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Hopper History
Have Sex while playing Guitar Hero!
A simple early animation test
Kid Self-Owns
Gordon Freeman Calls into Coast to Coast AM
All the Real Ghostbusters toy commercials
Techno Viking
Do It Yourself Trepanation
Rock, Flag and Eagle!
Independence Day - President Bill Pullman's epic speech
King's Quest V Death Scenes
Creepy CG man (with bad skin)
Bleed with me, Harry
Opening Theme to the IT crowd
Ghostbusters (1984) - The whole movie (hulu)
Parasite Eve Intro
Wild Zero - Guitar Wolf vs Zombies
Iron Maiden Safety Belt PSA
Building Implosion Scares Everyone
An Aperture Science Christmas
Whopper Freak Out
Twisted Metal 2
Hedgehog chews its food
Drunk History, vol. 2 - Discovering Electricity
The Dark Knight Trailer - In Lego
2 Girls 1 Sprinkler
Megatron: Yes or No?
Resident Evil: Degeneration trailer
Michael Bay Verizon FiOS Commercial
A commercial for 3 ULTRA NES games.
Daddy Does Not Approve
Got a Bag of Doritos.
The Animatrix - World Record
Worst WoW Parody Ever!

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