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Johnny Roastbeef

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Andrew W.K. does the daily weather for Tulsa, Oklahoma
09/17/09, 21:41

Andrew W.K. is the only musician I've ever seen interrupt his performance to recover from kicking himself in the head from dancing too hard.
How to build your own Hover Shoes
09/02/09, 21:31

Bonus troll points because this one could actually get a kid to shock themselves off that 9 volt short circuit job too.
Mystery Method: Wing Hunting
08/22/09, 16:13

The cheat code for banging chicks is Insult Her, Look at her hair, be an asshole to her friends, elbow touch.

Carl Sagan on Astrology
06/16/09, 18:00

I honestly can't understand how someone who makes such ridiculous implications can be regarded as the champion of reason.

"The word disaster MEANS that we take superstition seriously!"

Well posited.
One Eyed Monster Trailer
05/20/09, 16:36

This is a thing.
San Jose Sharks Fan Cries About Elimination
05/10/09, 07:25

I want to believe this is real, but if you look at his face in the scenes where you see it, I feel like this is just a spectacular troll.
Hannity's coverage of Obama's burger order
05/10/09, 07:16

Not even that, he asks it simply first. "Spicy" mustard. How dare he have somewhat generic tastes? Any real prima donna would ask specifically by brand.
Truck Safety Ramp in Pennsylvania causes crashes
05/07/09, 18:34

The driver survived with minor injuries. No other motorists were hurt. No property besides the runaway truck was damaged. I'd say that falls under "prevents crashes" in my book. The consequences of a runaway truck hitting a suburb or other cars could be a lot worse than that.
05/07/09, 09:40

The actual footage of The Nug sold it for me.
Government Officials Voting Fraudulently
05/07/09, 07:39

I mean that's not the whole story though. It's possible that those two dudes said to themselves "we need to make sure that our whole gang of friends here gets their votes in" and voted for them all even though that one dude was already at his seat. I can't argue that it's not ridiculous behavior, but it may not be insidious behavior if we actually knew the whole story.
Government Officials Voting Fraudulently
05/06/09, 20:16

I've seen this same story on the news before. What I'd really like to see is an investigation as to whether they are (as crazy lady said) doing a courtesy for a member not in attendance or whether they're just trying to rack up all the votes that they can.
Sesame Street - U Really Got a Hold On Me
05/05/09, 07:28

My wife's most significant memory of Sesame Street as a kid is being traumatized by this skit. She couldn't understand why the monsters were being mean to the guy.
Car crashes into toolbooth
05/04/09, 18:48

You can hear them thinking "Man THIS is gonna be a pain in the ass. Better get through before they close it down."
Tea Partier Unedited
04/27/09, 09:54

Because the statements about PEOPLE WANT FREE HOUSES and FREE CARS are completely accurate representations of the current situation in America.
live-action The Tick - Pilot
04/23/09, 08:17

A Secret Message From My Teeth!
Real life Mirror's Edge
04/18/09, 16:13

It's almost more impressive to me once it becomes clear that it's not a helmet cam, but a handheld camera that he's just holding as he runs.
Pensacola Tea Party 4-15-09
04/17/09, 17:39

This is my favorite graph of ever:
Young Turks: Worst signs of the Tea Bag protest
04/17/09, 07:11

There was one, not on here, where there was maybe an 4-year-old girl carrying a "Where's my representation?" sign. That one was my favorite.
Countdown: teabaggers and tax havens
04/17/09, 06:52

If you believe that, I have some land to sell you in the Caribbean.
The Tea Parties - Obama's a Fascist Pirate
04/16/09, 08:37

If Obama is a fascist, he's the worst motherfucking fascist ever. no self respecting dictator would sit still for the bullshit this guy is spewing. He'd be on the White House lawn getting forty lashes before he had the chance to get to "because he is..." Come Obama, if they're going to call you a fascist anyway, at least make good on it.

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