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chumbucket favorited Samir, you're breaking the car!
Replied to infinite zest discussing Samir, you're breaking the car!

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Commented on & rated Lemonade War

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Rated The E.T. Audio Book

Replied to Binro the Heretic discussing Man vs. gate

Rated A dumb Conan bit turns into impromptu Radiohead cover during dress rehearsal


Commented on & rated Hannibal Buress to Bill Cosby: 'You Raped Women.'

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Commented on & rated Drone Used To Monitor Killer Whales For First Time.

Replied to betamaxed discussing EQUALIZER 2000 - Richard Norton Weapon Assembly

Rated Hard Working Nick Bravo

Rated Lindybeige audience engagement video

Commented on & rated Romeo Rose Listens to Guy Talk about Columbine Shooting and Oklahoma Bombing

Commented on & rated Man struggles with face hugger on his face. Woman has interesting solution to treat the pain.

Commented on & rated Lockheed Martin: Compact Fusion Research & Development

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