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Dinkin Flicka

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Evil Dead - Redband Teaser
10/25/12, 16:23

"The charm" does not equal "the point."

Also, I happen to endorse Vaidency's comment above.
Evil Dead - Redband Teaser
10/25/12, 15:14

Just thank your lucky stars he's not so tasteless that he's taking the originals and CGI-adding all the things he wishes he could have done (perhaps the intention of this remake?), then taken the Original originals off the market.

And as for Crimewave, a movie whose production was chockfull of studio fuckery, sabotage, and axing Bruce Campbell -- if he's doing ED, I don't see why he wouldn't try a Round 2 on that one either.
Evil Dead - Redband Teaser
10/25/12, 13:12

I'm going to disagree with you all, and not just to troll. The intention of the original Evil Dead was to make an actual horror movie. It contains very little of the slapstick to come - which you all know. Their shoot went long so they used all kinds of fake shemps and different ideas, which is why the monsters look more and more hokey as the movie progresses. I'm imagining if they'd been able to stick to the schedule and budget, plus perhaps had a bigger budget and better cameras, they basically would have made something like THIS. I don't fully trust Sam Raimi for 100% quality these days (Oz sequel??) but I feel like his production on this isn't just for some quick cash that he doesn't even need. He specially picked the Uruguayan director for his aesthetic. This looks slick, but a lot of that gore is absolutely prosthetic and seems to be sticking to an old school. And even if it was CGI - did none of you enjoy Drag Me To Hell. I don't mean to be an apologist - I fucking hate remakes of horror classics as much as the rest of you, and I probably won't pay to see this - but this doesn't seem that far off course.

If this was a remake of Dead by Dawn or Army of Darkness, then I'd have more issue and agree with specific complaints made thus far. I'm retracting the beard now.
POETV watches people make stuff: a wooden bowl
10/24/12, 22:04

Maybe not canned stuff, but surely a hot, fresh bowl of homemade? Surely...
POETV watches people make stuff: a wooden bowl
10/24/12, 22:03

This is so beautiful! This reminds me of early Hermann Hesse, without the morbid sadness and searching.
The Revisionaries Trailer (2012)
10/24/12, 15:22

I wonder which is more of a bitch, the first amendment or bias-as-fuck documentaries.
Iron Man 3 Trailer
10/23/12, 15:23

This character, hero, and franchise all fucking suck.
Unethical Voting Behavior in the Texas Legislature
10/15/12, 22:25

This is great journalism!!
Live and Let Die- Death Scene
10/15/12, 22:21

Bus Driver Asks a Woman To Leave the Bus
10/14/12, 20:23

Republican invokes Jack Kennedy in a Vice Presidential Debate
10/13/12, 19:19

"I'll have you know I crushed up some uppers and snorted them off a whore's ass just before I made my entrance tonight, Mr. Vice President."
Dateline Frames Innocent Bike Shopee on the Lonely Isle Of Manhattan
10/12/12, 02:03

I mean, it's just crapshot denial that will maybe somehow work. Say it loud enough, insist it strong enough, and the other person MIGHT back down.

Also, may I ask if this is a story about your parents?
Cracked Actor
10/11/12, 14:43

Actually I think he recorded Station To Station in Los Angeles after this, but I agree agree on all other counts.
Horrible CGI Donkey Kong
10/02/12, 02:13

He's like Christopher Robin - this whole thing is probably just in his head.
Fox News accidentally airs footage of a guy blowing his brains out live on TV
09/30/12, 02:41

This shit makes me want to puke, WHO WANTS DESSERT
Fox News accidentally airs footage of a guy blowing his brains out live on TV
09/30/12, 02:40

Hitler had the intelligence to drink some poison before blowing his brains out.
Pikachu fucks up his knee
09/25/12, 05:21

This reminds me of Louis CK. I'M GOING TO GO WATCH SOME LOUIS CK!
Ted Koppel on the O'Reilly Factor
09/25/12, 05:04

Are you (read: we) watching it? Then why would they have thought for a second to edit it out
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Trailer
09/20/12, 02:15

Also, is no one going to shout out that this CGI is very SyFy??
Woman Arrested For Letting Her Children Play Outside
09/20/12, 02:05

Ah, theSnake being theSnake.

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