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Mister Yuck

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More driving in Russia
07/09/13, 00:51

Let's play the "which of these guys is dead" game. I'll go first:

The guy at 10:29 is dead.
I'm So Hungry I Could Eat at Arby's
07/08/13, 05:26

I wonder how much money this joke cost Arby's. I saw this episode when I was extremely young and it pretty much is my only impression of the chain. Well, this joke and that image of raw meat. Thanks Aelric!
Railroad Safety Film circa 1972
07/08/13, 05:11

This film seems to really be about beating an old dude up.
'My name is Paul Weston, and I am a racist'
06/30/13, 03:01

It took me a really long time to figure out what that comment was about, but I got a feeling of satisfaction from doing it akin to what I get after parsing a difficult stanza in a long poem. Probably means I should go to the library.
NeverWet Arrives - Hands-On Product Demonstration
06/28/13, 15:40

I'm gonna build a cardboard yacht.
Louie Gohmert Cutting Food Stamps Not Evil Because Poor People Buy King Crab Legs.
06/25/13, 13:30

The main reason I wouldn't want us to switch to WIC is that humiliation thing. With EBT, if you care about people knowing you're on food stamps, it's just a two second swipe of a card and only the clerk has to know. Some of my customers have their technique down such that you barely even see that flash. But with WIC, it's a drawn-out process that backs up the line (now you have an audience, yay) and the clerk is forced to be the food cop.

"No, you can't have this juice, you have to get this juice. I'm sorry, you can't have the 2%, you have to get the whole milk. Our 2% doesn't have enough Vitamin A. Yes they do check. No I wouldn't be doing this if they didn't."

Of course, I sell an awful lot of Cheetos and candy to obese people who pay with EBT. For some of them, I know (cause I see them every day) that chips and candy make up a significant part of their meals, and it's sad.
Kick-Ass 2 Trailer
06/21/13, 15:00

The whole first half of the movie is Poe's law: so shitty it's indistinguishable from satire. I didn't realize the movie was playing it straight until he get's the pretty girl by pretending to be gay. When I thought the movie was going to be a satire, I figured the whole thing would blow up in his face and be funny, sad and awkward. But then it worked.

In a way though, the movie did what a good satire can do. With its utterly sad attempt at writing romance and uncritical glorification of violence it really highlighted everything I hate about comic books.
Thomas Haden Church on Conan O'Brien plus Norm
06/20/13, 01:12

Wow. Church really deserved that.
Woman tased her ten year old daughter for screwing up the oatmeal
06/18/13, 02:56

Here's former Sheriff's Deputy James Copenhaver to read the label on the back of a taser while we loop footage of it going off. If you're a cop, and you get a pay cut for taking away a guy's dog to coerce him into agreeing to an illegal search, you can always fall back on a career as a talking head on local news, 'cause nothing says trust my rambling than being a former sheriff's deputy:


The cop who got fired in that story got her job back, minus three days pay. That's why the local news couldn't get a former sergeant to talk about how tasers will totally leave a red mark on your leg.
Raid on Megaupload owner's home (NSFW language)
06/18/13, 01:23

Or rather, what makes him a jerk? Is there a good reason for all the hate that I don't know about?
Raid on Megaupload owner's home (NSFW language)
06/18/13, 01:22

So he's fat and he lives his life exactly how 12-year-old-me would if 12-year-old-me was given infinite money. How does that make him a jerk? 12-year-old-me was okay.
Mystery of Dyatlov's Pass part 1
06/14/13, 17:57

It was an avalanche. Mystery solved.
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Longstrike
06/04/13, 00:12

The minds of terrorists whose minds are intoxicated with Darwinist education.
06/03/13, 01:05

This is terrifying.
Istanbul June 2013 Protestors 3am dumpster bowling
06/03/13, 00:57

Five stars to professor fermun's insightful commentary. With this and the bitcoin thing, I learned two things from you today.
Jamie Foxx PWNs an unfunny comedian
06/02/13, 00:11

Jamie Foxx is a dick.
Outback Pig Shooting
05/20/13, 14:20

That looks like a lot of fun. So far my invasive species murdering has been restricted to plants, but someday I'll have to find a way to branch out.
75 Years in Prison For Videotaping Police
05/19/13, 22:14

This must be rather old because those eavesdropping laws were found unconstitutional in this context last year. Also, this:

Kid Pix video clips
05/09/13, 21:33

My version of Kid Pix didn't have any weird videos. I feel ripped off.
Top DHS checkpoint refusals
05/09/13, 21:26

I didn't expect to be rooting for the shitheels, but I really am. Twatwaffles need to be kept from intimidating people who either are too polite or too ignorant to stand up for themselves.

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