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Commented on Let me bang, bro.

Rated Let me bang, bro.

Rated Satan is my dark lord and master

Commented on iJustine's Horrible Parody of Ke$ha's 'TickTock'

Rated iJustine's Horrible Parody of Ke$ha's 'TickTock'

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Rated Klaus Nomi - Cold Song

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Commented on & rated WildSpace, 1993

Rated Slavoj Žižek Reacts to the Internet! Ep. 3: Deal With It as The Nipple Clamps of Culture

Replied to Azmo23 discussing Upright Citizens Brigade - Dark Secrets Revealed

Rated Stephen Colbert responds to #CancelColbert

Rated Fall Out, Fall In

Rated FEDSMOKER bothers a cop, cuts a promo at the 1:10 mark.


Rated FEDSMOKER - Coochie Hoochies

Commented on & rated FEDSMOKER - MTV's Greatest Hit, Locked Up in the Nuthouse Going Crazy

Rated 'Why I refuse to get a job'

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