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Godard's Drinking Problem

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Salt Water Taffy!
12/08/08, 22:21

Salt Water Taffy
Korean teacher punches a girl in the face
12/06/08, 10:05

That is a fantastic pun.
A typical Sunday
12/06/08, 10:02

I love how he breaks out of his Tounges chant to tell people to "pray for them." It reminds me of that scene from Wayne's World (which is a statement I don't make nearly often enough).
Man with no emotion tries to play Stairway To Heaven Solo on a theremin
12/05/08, 16:28

That is one of the most apt and successful titles I've ever scanned.
Kool Keith On Seltzer Water
12/05/08, 00:22

I have a true story.

I was in a recording study in New York this summer, and Kool Keith's cousin (almost-rapper Money D) busted in with his goof-faced entourage demanding the masters from a recording session he did with Ice T in that same studio from two years back. He talked a lot about drinking bad champagne and thieves trying to take his money, then realized I was paying for the engineer's time and gave me a nickelbag as an apology. The following day, I smoked his stuff and played Team Fortress 2 and had a wonderful time.

Whenever I hear the name Kool Keith, I think about this.
12/04/08, 23:54

*voice crack*
EUMA: We respect Hitler's moustache
12/04/08, 23:44

My god, there really aren't enough stars for the "magical realism" tag.
Dog Risks Life To Save His Friend
12/04/08, 12:47

Five stars for the different watermark
William Shatner on The Roseanne Show
12/01/08, 00:24

As spine-churningly awkward as this interview is, it's far more interesting than 99% of other conversations in talk shows where you can follow the bouncing ball of the actor's terrible anecdotes about Traveling To A Foreign Country or Interacting With [my] Infant Child. Plus, William Shatner is a lot quicker than I would have guessed. Someone should give him a crappy daytime talk show.
Ron White, comedian by trade, defendes that whole 'marijuana' thing. (1/4)
11/26/08, 19:20

God, I hate zoo crews. But, I love Ron White. So that balances out to three stars.
Arm Wrestling by Nintendo
11/25/08, 18:07

Frank Jr. has some really tiny trunks.
Sushi Santa
11/25/08, 17:48

I was about to say the same thing. Amazingly, that's my favorite part of the video.
Tartu Brewery lemonade commercial
11/24/08, 23:36

Why do foreign advertisements give me erections?
Well 'Final Warning' This!
11/24/08, 23:25

Wesley Willis - Suck My Dog's Dick
11/24/08, 23:15

Rock over London, Rock On, Chicago; Wheaties - Breakfast of Champions.
Ace Ventura Jr.
11/24/08, 23:14

No. Fucking. Way.
Cheeleader makes half-court shot without looking
11/24/08, 00:36

Oh, I didn't read the rest of the sentence to see the joke (I just saw "dropped"). Paint me an asshole and slap my toes white!
Things to do in Belgium
11/24/08, 00:34

reply, supposedly. I was talking about Jose Ferrer.
Half Ton Mum
11/24/08, 00:33

I was preparing to make a Dwayne Holloway joke here, but I instead took a stroll through Channel 4's related youtube videos and I didn't find anythiJESUS CHRIST THAT CHINESE KID HAS A MELTED TUMOR OMELETTE FOR A FACE!!!
Things to do in Belgium
11/24/08, 00:03

look like a Midget to me.

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