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Replied to Old_Zircon discussing GIVE HIM SOME MILK PT. 2

Commented on & rated GIVE HIM SOME MILK PT. 2

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Rated Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Japan Mascots

Replied to infinite zest discussing 375lb DUMBBELL- WORLDS BIGGEST - WHO IN THE HELL COULD LIFT THIS SHIT- Rich Piana

Replied to Raggamuffin discussing 375lb DUMBBELL- WORLDS BIGGEST - WHO IN THE HELL COULD LIFT THIS SHIT- Rich Piana

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Rated Fat Albert (Intro, Outro and All Songs)

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Rated Cambodian TV Show Pranks Girl

Replied to Old_Zircon discussing Mystery Science Theater 3000's Trace Beaulieu And Frank Conniff

Rated SMOG

Commented on & rated Mystery Science Theater 3000's Trace Beaulieu And Frank Conniff

Rated strange giggling potty toy complete with sound effects

Rated Blue Velvet -- chicken walk

Rated Human Centipede 3 trailer

Rated Aerial video of B-29 s/n 45-21748. Help restore via Kickstarter: http://kck.st/1OxCDGi

Replied to spicediver discussing Mantra for Healing Personal and National Economies

Rated Shovel Knight - Battletoads Boss Fight

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