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Favorited Videos
Megurine Luka - ARPK (English Subbed)
Ratatouille (Drum'n'Bass)
200 countries, 200 years in 4 minutes -- Hans Rosling's 'Joy of Stats'
Ladies and Gentlemen, Nicholas Cage
How to dance at a rave
Pug sings 'Batman' theme song
As Seen on TV - a tribute to doing it wrong
Simple Swedish
Even more outtakes from Bill the fishing guy.
Usher vs. Goat That Yells Like Man
Mitchell and Webb - Farming
We're Number 37
2001 A Space Odyssey opening score done by a school orchestra.
Pink Floyd on accordion
Flipping Off Zoo Animals
Backpacker travels with his kitty around the world
NPR - The crow paradox
Rube Waddell
How to Pass the Time at Red Lobster in Toronto
Indian floating martial arts.
Sexy Parodius Arcade - Boss Run
Daily Show: Baracknophobia - Obey
Three Guys quote Christian forums
Buster Keaton defies logic, death to make you laugh
Finally Tonight, Jesus
Da Crusher Speaks His Mind
Two angry camels in a car.
Buddhist monks chanting the 'Lotus Sutra'
Let's Misbehave - Christopher Walken
Wacky human inventions from the 1930's
Owls Dancing
Kitty eating a graham cracker
Incoherent Japanese man plays Super Mario Land
Cooking Terms (1949)
Korean Karaoke - Touch My Body
Cat a'playing the PIE-anno
Osaka Bang!
A scene from Time Bokan
Tekkaman and his Magnificent Space Lance
Sprint0115 - Don't give black women your money
Steven Seagal Runs Like a Girl
Going Pentecostal
Hexapod Dance Competition
Robot Hunter
Bill Cosby loses his mind on ESPN
Toby Radloff eats and describes various process cheese foods
cuteness black hole
Pan Kun rides the Segway
Obama Is Beautiful World (Japanese Obama song)
That One
Bruce Lee - Enter the Dragon Super Kick
Godzilla does his Happy Dance
Ostrich attacks a person
Cookie Monster--Healthy Food
'Diesel SFW Porn' Thing...
Jack Van Impe on Foreign Policy
Cave Story PSA
Nameneko Japanese Surf Rock Kittens
Kitty's Silent Frustration
Kitty 1-2-3 redlight
Squeeky Kitten
Little Donovan is wrested away from his computer game
Croatian Invasion
Two-Faced Kitten Born In Ohio
Tiger Beer Commercial
I can break these cuffs! You can't break those cuffs.
Bootsy's Basic Funk Formula
Sleepy Bear Can't Stay Awake
Asians tormenting an owl
Mega Wicker Man
Dumbass thieves cant get past a locked door
Severed rattlesnake head moves and bites!
Hamster Vacuum
Airman ga Taosenai
Attack of the Canada Goose
55 second paper airplane flight.
Riot Cop Nailed with Drum
Goat licking an Electric Fence
Darkstalkers Compilation.
Feed the kitty!
Megaman 3 with vocal audio
Flying penguins
Dancing Walrus
Fred Durst guitar solo
Ha Ha Ha America
Pretty much everywhere, it's gonna be hot.
Dogs being awesome.
Lasagna Cat - 06/15/2007
lasagna cat: 10/26/2007
lasagna cat: 04/08/1998
SFII: The Animated series (the American one)
Tim Meadows Marijuana Warning
Machine girl trailer
Chrono Trigger MIDI Art
Old Milwaukee Beer

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