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Tig Notaro - 'Hello, I have Cancer!'
05/22/16, 15:27

I don't log in or post much here, but we've had a few conversations here in the past, so I'm sorry to hear your news. Best of luck in your journey and battle.
Max, the 2000 Year-Old Mouse 'Daniel Boone'
03/03/16, 18:47

Am I hearing the name of the gun correctly @42 seconds?
Lemmy GTA V Mod
01/15/16, 19:57

You can download the mod at Github if you're so inclined.
Zima ad
02/25/14, 13:24

They actually still sell this stuff in Japan. I think someone keeps playing pranks on them by telling them things like Zima and mullets are cool.
Weather report for Dec. 1, 2010
12/01/10, 22:21

The characters at the 15 second spot don't look like Hangul to me. I'm guessing that it's actually Taiwanese given that it comes from NMA.

It's still pretty cool regardless of where it came from.
Hi, my name is Jessica and I'm a Mormon.
12/01/10, 02:07

Mormon? More like "More Mom", amiright?
Death Camp Kids at the Rainbow Gathering
11/26/10, 02:23

I think these kids may be feral.
Kelly Clarkson performs to widespread disinterest
11/22/10, 20:07

This is what I hate about concerts lately. You have all these people with cameras and no one moving around.

I'm not into this particular musician, but it would be nice to see people enjoying the experience instead of trying to all film the experience.
Donald Duck - Trick 'R' Treat
10/18/10, 02:42

Pretty o.k., but could use some BLAM!
Legolas by Laura
05/13/10, 16:13

This posioned my mind.
IBM 5100 Portable Computer Ad
05/02/10, 02:29

I think IBM may still be around. I don't know about any of the others.
Marmaduke the Movie trailer
03/28/10, 22:19

Coming soon on a cross country airplane flight near you.
Lazytown, with special guest star Lil Jon
12/03/08, 01:59

Brilliant work.
The minutemen of PSA's are after you!
11/17/08, 03:00

The Visual C#.NET book seems to be an unusual choice for his book shelf. Perhaps only Microsoft technical books are avaialable in that prison.
Polar Bear v. Ring Seal
10/19/08, 01:34

Final score : Polar Bear 1 Ring Seal 0

Damnit! I had a benjamin riding on that ring seal to at least cover the half point spread. Even the Cincinnati Bengals are good for a field goal, you stupid seal. Get with the program.
Hank Williams Jr. sings McCain-Palin Tradition
10/16/08, 02:31

Bruce Lee and friend excells in reacharounds
10/02/08, 00:51

The entire movie is well worth the $1.00 that I paid for it in the bargain bin. It flashes between colour, b&w, and sepia. It's three bad movies blended into pure distilled awesomeness.
Heavy metal Angel of the Morning
10/01/08, 19:17

This gets my 5 stars for the syncing of the original video with the new song. Juice always looked mentally disturbed enough, so coupling this with a heavy metal version is a natural.
130+ Cat Feeding Frenzy
09/21/08, 04:49

This should be the only thing on CNN. It beats Anderson Cooper, Glenn Beck, and Nancy Grace combined. Maybe they should be in the room with the cats.
Jesse Ventura's Speech at the Ron Paul Rally 08
09/04/08, 03:04

As a libertarian, I really appreciated the Jesse Ventura speech. Three cheers for sedition if I'm still allowed to say that.

Some of the Ron Paul callers really scare me in the later segments, especially the guy who claimed to have co-authored a book with God. I couldn't take that call without falling on the floor in a fit of laughter. Another one claimed that Illinois was being invaded.

It seems to me that if McCain really wants Paul's most ardent supporters, he could get the Coast-To-Coast AM's frequent callers list and have a pretty good subset.


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