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The Faghorn

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Geraldo Rivera has his nose broken
12/28/11, 00:24

If you don't like seeing Geraldo getting his nose busted, you're an animal. Fuck your 'dupes.'
THE Peace
08/25/11, 14:10

Lithuanian Politican runs over cars with a tank.
08/03/11, 15:27

If you see someone in a luxury car blah blah blah that someone is involved in organised crime and/or a corrupt politician or the progeny of a corrupt politician.
Peep Show S05E04 - Mark gets raped
07/09/11, 17:29

This was played for laughs?

Oh, I see, submitted by Callamon. They hit their target demo perfectly.
Highest possible jump in Super Mario Bros.
06/21/11, 04:26

I've seen higher jumps than that.
O Fortuna - misheard lyrics
05/05/11, 14:21

I'm way too good for this.
Problem Child 2, puking scene in Reverse
04/06/11, 22:57

Bonnie and Clyde Vs. Dracula
04/05/11, 19:56

Australian Prime Minister can't see a moral purpose in exposing Americans facilitating child rape.
03/19/11, 06:43

It was so irresponsible of Assange to release all of those True Names so that any capable necromancer with a homunculus could end their lives.

Baleen u dumb
t.A.T.u. - How Soon is Now
02/21/11, 17:49

I Finally Understand Why People Like Wrestling
02/03/11, 08:34

The pharoah and his snake manservant are on loan from Chikara, or some sort of arrangement, I think.
Horrible Histories - Charles II: King of Bling
01/09/11, 15:31

PS your flow sucks but keep going on.
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on Sarah Palin's violent rhetoric
01/08/11, 21:43

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on Sarah Palin's violent rhetoric
01/08/11, 21:16

For posterity, she's in 'optimistic' condition at this time.

So don't jinx it, asshole.
Old school whoopin enters the digital age
01/07/11, 16:01

Hey. Guess what belts do when not used for whuppins.
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 - A quicktime event
12/18/10, 04:29

Portrait of a middle aged loser.
Capitalist Holiday brings out best in humanity
11/28/10, 06:19

Buffalo is like Canada in the same way that the Little Matchstick Girl is like the happy family.
U.S. Soldier Relays Heartwarming Story From Iraq
11/22/10, 09:24

I suppose the dumb rednecks were just in the neighborhood for that hot new falafel place you blithering, stumbling and ridiculous jackass.
That Mitchell and Webb Sound Welcome to Hufflepuff
11/20/10, 20:31

The head of Hufflepuff is a FEMALE NO STARS FUCK YOU
Not Safe For Work - An Office Comedy
11/09/10, 21:35

Misleading tags.

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