show (Serbian)
04/18/13, 03:06

Huh. That's something. I am sure that that is definitely some thing.
04/13/13, 20:08

All you guys with the one stars got all your stars backwards. Hell, it earns five evil stars just for the fat girl jokes.
GLEECAP! 'Glee' School Shooting Episode
04/13/13, 19:23

I recommend you all google Jason Krigas and learn who Mr. Schuester is based on. This show makes me cringe.
'Desert Kickboxer' training montage
04/09/13, 13:12

From IMDB:
"Wow, this was a really cheesy, bad movie. The acting was so bad. The lead, guy, was stiff as a board. But I saw him again in in some gay porn movie many years later. He was doing a scene with that guy from Fraternity Vacation. He seemed to have loosened up a little and was acting more naturally."
Numberphile: Zeno's Paradox
04/08/13, 15:22

Well the fun thing is that it actually turns out to be right. You can assume time and space are infinitely divisible and still show that motion is possible using infinite sums. Meme, I don't think this has anything to do with Einstein. This was put to rest by Newton. Zircon, of course math is an abstract system used to describe reality. It works pretty well too.

This video does a terrible job explaining this, or why we should care.
Bob Kulhan: Improvisation Does Not Equal Comedy
04/04/13, 14:23

I am super glad I don't work for this guy.
Machine of Total Annihilation
04/04/13, 13:32

Especially after they cover the floor around it in slippery, shredded crap.
Women in Spacesuits and Flight Gear: a Compilation
04/01/13, 03:59

Holy shit, how did Sven afford Nightmare on Elmstreet?
New local news blooper montage
04/01/13, 03:40

All my stars for the totally unconvincing "Oh, I got it..." from the newslady at 3:06.
Fred Luter Links North Korean Threats to Gay Marriage
03/31/13, 01:40

I'm guessing he's talking about all those times the Israelites genocided people.
Culture Warriors
03/31/13, 01:37

Wow. The cartoon was great but the desperate pleading for subscriptions at the end was so pathetic it just about cancels out.
Lonesome Earl and the Clutterbusters perform 'Cold Dead Hand' on Hee Haw
03/31/13, 01:30

That was a pretty good country song actually.
Conan the Barbarian - The Wheel of Pain
03/26/13, 03:35

I don't care what you idiots think, this scene and this movie are masterpieces. It's right up there with RoboCop for pulpy goodness.
Guy caught stealing bike, no one helps
03/24/13, 04:18

On the one hand, if I caught someone trying to steal my bike I'm not sure I would have handled it any better, on the other hand if I handled catching someone stealing my bike that poorly I wouldn't put the video on YouTube.

On the third hand, fuck all mall cops, LP guys, and other retail security. They're only purpose is to frighten teenagers and lean on employees over stupid shit.

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