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Mister Yuck

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Breaking Bad - Walter White sings My Way
08/12/13, 03:12

I'm with you on this JHMF. I can see that it's well done, but I don't have the patience to watch Walt shit on the lives of everyone he knows for an hour at a time. I started season three before I gave up.
INSIDE a Spherical Mirror
08/11/13, 04:56

You know what would have been cool? A video from inside a spherical mirror without this guy and his schtick in it.
The Gravity Gun - Half-Life live action short
08/10/13, 12:44

Alyx throws away the lives of four guys (whose names she didn't care to remember) so she can Skype her dad and put the batteries in her new toy.
Drinking from the sea
08/09/13, 23:01

What the hell are you talking about?
Bury me slowly
08/09/13, 03:05

I think I like this?
CM Punk and the invisible microphone
08/09/13, 02:26

C'mon, like you wouldn't take that job for peanuts.
Gymkata (Full Movie)
08/09/13, 02:10

I watched the whole thing thanks to my good friend, Gin.
Girl Driver Freaks Out after She Hits a Bird
08/09/13, 00:24

Am I the only person here who's never run over a bird?
The Tinfoil Tuque Test: Do Tinfoil Hats Work?
08/01/13, 02:06

Faraday cages do not need to be grounded to work.
Steve King rants about Western civilization
08/01/13, 01:42

It's kind of cool to watch someone make a totally fantasy out of bits of real history. A lot of creativity went into totally miss-educating this poor guy.
Arabs hunting by cheetah
08/01/13, 01:22

It depends on how well you feed them.
Discovery-First Time Machine
08/01/13, 01:14

So I'm gonna assume we haven't heard much about this thing since because it worked, it's been shooting out future-Nazis and aliens ever since it was turned on, and the army has been sending all its last-best-hope, lone-wolf, renegade heroes into the lab one at a time to shut the thing down.
Armored Vehicle Does 60mph Brake Test
07/28/13, 00:24

Most of the MRAPs were designed and made by Navistar in Illinois, although this thing doesn't look like the picture of their version on Wikipedia. According to the article there were several different models that made it through different stages of competition for the MRAP contract, so this could well be one of the failures.
What the end of us will look like
07/26/13, 00:06

This isn't going to make us extinct. It will merely kill billions.
DYSA Ebonics in the classroom
07/24/13, 00:39

Zimmerman Juror Spaks about the Trial
07/18/13, 01:19

So the knock-knock joke didn't get any laughs because no one in the jury could understand the punchline, not because they thought it was tasteless.
In Case of Rapture Press Play
07/18/13, 00:16

My home town! Never heard of this guy or his church though. Is this part of the Left Behind franchise?
Enjoy the Go
07/17/13, 05:05

It's important that you wipe the poop off your butt with their paper, rather than use a competitor's.
Legendary Soul Singer Violently Attacked For Song Dedication To Trayvon Martin
07/17/13, 04:11

Where in the hell is black on black violence fine?

There are gang violence units in every major metropolitan police department in the country. In my city, Chicago, there are anti-violence marches big enough for me to notice about monthly. Last year, when we had a particularly bad summer, it became national news and congressional Republicans were bringing it up to link it to Obama. I've heard black-on-black violence talked about on the radio news twice today. Not in specific reports, but being brought up in discussion (I listen to a lot of NPR). It's being addressed. Not well, at all, but it's hardly hush-hush.

I'm gonna call this argument double reverse racism. It's when the racist argues that everybody else is being racist by not addressing the real problems with black people, that only someone with pure vision unclouded with prejudice can see.
Bear Safety Tips from NBC 10 News
07/13/13, 02:04

So if you're attacked by a bear you should yell and throw things while curled up in the fetal position and lying flat on the ground. But stay calm.

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