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The State-Fluffy Soft
07/26/08, 14:44

There's some as will tell you that it's important you actually vote....
The State-Fluffy Soft
07/26/08, 14:43

Auto-4 for The State.
Titanic: The Animated Movie - IT'S PARTY TIME
07/26/08, 14:30

+5 for totally justifying the Second Amendment. What if the producers showed up on your doorstep?
Violence Jack - Killing the children
07/26/08, 14:23

All children deserve this.
Kitten Freakout
07/22/08, 18:21

As a Kitten Truther I must deduct 2 stars for shitty CIA-planted meows.

The Dark Knight Animated
07/22/08, 17:45

I saw Dark Knight last night, so I've got no tolerance for this shit right now.
Xuxa em Xamas ('Xuxa on Fire')
07/22/08, 17:35

Anime has ruined your sexuality, sir.
Lady Forester de Rothschild calls Obama an elitist
07/17/08, 18:08

What part of the last ten years could possibly indicate to you that any group of disgruntled Democrats is going to "suck it up" and do the right thing instead of doing their best to sabotage the entire party since they didn't get what they wanted?

What part?
Samurai Shodown Intro
07/17/08, 17:20

Ukyo forever. Then also Charlotte, then also, later, Cham Cham.

Charlotte's stage theme from SSII is still my favorite piece of video game music EVAR.
Superheroine Gets Eaten by Mop
07/17/08, 17:09

Too short to fap comfortably to.

Wasn't that the muppet dog from Sesame Street?
07/17/08, 16:36

this is going to totally revolutionize the way people smear themselves across rocks.
tame the beast
07/17/08, 14:24

More freedom= Fuck the IRS + fuck the ATF + legalize it + return to a REAL conservative foreign policy (GTFO the biz of world-policing) + fuck gun laws (why shouldn't I get to own a SAM? It's for... uh, plinking?) + put an end to corporate welfare, farm subsidies and most of the other giveaway programs that keep most people alive these days.
Pool's closed
07/17/08, 13:59

Damn right New Braunfels sucks. How can a town founded by German immigrants fail even to have ONE decent German restaurant?

Can we nuke it while still preserving Schlitterbahn and Gruene?
Genki Sudo ring entrance collection
07/17/08, 13:47

How does anyone even ~notice~ anime in a country that does this?
Greatest Tetris Player Ever
07/17/08, 13:35

I want a new nervous system. One that can do this.
Broken Pixels: Queen of Queens Wrestling
07/17/08, 13:18

A butter and ham disaster.
Crane Riding Dare Devil
07/17/08, 13:05

This is why we need universal healthcare.
Scary Banana
07/17/08, 12:47

-1 star for no Segway.
Drifting Lada
07/17/08, 12:45

This is what you get when a country that has never had a sober driver starts to produce cars.
Urban Ninja
07/17/08, 12:42

I am intrigued by his ideas, and wish to subscribe to his newsletter.

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