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Hopper History
Talk To Your Parents About The Risks of a John McCain Whitehouse
John McPenguin
Stock trader interrupts live news broadcast
Grizzly Chomps
the Old Flaming Shoe Trick
Are Old People Ready for the Digital Conversion?
Mark Wahlberg on Jimmy Kimmel
The Carvening
Sarah Palin on SNL
Kitten goes straight down the stairs.
Corn! Parts 1 and 2
I can't imagine a 'president OBAMA'.
Space Cases 1.01
McCain 'proud' of 9/11 mailer.
damaged car keeps rolling
The History of Numberwang
how (not) to mount a horse
Guy ruins door in carwash.
the original invention
Pokemon - Donuts
McCain and Obama Danceoff
Facial Flex
If Obama becomes president....get ready to die
New Hope First Baptist Church presents 'Jesus, is dat you?'
More Pokemon Riceball Shenanigans
Mummified Baby News Clip
John McCain's brother calls 911 to complain about being stuck in traffic
Daito Manabe - Electric Stimulus To Face Test 1
Daito Manabe - Electric Stimulus To Face Test 2
Masters of the Universe on ice
Glow-worm fetish?
Michael Jackson's Thriller Acapella in 64 tracks
Rachel Maddow: McCain's Cringe Inducing Day
Sketch Furniture by FRONT
Ultracity 6060 - Planet Jackson
Playing with a see-saw and hulu-hoops
Robo Hoochie
Oh man, gaffe of the year is here.
Puma gets a halloween treat at the Queens zoo
White Supremacists on Obama
Sock Puppets: Juno
Virtual touchpad lets you scroll in thin air
Home Movies - Bye Bye Greasy
The Golden Crocoduck Awards!
Bill Cosby loses his mind on ESPN
Ronco Smokeless Ashtray
Obama's 30 minute campaign ad
McCain Spokesmen Won't Name Names
5 times 14 = 25
Rachel Maddow interviews Barack Obama (better link)
Rachel Maddow interviews Barack Obama - Part 2
Surge Commercial
The Daily Show - Community Organizers
Even at McDonald's they interview you three times before they give you the job
Pedi Paws!
Once Upon A Time
Magic Diaper Babies and Pets
Little Big Planet does Tetris, or 'Inevitability Strikes Back'
Too Much Weight
Azumanga Daioh - Sakaki, Kagura, and Cat Problems
Making It Count: How to protect your vote & spot dirty tricks.
Palin's married to a black man
Guy with half a face walks down the wedding aisle
John McCain's Concession Speech
News reporter smells weed at Obama rally
'Protestors' Harass Mother of Casey Anthony Inadvertently Abuse own Child
Tongue Tricks
Dramatic Capumunk
Richard Pryor as Barack Obama
Hot booty video of the day
Angry Cats Aplenty!
Drunk men in suits vandalise a horse
Sarah Palin wants Americans to trust their media
Black Liberal Guilt
William Trubridge freedives THE ARCH at Blue Hole, Dahab
Crackhead Attacks Car
Daniel Songer's peculiarly awful stand-up comedy (part 3)
Daniel Songer's peculiarly awful stand-up comedy (part 4)
Animated drawings
This is not a 500$ cake :(
TVovereasy - Episode 8-20-07
More McCain Secrets
Rock Band Reality TV show
Have you ever told a lie?.. and other stuff
French condom PSA
Law Enforcement Against Prohibition
Shepard Smith on the media and Obama's win.
Earmites of Dogs and Cats
Jesus, Man!
Keith Olbermann in a minute
Gaming in the Clinton Years: SNES montage
Mitch Hedberg handles a heckler
This man is hilariously stoned and drunk
Cat provokes poodle (or maybe just tests it)
Woman and Cow
7 Nation Army played with one guitar
Sharky's 3rd birthday.

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