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Dinkin Flicka

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Michael Clarke Duncan has died, age 54.
09/04/12, 19:52

What are you, some kinda racist? That was Rick Ross
Michael Clarke Duncan has died, age 54.
09/04/12, 17:07

Tom Hanks v. racist south! Let we forget. RIP MCD
Boat Loses Control
09/01/12, 20:41

His hairless body moved faster than my eyes could follow!
I didn't count on being happy.
08/13/12, 23:53

You bring me much mirth in the way that your words map onto reality, sir. I hope that you wander a large city and find satisfaction in coming to know a place you've always been curious about, yet still leaving much to be discovered upon a future visit. I hope you return to your everyday life and endeavor to achieve something both personal and personally monumental, which can catapult you into the next philosophical and psychological and social stage of your life.
I didn't count on being happy.
08/13/12, 23:51

Your opinion is correct and well-informed.
I didn't count on being happy.
08/13/12, 23:50

You are a fucking idiot and I hope after wanding cold, dark streets anxious and alone for several weekdays, you crawl back to your shithole and continue with what you think is an endeavor to live dramatically and independently, all the while never realizing you are useless and the few people that like you you can never share with anyone.
A Lesbian Mom Shares her Experience Meeting Mitt Romney
07/26/12, 15:35

So the doctor? Well-paid = good... Overworked = bad :(
Prometheus Special Effects
07/10/12, 11:51

Minority Report was/is retarded, dude.
Breaking News in Saanich, BC, CANADA!
07/10/12, 11:48

The greatest slow news night ever? This story could have taken 30 seconds to report
Hologram Tupac at Coachella
04/16/12, 23:25

Does this mean Ms. Crabapple's a virgin too??
Ultraviolet (2006) - Library Fight Scene
02/08/12, 21:13

Equilibrium is a really terrible movie.
Seattle Reporter Is A Sledding Killjoy
01/21/12, 15:50

Whatever, that shit would be her bread and butter if she wasn't the person delegated to stories like these.
Seattle Reporter Is A Sledding Killjoy
01/20/12, 20:55

That's what it was called when I was in Portland in 2008 or 09 or whenever. I took a train to Seattle right before Christmas, supposed to depart at 4:20pm. It ended up getting there at like 11pm because the bridges were frozen in the lifted position. Or something. I got to Seattle at like 4am. It was actually quite beautiful, once I got over the inconvenience.
FDR - American Badass
01/20/12, 18:54

5 for Ray "Leland Palmer" Wise. Plus the doctor is Tom Cruise's cousin; overlooking that he sucks in Another Earth.
Q/Desmond Llewellyn's last briefing
01/18/12, 01:36

God... Sophie Marceau is sooo hot...
Jeopardy: 'Punch' for $800
01/18/12, 00:57

What the hell is a Rabbit punch..?
Pizza Boomerang
01/10/12, 02:20

I was going to suggest it as a tag. And also as something that a pizza boomerang can't do.
Dean's Face Acting IV: The Christian Bale Freakout
01/10/12, 02:13

Could be trick photography. Still ^
Generation Kill - Serpentine
01/04/12, 03:36

If I were a high school english teacher, I'd tear up the syllabus assigning the memorization of the opening of "Canterbury Tales" and slap a warm photocopy of this comment in front of every student for them to memorize and internalize. I could foreseeably do it once a semester.
Eric Cantor doesn't compromise because his idol Reagan never compromised.
01/03/12, 10:48

I just went to the store to get some bananas. They were all green, and I was really looking for ripe yellow so I could slice them onto some bread with peanut butter on it. I decided that I could still have this concoction with green bananas, but I knew then and know now, as I eat it while watching this video, that yellow would have been more delicious. Ah, compromise. My banana principles shatter in another cold blistering morning.

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