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Hopper History
Jeni Barnett's 43 minute 45 second antivaccination screed
Kitty Does Not Want To Excerise on Treadmill
Big Snake
A real faggot
Superfriends: Argument
Make McCain Exciting - Highlander Edition
''Solid'' Republican ad by Motion Brigades
Yakitate Japan - Kawachi's ballerina reaction
English Subs- The Real Voice of Pikachu
Big Lebowski / Street Fighter II Bonus Stage
Badger, badger, badger...
Basket Case Italiano
Devil Sheep
dog playing with ball machine
Swarmbots Pulling a Child
Thai Sylvania lightbulb ad
Stairway to Heaven backwards & forwards
Cat Attack
British Economic Underclass vs Playground
Unexplained ground rainbows!
Missile Launch Gone Wrong: A Demonstration of French Military Technology
Norm McDonald versus Pokemon.
YouTube anti-marijuana PSA
Masturbation will give you 'Big Eye Syndrome'
Laura Ingraham is astounded by the number 68.
Cop Mistakes Penis for Gun
Worm like an uncircumsized penis
Mark Hamill laughing
Barack Obama the AntiChrist
Bjork explains how her TV works
Naval Rail Gun Fire Testing (2008)
The Voice of Pikachu
Metal Gear Awesome
Decent Folk Discuss Obama
Read or Die
Invisible water!
Anaconda Doesn't Want to be Filmed
Miley Cyrus disses Radiohead on the radio
5 second films - Magic Show Volunteer
TRIGUN : Vash, Millie, Meryl, and Vash-poseurs (episode 1 Pt 3)
Invisible water! (ignore the other one... i don't know how to delete it...)
Gabe Freeman eats 8 cans of catfood
How the FDIC takes over a Bank
Interview with an Illithid.
MMA Double Knockout
Danny Dumps - Girlfriend dumped live on Galaxy Radio
Daft MIDI - One More Time via MIDI synthesis.
The 9 Ways To Treat a Woman
Flight of the Conchords - You don't have to be a Prostitute
Van Halen - The Microsoft Songsmight Sessions
DOOM on the TI-83+
Baby Hahn's Macaws in an Incubator
Shooting A Can Off Your Friends Head With Paintball Gun
Top 5 Science Conspiracies, Theories and Hoaxes
Global Warming is a Hoax of Rich Eco-Hypocrites
Cameras in Digital Convert Boxes! BEWARE!!!!
Israeli McDonald's Ad
Cooking the Perfect Steak with Vacuum Cleaner and Blowtorch
The Medical Aspects of Nuclear Radiation (1950)
Deputy Paul Schene attacks a teenage girl in her cell
Cyriak - Bits and Bobs
Paul Harvey's Bong Endorsement
Cyriak - Deadenders
Homer Simpson's Painful Moments
Tweeker Father of Child Murderer
Keith Olbermann calls Paul Harvey the Worst Person in the World
The UH60 Blackhawk aerial tree trimmer
Maylasian Landslide
What the Queen of England didn't say in her Christmas message
vampire bat on a treadmill
Assassin Bug vs. Bat
Lion charges lion hunter
Maggot Therapy
Daft MIDI - Digital Love via MIDI synthesis
Cliff Kincaid says Obama not born in U.S.
Guy With Sword Interrupts Neighbor's Porn
Dog sings the blues
Are Old People Ready for the Digital Conversion?
Pan Kun rides the Segway
Is it evolution?
BT Global Challenge Yacht Race from 2000.
damaged car keeps rolling
Yes on 4 - Stop Child Predators
(The political monsters') Meeting of Darkness
Jim's Valveless Pulsejet
TF2 griefing starring Demonius X
Tokyo Zoo Drill-Rhino Rampage
Unicyclist skills
Burt Reynolds IS Raven
Video: Friendly fire attack in Iraq

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