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Hero of Time (World Premier)
07/02/09, 18:30

"Canibal" Holocaust.
Argumental : 'Is Doctor Who rubbish?'
07/02/09, 18:27

Because they're more interesting in SELLING you on the notion that you should SEE the show, not actually CRITICIZING it.
Argumental : 'Is Doctor Who rubbish?'
07/02/09, 17:55

This is fantastic.

Final minute is PURE GOLD.
Hollywood remakes a Twilight Zone Episode
07/01/09, 15:45

The hell is the Saw "revelation" scene music doing endcapping this shitheap of a trailer?
Ikizukuri: The Japanese Art of Fish Torturing
07/01/09, 09:44

Fish Torture = Evil.

This is Portal of Evil TV.

Westboro Baptist Church - God Hates the World
06/30/09, 18:27

Probably the greatest and most persistent attention whores of our time.
Cat Ladies Trailer
06/25/09, 11:48

Sort of?

Still, it's worth remembering, they're the ones who said "yes" to allow these people to film their lives and allow it to be edited into a presentation that someone else finds entertaining.
Baby Formula - Trailer
06/23/09, 02:13

Fuck this.
Inside the Creation Museum - What's the Matter with Kansas?
06/17/09, 13:27

Ah HA! the FAMILY'S from Wichita. The museum is in KENTUCKY.
Inside the Creation Museum - What's the Matter with Kansas?
06/17/09, 10:19

Kansas won't be able to maintain it's peculiar mix of rural Jesusness and urban/suburban spread. Scattered throughout the state are seemingly a billion of these really tiny towns with increasingly aged populations - essentially, loyalists who won't leave the area because they've done whatever they've done there since they were tots.

But the kids - the kids are, to a great degree, getting out of there while the getting's good, and they're not going back. they're going to college or the cities and few, if any, are saying, "Hey, wouldn't it be neat if I went back to my hometown and took over the farm/worked at the co-op/bought the grocery store/so on so forth. The kids are, largely unlike their grandparents or parents before them, ending up in places where they have to be tolerant of different, diverse belief systems and viewpoints.

Sure, a place like this might exist in Wichita, but it might exist in a lot of places. Twice in the last decade the state school board has tried to shoehorn in anti-evolution education rules for state curriculum, and if memory serves me correctly both times it eventually got reversed because each time it rendered the state a national laughing stock.

Progress is coming, it's just slower than we'd like.
Inside the Creation Museum - What's the Matter with Kansas?
06/17/09, 10:01

The real ones told them to fuck right off.
Inside the Creation Museum - What's the Matter with Kansas?
06/16/09, 22:58

The Worst Kitchen from Kitchen Nightmares
06/16/09, 15:56

It's Gordon Ramsey and Kitchen Nightmares, and the best tags we can come up with are "crap" and "rancid"?
Les yeux sans visage
06/16/09, 10:11

Terrific film.
Kate Gosselin denies Mady water
06/15/09, 20:22

It wasn't the best decision to drink in front of the kid, but she's gonna be talking on TV and likely didn't think any deeper than, "I'd better take a drink before I start trying to answer questions and either my throat turns to sandpaper or the blob of snot in the back of my throat comes shooting out and splatters the camera in a gross, gloppy mess." It likely wasn't a conscious thought, even. We're not talking the Bond equivalent of a villain applied to parenting (who would be Octomom). She's vain and stupid, but human, and this was 99% likely just an innocent doofism.
Tom Baker fails to shill Doctor Who tchotchkes on QVC, circa 2001.
06/15/09, 20:17

It's Tom Baker, he always goes off the rails.
Real Time with Bill Maher - New Rules - 6/12/09
06/15/09, 14:12

For you.
Kate Gosselin denies Mady water
06/15/09, 14:09

As much as I really strongly dislike these people as parents and as should-be responsible adult human beings, as a parent I have to say that, if they really are about to go on, giving the child the water was really likely to BE a bad idea. When one gets it the rest will notice and want it, and a "quick drink" doesn't exist to kids - they just try to guzzle the entirety of it in the least amount of time. And this is all without the fairly decent chance of one child trying to physically grab and pull away the water bottle while the other child's drinking and getting water all over everyone and everything.

I guess five, because the video's intent at being evil is just as evil as Kate herself.
Belly Pumping
06/15/09, 11:35

Holy hell, the comments......
Lifeless: Clip One
06/12/09, 02:27

Yeah, I tried to get into this comic, and while the zombie action and survivalism was really good, at the point I was reading it really seemed backseat to the soap opera stuff.

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