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andru strange

Suspension through: 0000-00-00
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The Legend of Cat
Feed the kitty!
Live Onstage Dutch Child Molestation
Pat Condell - Hello Angry Christians
Kitten vs. Fake Kitten
Zoolander - Gas Fight
Ben Stein's Expelled - The short version
I just can't make good coffee.
Tia Tanaka Pretends To Play 360
Epic color commentary
Carlos the RoboHobo
Sesame Street - Grover and John-John count backwards
'Angry lesbian storms out of Restaurant'
hawaiian oklahoma
Zero Punctuation - Condemned 2: Bloodshot
LOL Together--a lolcat filk of the Beatles' 'Come Together'
Creationist 'education' through 'humor', pt 2
Color Me Beautiful
Tennis player kills bird
Green Lantern Sucks
Baby Parrot Feeding Frenzy
Airedale babysitting Scottie pups
Alan Partridge is interviewed
Cat plays theremin
Britney Spears at 2007 MTV VMA
World of Warcraft nerd goes insane
Midori no Hibi Opening
Methhead Camwhore has a meltdown because of Rick Astley
An engineer's guide to cats
Raquel Welch: Space-Girl Dance
Cat needs breasts
What the hell is wrong with Japan
Berries And Cream Starburst ad
Hyrax cub eating
CocoNelly the Cat Rap Music Video
evil clown in the train station
A handbag?!
Leprechaun - Exploding lady scene
Kitty, look at the camera
Macho Man Randy Savage has a special message for the viewers of his website.
Water Bear
Christopher Walken Cooks a Chicken
Russian Wedding Battle Royal
internet hate machine
Failsafe: Climax
Will Farrell takes a tranquilizer dart to the jugular
Gay Scientists Isolate Christian Gene
Desteni - Child Abuse System Demon
She She She She's a Bombshell
Something Awful on Attack of the Show
Dead of Night - The neighborhood kids visit
Zero Gravity Cat
Hamburger the Motion Picture - Cookie Bandit
Keith Olbermann on Bush Singing About his Many Failures
BBQ at John McCain's Sedona ranch.
'West Wing' - Biblical Quotes
Infrared Fart
Hottie dances with five golden hula hoops
Why won't this guy face the flag?
Skunk (Peaches) in Angry Skunk
Gas Music from Jupiter
Drunk Lady Beaten By Officer Wiley Willis of Shreveport
Possession - Isabel Adjani is possessed.
Kittens VS a sparkly stick
Worst Guard Dog Ever
Topsy the Elephant is electrocuted
Putin disses Bush
Serbu Super Shorty
Three kittens with Cerebral Hypoplasia play
Grouchy kitty.
A 'Short and Inoffensive' Graduation Prayer, Texas-Style.
Cop it like This
Cheeseburger Fight
Dreams Do Come True
Pet Skunk Traipses Around A Garden
my eyeball pops out ver.5 original
Woman sets herself on fire
Travis Pastrana's Rally Car vs. Deer
Scientology - What are your crimes?
Cat wants your attention
Scientology - Personal Insults
Excitebike TAS 5:35
Visual Terrorist Attacked
When Porn Strikes
Tom Cruise Kills Oprah
The Guillotine Bow & Arrow
Two Gay Guys Kissing - Not Cool
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Birth of Gurren Lagann [Spoilers]
Disapproving rabbit eats parsley
Pipa pipa - Surinam Toad Babies Emerging
Bobby Conn on... Satanic Forces
Eartha Kitt: 'I Want to be Evil' (TV Performance, 1962)
Do Not Laugh in High School
VenomfangX - God doesn't believe in Atheists

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