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Internet Explorer 8 Ad - SHYNESS
07/02/09, 04:50

Search traffic (Firefox gets money for referring people to Google, and Microsoft has their own search engine);

Commercial support (lots of companies are interested in funding the development of web browsers, for all kinds of reasons);

And ulterior motives (Microsoft uses IE to shill their software platforms, various companies want to encourage standards compliance, Microsoft and Apple don't want any major gaps in their software platform, Google somehow manages to get paid almost every time you view a web page, et cetera, et cetera).
augmented reality on an iPhone
06/26/09, 03:47

Since I accidentally replied to zato, let me continue by saying that I am in favor of murdering healthy young people and sacrificing their organs to Steve Jobs if doing so means that in the future I will have cool toys.
augmented reality on an iPhone
06/26/09, 03:44

-2: because there is a video lag of about 1 second.

+2: because they shot a video of an iPhone by crudely attaching another iPhone to it.
Girl gets shot in Tehran, 15 Khordad (date unknown, presumed June 15-18)
06/22/09, 20:04

Additional nightmare fuel:

Japan does it again.
06/20/09, 00:21

You're thinking of Thailand.
Clown Car Crash
06/16/09, 03:45

Three people run at :25. Four more emerge at :32 (plus the driver of the other car). Then there are five more around :35-38.

Seven more make a run for it as the camera zooms back in at around :45 (two run off frame, and there are two more groups of three and two people). Six more can be seen fleeing the car after that. There are still two people crawling out of the car when the video fades.

So that's 27 people I counted, assuming no one was erased by the artifacting and that there was no one else still in the car besides the two I spotted.

Now if you'll excuse me, apparently I need to look up an OCD clinic.
Salli, the Swedish divided leg computer seat
06/14/09, 08:26

Wal Mart and Unions
06/13/09, 06:01

I can deal with your obvious trolling, but next time you mix up "they're" and "their," I will hunt you.
Rat Brain Robot
06/12/09, 21:55

I'm not so sure how I feel about calling this the first example of a machine controlled "entirely by living tissue." At best, that sounds like a weasel-worded attempt to ignore all the previous research along these same lines. For instance, consider this lamprey-controlled cyborg:

Ghost Stories clips
06/12/09, 02:44

Luckily I can read barricade.
737 crash landing at Birmingham airport (no injuries)
06/10/09, 21:56

> Apparently it came out of his wages.

Actually, I think both pilots were fired.


Democrats hire speed reader to stop Republican stalling tactics
06/10/09, 06:59

Or because we read "Lord of the Flies."
Passaic Police Officer Beating
06/10/09, 03:45

Bonus stars: homeless guy is schizophrenic.
The Kettenkrad.
06/10/09, 03:39

I'm not sure you understand what is meant by "Category: Trailers."
People Power North Korea
06/09/09, 19:18

People Power North Korea
06/09/09, 06:26

Besides the perpetual threat imprisonment, starvation and ruin, I mean.
People Power North Korea
06/09/09, 06:24

On the plus side, they treat their women better than the Saudis.
Women's Studies class discusses Donkey Punching
06/08/09, 23:36

This is my serious face.
North Korea Prison Life
06/08/09, 20:06

I'm pretty sure it's a dupe of this video...


...which currently isn't working.
Headcrabs are real. Gordon Freeman needed ASAP.
06/08/09, 02:22

This would've worked too:


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