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engrish muffin

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Dildo Diaries
Jenna Rose - O.M.G.
Sandra Lee's Hanukkah Cake
Jeff Goldbum wiggling one ear at a time
Massive flood in Italy flushes cars down the street
Nine minutes of nothing but driving from MANOS THE HANDS OF FATE!
Konapun - Fried Food Kit
Soylent Sushi
Budweiser reminds you to never forget 9/11.
Worst death in Oblivion
What, if Anything, Is Big Bird?
unstaged, full contact, full armor jousting
Cat attacks babysitter
Why I Love Apple Snapple
Annual Black Female 40oz Drinking And Chicken Wing Eating Contest
Tea Party Song
Cat plays with an iPad
Insane Clown Posse - Miracles
Hospital Food, Who Says It All Taste Bad
TaxTeaParty pledges NO VIOLENCE against DEMS
Ghosts in a Bottle Sell For $2000
Hide and seek play with Maru
Bodybuilder Fantasizes About Being a Giant
Greensleeves, performed in a new and horrifying way.
Do the Sex Offender Shuffle
Pure H20 proves every word that I've ever said
CGI Guilty Puppy
Feeling Chilled - The Snuggie Remix
The hottest thing since zit-popping vids.
Dancing with your dog
A monkey pisses into his own mouth
The End of the World Bus Tour
Ronald Jenkees Is Paradoxically The Worst And Best Prankster
Got Milk commercial from the 90's.
Kitties on a slide
Cat wants food.
Clutch exploding in a drag car.
Demonius X is critical of the NWO
Over 30 Bald Eagles in the Backyard
I need an emo or scene girlfriend now
Oh Danny Boy
I Wanted To Write A Song For You
Blue Point Himayan Kitten
An uppercut to the vagina!
intellectual pug
16: moments
MST3K - Space Mutiny: Railing Kill compilation
Bird Cage Beard
The Wedding Crasher
Boy to Girl
Fumiko's Confession
The door war is not over
Target Women: Broadview Security
How to Draw Asian Women
We love Russia
Space Ghost: Coast to Coast - Idlewild South
Deepak Chopra owned by random guy
New DemoniousX Video
Dominos bloopers
Addiction to oatmeal
Bloodybelly Comb Jelly
Monkey & Goat on rope
Chris-Chanukkah: Pushups
Ron Paul about the Swine Flu People die from the Vaccines not from The Flu.
We Are Douchebags.
Iron giant end
Goldie Hawn Speaks to Kids About Sex, Creeps Everyone out
Symphony of Science - 'We Are All Connected' (ft. Sagan, Feynman, deGrasse Tyson & Bill Nye)
A Racist Game I Found
Stars Wars: Laser Ricochet
Hair metal.
The world's only vegetarian spider
Beagle Puppy vs. Rottweiler: FIGHT!!!
Blame it on the alcohol
Kids gets his ass beat by insane loser
Book of Spells
Big Top Cupcakes
This Video is Dedicated to Teresa
Drunk Driver Keeps Trying to Stand Up
Robert Sapolsky: schizophrenia, OCD & religion
touching from a distance
A Glorious Dawn - Cosmos remixed
Megyn Kelly Erupts On O'Reilly Factor Over Joe Wilson's Liar Outburst
Corporate Slave
A Bunch of Otters Bitching And Whining
Sharks doing it
Fatty nearly breaks a tailgate
Classic 80s hits as ragtime
L'amour d'escargots
T.R.U.T.H. group: Are Catholics Christian?
Baby Hahn's Macaws in an Incubator
Owls Dancing
Creationist quote mine collapse
Barak and Michelle's 'First Dance' at the Neighborhood Ball
Hausu (1977) - Killer Lampshade
spinner shark doing its thing

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