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An Incredibly Creepy Christmas Ad.
12/17/09, 02:57

That feeling? That's, uh, Christmas spirit... just... uh... let's not tell anyone about it, okay?
Rachel Maddow-Atheist under fire for (lack of) beliefs
12/16/09, 21:03

You can do something similar when testifying in court, but most defense attorneys don't recommend it.

Or so I've heard.
12/16/09, 16:34

Chumpishly following the mainstream Republican party line verbatim is a pretty good start.

Holding rallies against a Democratically-elected (w/ the electoral and popular votes) candidate within months of his election using "revolutionary" imagery is an excellent follow-up.

You're just as bad as Mr. Obamastein here, Cena. Even if you arn't, this is pretty much how you come across.
12/16/09, 13:26

How did the Heath Ledger joker look become the conservative version of the V for Vendetta mask?

+5 for tea party crazy mixed with unironic use of the word "raghead"
Nicholas Cage Shoots A Little Girl
12/15/09, 18:35

This clip answers absolutely nothing about how it got burned.
The Wire - Herc and Carver HUH!?
12/15/09, 18:30

They were great at the right times but absolutely terrible when they were superfluous (e.g. much of season 2). I enjoyed the scenes in season 5 that highlighted how much Carver had evolved relative to Herc.

Um, I mean... meh?
The WIre - Hats with sideways brims
12/14/09, 23:53

lol thx
Morning workout
12/14/09, 20:19

No "white people" tag?
JFK vs. Nixon - the 1960 Presidential debates
12/12/09, 15:33

Say it ain't so, Dick.
Daily Show - Why Does Glenn Beck Love Gold So Much?
12/12/09, 05:45

"What, are we going to let this GOD that had us wandering for so long decide how to hand out manna? Look, all I'm saying is..."
The Sorcerer's Apprentice -trailer
12/11/09, 00:08

I'm more bothered by the weird pedo vibe from the presumed plot. Like that pbf comic:

Chris-chan: Family Gay
12/10/09, 23:59

Put that way, dead_cat, I guess I should be somewhat grateful these videos exist. Each posted video is eight minutes where he won't be on the streets fighting the urge to sexually assault someone.
Ultima IX - The Death of Lord British
12/10/09, 23:51

6. The only way I could find to kill him in that game was to hit him with a glass sword while he was sleeping. Oddly, it had no effect on the ending.
The Black Hole
12/10/09, 17:15

The deranged look on his face as he ate the Snickers bar was delightful.
Chris-chan: Family Gay
12/10/09, 16:49

Is it worth it, Smellvin?

These were very funny at first. "Christ-on-the-cross, what an idiot." I would chortle. An idiot manchild dancing around his room oblivious to the despair he SHOULD be having.

Years later. after watching video after video of Chris-Chan falling for the same trolls, waddling around the same riculously toy-strewn room it gets less funny. Much less funny. How many of these can one man take in a lifetime?

Of course there's the horror of an aging Chris-Chan... Every day I watch him get a little fatter, a little balder and a little more resigned to keeping his vigrinity as he enters the 3rd decade of his life. Magnifying this depressing sight is his insistence on wearing the same Sonichu medallion and striped polo. The consistency of his wardrobe becomes an unintentional parody of his youth as it contrasts with his noticeable physical aging.

Now these videos are not not pleasant at all. They're horrifying. Especially when you think back to how much of this idiot's life we were all privy too... crying about girls X, Y and Z, drinking his own spooge, or feuding with Liquid Chris... we were intentionally there for all of it. We lapped up the schadenfreude and until *we* became a little fatter and balder. The abyss gazes back.

Sure, I still have some mild, morbid fascination which keeps me tuning as if I was rubbernecking a car accident... But that's all it is now. Morbid fascination. I can't bring myself to look any closer... much less laugh.

Two stars for existential turmoil.
Atheists, Satanists, and the Antichrist All Need to Die.
12/09/09, 14:35

Begone, mutant!
Rachel Maddow and 'Gay Cure' Advocate Richard Cohen
12/09/09, 12:29

This guy is one of the most vile, disgusting things on two legs (or knees).
El Niņo
12/09/09, 12:22

I'm going to post some Almost Heroes clips to test your resolve.
City of God - Lil' Ze
12/09/09, 01:18

Um, no.
Sims peeing on the floor out of their ass ( funny )
12/08/09, 14:37

Incidentally, I'm glad the poster put the word "(funny)" in the video title. Just in case I was intending to take a video titled "Sims peeing on the floor out of their ass" too seriously.

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