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Mister Yuck

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Restore Stephen Baldwin
04/25/10, 19:47

I knew I'd seen this one before.
Cold Steel - Two Handed Great Sword
04/25/10, 19:45

God, I hope your right.
Jim Jefferies Explores Religion
04/25/10, 19:43

Wasn't half bad.
The Tea Party network
04/19/10, 19:27

What? Come on, that's unfair. Didn't you see that one black comedian at 30 seconds in? They have at least one black friend, therefore they can't be racist. That's science.
Home Movies - The Susan B. Anthony Story
04/18/10, 18:44

Brownell, so you all don't have to google it.
Carman - Satan Bite The Dust!
04/11/10, 15:45


...Play that in your temple.
The Astronomer's Dream
04/06/10, 13:36

I'm gonna go have lunch.
Children of Palestinian Suicide Bomber
04/03/10, 03:14

That's one of the most evil things I've seen on this site... yeah... shit.
Old Spice Ad: Flex
04/02/10, 02:55

Yeah, apparently.
Between Two Ferns - Ben Stiller
03/19/10, 03:19

Ben Stiller is plugging his serious movie where he shows that he is a serious actor. That is Ben Stiller's serious look. That is what he is rocking.
A Kangaroo fighting a man
03/19/10, 03:15

At 1:10, the manager is clearly smoking a pipe and a cigarette at the same time.

Just before and after, a kangaroo fights a man.
Little girl throws foul baseball back.
03/11/10, 02:40

Er, I meant to one star that. Shoot.

You win again, Rizzo.
Little girl throws foul baseball back.
03/11/10, 02:39

Portal of reasonable and appropriate reaction?
Cold Steel Inferno Pepper Spray
03/04/10, 03:25

Always carry around several cans of pepper spray, because you are crazy and everyone is out to get you. Especially Russel.
Who Are the Al Qaeda 7?
03/04/10, 02:48

DOJ: Department of...

Zero Punctuation - BioShock 2
03/04/10, 02:22

Yahtzee actually has made a few games. I've never played 'em, but supposedly they're okay.
Ninja Mission (1984) - clip
03/02/10, 09:41

Oh no, I've been shot! I better stagger across this catwalk and toss myself into that pit!
Highliner goes for a stroll at Lost Arrow, Yosemite, with his tight rope
03/01/10, 02:53

It's been ten years though, they probably have a modified roomba do it nowadays.
Highliner goes for a stroll at Lost Arrow, Yosemite, with his tight rope
02/28/10, 23:27

Back when I was young, and a boyscout, we went out to a climbing wall place in central Indiana. It was run by a former rescue climber; a guy who would hike into the middle of some national park (I forget which) when climbers had been missing for a few days and then hike out with a crippled guy on his back. He told us that he always brought in a box of garbage bags because if someone really fucked up and fell from a great height, his corpse would look like "one of those watermelons Letterman is always tossing from the roof of his studio". In those cases, Rescue Ranger would do his best to clean the remains off of the rocks and then carry a hundred pounds or so of human paste back out of the park in garbage bags.

Rescue Ranger said he never intended to retire, but the pace at which people were killing themselves was increasing exponentially. When he started, he'd get a splatter case every year or two. Mostly his job was to help people tangled in their lines or with a few broken bones get back to civilization. By the time he quit (around 1999-2001 or so) rescues were rare and clean ups were what he spent most of his time on.

That's what I think about whenever I see idiots like this doing stupid things like this. I think about very nice men whose jobs have become carrying hundreds of pounds of human paste ten or more miles to the nearest road.
02/27/10, 23:18

Yeah, steampunk would have made this better. Steampunk. Definitely. The guy should have pasted useless gears all over this thing and worn goggles while he was showing it off. That is what is missing. From this. Right here.

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