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Waiting for Godot - Lucky's Scene
09/01/08, 01:42

"In defense of games, I want to point out that the writing in plays, including everything by August Strindberg and The Lion King, is 100% pure crap. So we’re doing better than they are even though they have the benefit of mostly not being about space marines."

-Erik Wolpaw
Gremlins fan film. not aspergers, just lots of OCD...and AWESOME!
08/31/08, 23:30

I thought it was just a well done series of video-editing or CGI tricks.

This man deserves a job doing, something. I'm not sure what, but talent like this shouldn't go to waste on us.
Ecuadorian Super Dwarves
08/31/08, 20:43

Sorry to beard out on you. I didn't notice that they had misreported that fact the first time I watched it. To clarify, Valter Longo has made yeast live ten times longer by altering that pathway, not mice.

As a general rule, it's easier to make simpler organisms live longer than more complex ones like humans. As you increase in complexity from yeast to C. elegans, to Drosophila, to rodents, the genetic interventions tend to have less of an effect on life span. This doesn't mean that this research isn't worth pursing, just that it's going to be harder to extend human life span than clips like this one would lead you to believe.
Ecuadorian Super Dwarves
08/31/08, 18:47

Where are you getting that information from? The only genetic intervention that I know of that's extended life span that much was done in C. elegans. For mice it's more like a 20-40% increase in life span at best for alterations to the insulin-like pathway.

Also, if memory serves me, most of these dwarves are more susceptible to heart disease, and have to watch what they eat more than a normal person would.
House vs Death
08/31/08, 18:17

After seeing this and the related clips on youtube, I've decided to try watching this show.

Response to Lil J by some Dude
08/23/08, 02:53

Did Matt Besser die? Because someone is channeling his spirit.
Sonichu - Subepisode 2! The Audiobook!
08/23/08, 00:45

Watching this made me feel like a bad person.
The Prison Knife Game
08/20/08, 23:08

I tried out your suggestion, but I found it less fulfilling than cocaine, midwestern speed, or MDMA. Also, my hand really hurts right now, and it's bleeding.

Wow, that's a lot of blood.
Allison is Walking on Sunshine!
08/17/08, 06:08

My only wish is that if the state ever comes for me, that I could pull some equally freaky exorcist shit before the cuffs go on.
'The Georgian president chews over his next move'
08/17/08, 05:53

This is the first time that any political figure has done anything that I could relate to.
An Official Sonichu Update
08/17/08, 03:40

The sonichu pendant is starting to cut off the blood flow from his carotid arteries.
Axelswife's 2 Girls 1 Cup reaction video
08/16/08, 02:12

I'd give you five stars for stealing my comment, but my comment isn't worth five stars.
Thor being manly. (From The Incredible Hulk Returns)
08/13/08, 03:56

I've never read the comic book, but I have a hard time believing that it could be as awesome as this.
Juggalo Drunken Dance
08/09/08, 05:00

The most awkward aspect of this submission is the hairline of the dancer. If he was fourteen, we could chalk this up to youthful indiscretions. Unfortunately, the biomarkers of aging indicate that there is no excuse for this behavior.
Carl from Sling Blade Makes a Potion
08/05/08, 13:50

Does he need an apprentice?
Sexinator vs. the Sexman
08/03/08, 02:53

I don't know if I want to hug this person, or beat the shit out of him.

This has never happened to me before.

I'm confused.
How to board a train that never stops
07/27/08, 13:24

I wonder when one of the inventors is going to realize that the occupants will be slammed against the back of the people-compartment as the train catches it.

Hopefully, they'll figure it out before the first test run.
Randy Pausch Last Lecture: Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
07/27/08, 00:12

I agree with Baleen that Pausch comes off as rather abrasive. Maybe it's the constant platitudes or the disney shirt.

Nevertheless, he accomplished exponentially more in his life than I have. And he met death straight on; he addressed it with humor, and was able to look back on his life with minimal regrets.

I hope that when my end comes I can do the same thing.
Starship Troopers 3 - Its A Good Day To Die
07/26/08, 18:38

The last two Starship Troopers movies have greatly increased my respect for Paul Verhoeven. That man takes shitty movie concepts, and while he doesn't make them good, the end result is at least watchable.

Yes, the entire movie is like this. I tried really hard to enjoy it, but I couldn't even like it ironically.
Keg Stand Faceplant
07/22/08, 21:42

I'd hope they would lie and make up a less embarrassing story; like autoerotic asphyxiation.

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