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Dinkin Flicka

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Message to Sarah Palin
11/01/08, 17:05

Aunt's right - I only give a FUCK
Prop 8 spokesman says defeating gays is like defeating Hitler.
11/01/08, 16:45

I would love to be the Little Hero of Gayland to this guy's dike, and that's the truth.
The Daily Show - Community Organizers
11/01/08, 16:39

Really the Xizors of our empire, I'd say
I'm Retarded
11/01/08, 16:25

Though limited in his mental capacities, retard man obviously is a big fan of Clarence Thomas.
Man Finds Racial Slur On Receipt
11/01/08, 16:13

I interpret it as a conspiracy or a sociological experiment on the part of Journeys.
Obama Spokesperson Calls out Fox News
10/27/08, 06:14

The illegal ones are easier to find than the celestial ones. Best of luck
Biden is interviewed by a 5th grader.
10/27/08, 05:08

Should Joe Biden die, and god forbid he ever does, I Pray that this preload image is framed and left at his grave every on the anniversary of his death every year.

Five stars. I should watch the video now.
Guy ruins door in carwash.
10/27/08, 05:05

From the name alone this should have been hilarious. But these shitty stupidest people caught on camera shows make it not. Reinforcing the hilarity of anything with not only audience laughter but showing how the audience is laughing is a negation of funny. No bonus for anyone.
Obama Spokesperson Calls out Fox News
10/26/08, 18:28

I interpreted that baleen wanted to do the Yahway and smote her with fire and brimstone like a sodomite. I believe you all thought it was to be a sodomite and have gay sex with angels.
Erotic Corndogs
10/26/08, 07:05

Jesus Christ.

I can only hope Cena or Buttsex don't use this as ammo against you.
Thief II: The Methane Age - Garrett takes a dump
10/26/08, 06:57

Thief 2 is the greatest game Ever made
Robin and Marian (Richard Lester, 1976)
10/25/08, 02:44

Goddammit, this movie is amazing. Connery and Shaw are great, and the fact that Little John is Robin's #1 is fantastic. It's just wonderful
Natalie Portman & Rashida Jones Speak Out
10/23/08, 21:25

Every comment fractured has left so far has been right, and better than the video.
Mr. Rogers visits Yo-Yo Ma
10/23/08, 21:09

If you do nothing else, check out Part 2, with Yo Yo Ma's Bach dance pieces. And the performance of "Tree Tree Tree," which may not be the most sophisticated song ever written, but it's the most soothing thing I've heard all week.
Driver Plows His Car Through Crowd
10/19/08, 02:38

Context plz
Terry Tate: Reading Is Fundamental
10/19/08, 02:36

Ahh, postmodernity.
Yes On 8: Whether you like it or not
10/19/08, 02:25

Gay marriage, the ANALogy and use of the term "ANALogy" stand. And if you don't like it then surely you can cut out
McCain Roasts Obama
10/18/08, 16:46

Is it me or does Hillary look like Ashley Tisdale in both this and the other roast. Has this been said before? What happened to her?
One of millions of amazing scenes from Brazil
10/14/08, 01:52

It's a legitimate concern, but rest well - it is not so.

Brazil is perfect in that not a moment is wasted. Each individual scene or the movie as a whole - there's oodles of interesting in all of it.
Billy Basswolf from Guitar Wolf and his lovely guitar
10/14/08, 01:49

I'm a bouncer, and I'll go to Cena_Mark's show and beat the shit out of him as he plays bass crappily to the applause of the masses. Women surely will toss their unmentionables at me as I strangle him with six puny guitar strings.

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