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Judge Judy--Goth Girl Loses Cat to Ex-Boyfriend, Has Emotional Breakdown
05/21/09, 22:41

American Tank vs German Tank
05/21/09, 22:37

You won't hear a lot of the guys from the Pacific say that. It seems more like "Even though they were the enemy, they're still white."
Megashark vs 747
05/20/09, 04:47

I got food poisoning/pneumonia/mono while on a church group trip in high school, so I spent the last couple days holed up in the hotel room. I was all alone one afternoon when there was a knock at the door. I answered it, and there was this smoking hot blond MILF, who explained that she was a flight attendant and would be sleeping during the day and leaving for a flight late that night and wanted to alert her neighbors that it would be nice if noise could be kept to a minimum. I told her I was sick and wouldn't be making much noise myself. She smiled, thanked me and went back to her room. I thought to myself that this was just a bit odd, but didn't give it much though.

I'm not an adventurous man, and I don't regret many things in my life, but GOD DAMMIT.
Car roof wrestling done gone perfectly
05/20/09, 01:23

On accident.
Megashark vs 747
05/20/09, 01:20

Just when you thought it was safe
Jenny McCarthy's Biomedical Intervention Lesson
05/20/09, 01:13

Aborted fetal tissue.
Hes dead, Jim!
05/18/09, 02:56

Kirk thought they were going to make sandwiches, but his bread is gone :(

President Obama: Notre Dame Commencement Speech
05/18/09, 00:40

I see what you did there...
Black Sabbath Fan
05/12/09, 23:08

Most of them are like that on the outside too.
Viva Pinata Commercial
05/11/09, 01:24

And his problem isn't that nothing he was promised came true, but that it ALL came true.
Hannity's coverage of Obama's burger order
05/09/09, 18:16

My dream last night was somebody eating dijon mustard out of the jar with a spoon. They kept saying 'dijon' over and over again. Thank you for reminding me.
Laser on Kiss
05/09/09, 04:30

Or reveal that it was attached to a firearm.
How to draw a boss.
05/08/09, 23:01

Or after scanning it into photoshop yanking the cyan channel. Works a charm.
Kevin Smith discusses making a film for Prince
05/08/09, 04:41

Agreed. I don't care much for his movies but I'd like to go see him talk. I worked with a guy who went to one and took along a copy of Smith's Superman script. He signed it "fuck Tim Burton".
747 Gets Struck by Lightning
05/07/09, 04:34

It's like The Langoliers. Except instead of everyone who is awake disappearing they just shit their fucking pants.
shot the rc plane with the big guns
04/29/09, 18:57

And most of those weapons cost well in excess of $10k. About $1000 a minute to shoot. Ponder the fact that most of the people in this video make more and have more money than any of us ever will.
Home made wall of death
04/14/09, 16:02

Thats in the "Worlds Largest Bond Fire" video. Not kidding.
Home made wall of death
04/14/09, 15:44

Wait till you guys see the video of them burning it down.
Hawanna restores a Binson Echorec
04/13/09, 02:39

korg ms-20 i mean. Going by the tags here.
Hawanna restores a Binson Echorec
04/13/09, 02:32

My friends dad sold one at a garage sale a few years ago for like 50 bucks. Maybe less.

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